War Thunder – [Datamine] by Mike10d

Datamine from @_mike10d

War Thunder Dev Server Unofficial Patch Notes by _mike10d

Combined arms:

Tanks visibility distance in planes: 3000 → 6000

New guns

66mm_germ_smoke_candle_launcher – unused

Cannonhispano_hs9 – unused

Gundarne33 – unused


reload time: 9.1 –> 7.5

Tbf Avenger (All)

12.7mm turret deflection angles have been corrected


Cockpit head movement restricted to 30% of what is was before in left and up directions.


Lower front turret may now elevate 5° instead of 0°


Lower rear turret may now elevate 5° instead of a forced -10° minimum depression

deflection angles have been corrected

Ba-65 (k14) L


Yaw:  -90/+90 →  -80/+80

deflection angles have been corrected

Z1007 (all)

New Scotti 12.7mm guns replace old Breda SAFAT 12.7mm guns

Battle Royale Mode

32 or 64 player game mode

Player created rooms, like the “war in the pacific” event

In game description
There can be only one!;Battle Royale is a variation of the “free for all” game mode. There are no respawns available in the “Battle Royale”, and battle area shrinks over time.

Battle area will shrink over time and you will have a warning when it does. Warning will be in bold of you are in an area that will no longer be part of the battle area when the countdown ends.

Image below is Second Battle of Alamein in the mission editor:

(there will also be advance to the rhine, probably 32 player)


The blue box is the battle area

The tiny blue dots are spawn points

Spawns are random

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War Thunder – [Datamine] by Mike10d

3 thoughts on “War Thunder – [Datamine] by Mike10d

  1. davidblader says:

    Hey Status Report team, I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but do you know if WG is planning anything about Romanian tanks, or if they’ve at least ever mentioned them? (Yes, I am Romanian, and I would love to see our tanks in the game :D. We might even have enough for a full tree)

    1. Blockhaj says:

      WG might have mentioned Romania at some point but as far as we know there are no current plans for a Romanian tech tree. Fan made tech tree’s like the Swedish and Japanese trees are being worked on by several people though and there is a possibility that a Romanian tech tree will come when the research for these fan made tech trees are completed. Although as it looks now we will probably see Switzerland and Italy before a Romanian tech tree.

      1. davidblader says:

        Thanks very much for replying, Blockhaj! About Switzerland and Italy – hasn’t WG actually been rather talking about Poland and Hungary in the last time?

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