War Thunder – [FLEET] new screenshots

Here are some fresh screenshots of War Thunder FLEET closed beta.

After that torpedo dropped by the wellington killed me we lost all our cargo ships and the game ended. šŸ˜€

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War Thunder – [FLEET] new screenshots

12 thoughts on “War Thunder – [FLEET] new screenshots

      1. Blockhaj says:

        Ofc it wont kill the game but a lot of players will probably move over like with wt tanks. Every third wt tank player is an old wot player.

      2. armando30 says:

        no need to worry, some players did move from WoT to WT due to tanks being added BUT it is also known many later left WT, furthermore don’t forget that for now it seems likely WT-Boats will get light cruisers at most, even if they expand many players will still think: Ā«it’s more “realistic” but WoWs simply has more options and interesting ships availableĀ»
        in WWII the germans and italians had 3 BB classes (2 italian classes were modernized WWI, 1910’s, BBs) and 3 heavy cruiser classes for Italy and 2 for Germany, the soviets had less and the french did not have much more
        even the brits had to use old modernized BBs, to complement the few “modern” ones they had, and Battlecruisers while they did not invest much in Heavy cruisers
        still having the Montana, German/Italian/French BB projects and a decent number of heavy cruisers will grab most players to WoWs (this does not mean they won’t play WT at the same time), the russian playerbase will also mostly stay due to Sovetzcky Soyuz being added in a near future (1 BB class was already leakde) even if BGM ships are added(mostly US and USSR, but the italians also turned one of their cruisers to a missile cruiser being the first in Europe), which will be like ATGMs once again even if anti-ship guided bombs are added as a counter

      3. Blockhaj says:

        I was a bit too cocky when i wrote that comment. But its a fact that a lot of WT tank players did move on from WOT to WT just because of realism. If Gaijin keeps going in the direction of bigger ships then in the end i think that at least a couple of percentage of the WOWS player base will move over. I’m in the closed Beta and we are currently discussing if we will keep the smaller torpedo boats since they require maps with a lot of cover which is the opposite with ships which is way more fun to play on open water.

      4. armando30 says:

        I agree but it won’t hurt WoWs too much because it can offer something WT is not willing to

      5. armando30 says:

        it should be obvious, diversity and “rare” ships, you won’t see the Montana in WT and probably the soviet BBs that were not completed, although there’s almost like a 50/50 chance of them adding the Project 23 since it was laid down, at least I believe it is possible
        and you can forget ships built prior 1930, although those modernized from 1930 onwards may still appear, not because they have set a date but because many players wan’t WT to expand to a bit earlier era but they refuse the idea (if I am no mistaken the oldest vehicle in WT is from 1935)
        if we consider it possible for them to add cruisers and BBs, there will be a significant difference from the top 3 navies and the rest

        just like with heavy tanks players will also like to play with the largest ships to be added to WT (that is why they are already asking for destroyer leaders/escorts and light-cruisers in the DD CBT dedicated Q&A, they want to “push”/pressure them step-by-step), for that reason many will play both games because in one they get “realism” and the other allows them to simply look around those majestic ships, both those which were never “realised”, those which were not kept for display and those sunk like Bismarck, Arizona or Yamato

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