War Thunder – [Fleet] Missiles hinted in closed beta test

So when playing naval mode on the devserver for closed beta testers and u press F1 for quick help this is shown.a5

Screenshot taken by: Iron_physik


In the latter right picture u can clearly see the words missile and missiles as well as the short word for rocket (RKT). Are missiles coming to War Thunder Fleet mode? Or are we simply getting first generation guided rockets? We will have to see in future tests of Fleet mode.

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War Thunder – [Fleet] Missiles hinted in closed beta test

6 thoughts on “War Thunder – [Fleet] Missiles hinted in closed beta test

  1. NDGR says:

    Guided missiles will arrive eventually imo as there’s only so much content in the current time frame they can put out. I just hope they separate them from any earlier planes or make them rather unreliable in dogfights.
    For ships on the other hand I see no reason not to put them into the game if they are the way the help screen indicates.

  2. Dracon says:

    No no no, it’s simply more bad translation work. If you look in game at tanks mode and planes, rockets in the stat panels are referred in several places as missiles as well. So those are just rocket batteries some ships will have. No surprise there.

    1. armando30 says:

      from the screenshots it seems to be a reference to the type of trajectory
      arrows, javelins, etc… are called missiles as well and all have in common the parabola trajectory, rockets are the same and don’t forget that there are already katyusha armed boats in the CBT
      furthermore ATGMs and BGMs don’t use a parabolic trajectory, they are usually fired up and fly straight at the target, although in 1st gen it was usual for them to fly a little erractically in the first 100~200m
      I don’t put it past gaijin adding them but for now it seems related to rockets

  3. armando30 says:

    the game is already broken with ATGMs, adding 1st generation BGMs won’t make much of a difference now
    in terms of gameplay it reinforces the chances of BBs being added because the soviets did not have a direct competitor for the other nations top BBs and with cold-war BGM-Cruisers can sink them, afterall they did reveal 1 during April fools, the problem is Japan, Italy and Germany not having a counter due to being on “probation” after the war, the americans and british also have their own 1st gen BGMs
    BGMs can be countered by allowing bombers to carry anti-ship guided bombs from both WWII and cold-war
    the german Fritz-X, Hs-293, italian and japanese which I can’t remember either name, american Tarzon, Azon, GB-X (GB-4/8, etc..), Gargoyle, FELIX, Bat, etc…

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