War Thunder [Development] Gunner’s view


Finally a feature that a lot of people including me has been waiting for!

In update 1.71 Gaijin will finally introduce gunners view for most single gunner planes. This does not include turrets i’m afraid but those will surely come in one of the future updates. 

Whats so great about this is that gunners in Simulator mode will not take you into the third person mode giving you an unfair and advantage against single seat fighter aircraft who can only see through the cockpit. But its also great since its just a general cool feature.

This feature will be implemented for more than 50 aircraft with one gunner position. The view has been moved as close to the weapon as possible, thus minimizing the parallax effect as much as possible. This view mode is enabled by default, but you can switch back to classic view in the settings. I think this mode will be locked in simulator mode in the future for obvious reasons. Stona said on the forum that it cant be forced in any game mode atm due to technical reasons.

For those who wants to recreate the scene from Indiana Jones where Henry Jones shoots of the tail of the Biplane they are flying i’m afraid that that part of the firing angle is locked and you cant fire when aiming at it.



This is my first devblog i wrote with my own words based on the devblog on the forum. Tell me in the comments if you want me to continue to do this or just copy paste like i have done prior.

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War Thunder [Development] Gunner’s view

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  1. Pulled from post on the Somme by section on WT site:
    “Stona_WT Administrator 1 hours ago
    Right now we cannot force it in any mode due to some difficulties. But we are one step closer, right?”

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