War Thunder – [Competition] Paper models contest

New War Thunder competition!

Don’t come unstuck! For this contest all you need is patience, thick paper, a colour printer and glue. With a bit of luck, you will become a proud owner of the Tiger II H Sla.16 advanced pack and one of our prizes from Roccat!

From june 14 to July 10, 21 GMT

  1. Download instruction for the Tiger II H Sla.16
  2. Print the draft and glue the model together – take pics of the process and the end result
  3. Publish your report on the model creation on your FB page with a #thunder_paper hashtag

 Detailed instructions can be found in the brochure.

On the 10th of July we will choose the authors of  some of the most high quality models created and will then reward them!


1st place ROCCAT Leadr mouse and Tiger II H Sla.16 advanced pack
2nd place ROCCAT Isku+ Force FX keyboard and Tiger II H Sla.16 advanced pack
3rd place ROCCAT Renga headset and Tiger II H Sla.16 advanced pack
4th place Tiger II H Sla.16 advanced pack
5th place Tiger II H Sla.16 advanced pack
5  special mention 1000 GE and Naval Battles CBT access

How your entries will be assessed:

  • Accuracy and similarity to the reference model – each bend and curve are important.
  • The final look of the model – a model, driving through trenches or across terrain is better than just a picture on the table.
  • Details – this may be a soldier on the hull, or unusual environment – use your imagination.
Contest rules:
  1. The contest is open – anyone can take part
  2. 1 participant – 1 model. 1 author can not submit more than one work. Models made by a group of people will not be accepted either.
  3. The model should be created without significant changes from the original reference model,  minor changes such as hand-rails or lamps etc are permitted. However this will not greatly affect the judge’s decision
  4. Models placed on dioramas/landscapes etc. are permitted. However this will not greatly affect the judge’s decision
  5. Models are judged by their photos, so please try to take good quality pictures. The minimum resolution is 1024 pixels (any side), maximum size is not limited (if reasonable). There should be 3 photos minimum of the assembly process (e.g. tank without chassis or hatches), 2 pictures of the final result with one of the pictures having a slip of paper with the distinctive nickname of the player displayed.
  6. No photo post-processing – only cutting and colour correction are permitted. If in doubt, the Jury may require the original pictures of a model or ask to create a new picture.

Work publication:

Publish your report about the model creation and the final result on your FB page with a  #thunder_paper hashtag (it may be over several posts), also add your nickname to the post.

Entries will be accepted until the 10th of July. The results will be published separately within 2 weeks after the contest ends.

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