War Thunder Event: Sea Voyage

Hey everyone, today War Thunder has unveiled the first event for the year, called Sea Voyage which focuses on a nautical theme with an American flying boat and Soviet Destroyer up for grabs. Unfortunately no amphibious tanks for you Ground Forces fans, but it looks set to be an interesting event

For the fly-boys, we get the PBM-3 Mariner, an American tier II Premium flying boat. Awarded after completing 4 Marks of Distinctions, with 5 Browning .50s and the capacity for 8 1000lb bombs. While not given in the description the PBM-3 had a real-life top speed of 330km/h (205 mph) and it could also additionally carry 2 Mk 13 torpedoes, whether these will be an option is yet to be seen. Overall the PBM-3 is set to be a fun low tier flying boat that should be fun to take out in Naval Battles.


For my fellow Naval fans, we have the Soviet Destroyer Leningrad taking the top spot for the event. The destroyer itself is set to be a good well-rounded destroyer, armed with 5 130mm cannons and 8 533mm torpedoes and a good set of AA and secondary guns consisting of the 76mm and 45mm calibre. Again not mentioned in the brief description, the Leningrad had a top speed of 40 knots, a complement of 250 men and the capability to carry depth charges. A welcome addition to naval forces to accompany her sister ship Destroyer Leader Moskva.

Destroyer “Leningrad” (Premium, Rank III, USSR) for 8 “Marks of Distinction”

The final element we have to cover is that for the other reward tiers you will be awarded with a new Soviet sailor icon and new decals to decorate your in-game assets shown below:

The event will be run between 1500 GMT 21 Feb until 0700 GMT 11 March, to earn a mark of distinction you must complete 3 out of the 5 available tasks to qualify. As always there is an option to buy them if you are unable to complete the tasks after 48 hours.

The first tasks are as follows:

  • Cause 25,000 cumulative damage on the enemy whilst controlling naval vessels in multiple battles.
  • Win 10 times in Naval Battles with an activity of 50% or higher whilst controlling aircraft or ship.
  • Capture 15 zones in Naval Battles whilst controlling aircraft or naval vessels in multiple battles (naval).
  • Destroy 5 enemies using torpedoes whilst controlling aircraft or naval vessels in multiple battles (naval).
  • Sink 5 ships, either cruiser or destroyers in any combination, whilst controlling aircraft or naval vessels in multiple battles (naval).

For those wondering what cumulative damage is, this is what you need to be looking at:

And here are the terms and conditions:

  • Tasks can be completed in Arcade and Realistic game modes in Naval Battles in aircraft or naval vessels of rank 2-4 unless otherwise specified. You can find out the exact conditions of achievements in the game client.
  • The tasks will be updated at 11:00 GMT every two days.
  • A Mark of Distinction has been received if its achievement has turned golden.
  • You can purchase missed Marks of Distinction in the Achievement tab until 14th of March.
  • All the prizes will be given instantly after a player completes the required tasks. The “Leningrad” destroyer unlike other prizes will be given as a coupon.
  • The coupon for the destroyer “Leningrad” will become available for trading on the Market after March 15th. You can check the exact time in the coupon’s description.

With that in mind, good luck everyone and will see you all for the next devblog update.

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War Thunder Event: Sea Voyage

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