War Thunder: Lunar New Year Event

As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said: “Hello there”. For those of you who have been wondering where I have been, I have recently got my commission in the Royal Navy and I am now capable of devoting a small portion of my time again to writing for you guys.

So today, War Thunder is getting on board with the Chinese New Year and providing the following decal for players:

The event is being run between February 5th 13:00 GMT until February 11th 07:00 GMT and to qualify, a player must win a single random battle Rank 3 or above with a minimum battle activity of 60%.

War Thunder is also running a box system called “the Red Firecracker” where for 300 Golden Eagles, a player can potentially earn the following:

  • BM-8-24 12 hours rent
  • Pz.W.42 12 hours rent
  • Cromwell Mk.V (RP3) 12 hours rent
  • Calliope 12 hours rent
  • Premium account for 3 days
  • 120,000 Silver Lions
  • Battle victory wager
  • Destroy 5 units wager
  • Destroy 10 units wager
  • Mission Maker wager
  • Heroes of the Sky wager
  • Thunderer wager
  • Wingman wager
  • The Best Squad wager
  • Wing Breaker wager

(Note: you can also buy 10 for 2700 which is a discount of 10%)

While not the most exciting event compared to what is going on in other games, it is a nice little addition to the decal library.

I want to finish off by saying I look forward to writing again and am working on an article I intend to publish soon. Hope you all have a great week and I shall see you next time.

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War Thunder: Lunar New Year Event

2 thoughts on “War Thunder: Lunar New Year Event

  1. Steven Woolham says:

    Your a Midshipman, Not a Sub Lieutenant your not yet commisioned, congratulations anyway for joining the Senior Service, I left 30yrs ago and still regret it.

    1. Billywarren007 says:

      Thank you for your well wishes, though I must say I am a Sub-Lieutenant as the regulations changed for promotion a few years back. All Royal Navy officers commission upon completion of INT(O) and the promotion now works on a seniority basis as such all midshipman are promoted upon completing their first year after joining, my promotion date was 15 Jan. But so far loving every minute of it, even if there is a tonne of paper work so far haha

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