War Thunder – [Gamescom] “New E.R.A.” in War Thunder: 1.71 major update announcement!

So tier 6 is confirmed guys!

Tier 6 tanks will be mainly reactive and composite tanks. For the new tier 6 tanks we can expect the US MBT-70, the german Leopard 2 Prototype or Leo 1A6, the Soviet T-64, the British Chieftain 800, and either a type 74 with REA or the Type 90 prototype for the japanese. Before the Announcement Gaijin have hinted at some vehicles that will be added in patch 1.71 in an FB Q&A. These are the M50 Ontos, M50A1 and Be-6. Here is the announcement.


Update 1.71 “New E.R.A.” means rank 6 armoured vehicles, reactive and composite armour, new aircraft and locations. Welcome to the new era!

Watch live streams from Gamescom 2017 from some of our more popular youtubers from the War Thunder community who will show you new combat machines!



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And of course follow our news to learn all the details about the coming update.


At Gamescom 2017 we will introduce the new major update 1.71 “New E.R.A”. The name was coined for several reasons – first, we are adding a 6th rank for tanks and invite you to test the vehicles of the Cold War and Vietnam war period. Ground vehicles in War Thunder will receive new armour types – composite and Explosive Reactive Armour. This new era in tank construction marked the switch to brand new technologies in protection against powerful HEAT rounds and missiles that could easily destroy any WW2 armour. New infantry support machines will join combat – we are ready to tell you about some of them in the next few days. Stay tuned!


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A New Era is coming – welcome to War Thunder update 1.71!

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War Thunder – [Gamescom] “New E.R.A.” in War Thunder: 1.71 major update announcement!

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