War Thunder [Patch 1.71] Data mine and dev server screenshots (Now with Preliminary Update Notes)

New tanks /planes







    • hornet_mk1.blk
    • HIDDEN ;_;
    • hornet_mk3.blk
    • supercorsair2.jpg
    • ki_109.blk





    • su-6_am42_23.blk
    • HIDDEN ;_;
    • xa_38.blk
    • supercorsair2.jpg




    • germ_waffentrager_krupp_steyr.blk
    • supercorsair2.jpg






    • us_m50_ontos.blk
    • supercorsair2.jpg
    • us_m60a1_rise_passive_era.blk





France will probably be next update

Only need 3 tier 5s to get to tier 6.


coming to xbox one?

M46 and M47 now in a folder

m48a1 and m60 now in a folder

m60a1 rise after m60a1

mbt 70 after t95e1

p-51h-5_na after f-82e

f4u-4 after f4u-1c

f4u-4b after f8f-1b

sb2c_1c now rank 3 instead of 2

a-26b-10 before a-26b

waffentrager_krupp_steyr after nashorn

e-100 moved to the premium part of the tree

german m47 is premium.

all t-54s in a folder

t_64a_1971 after t-10m

su_100p after asu-85

bmp_1 after object 906

ussr_btr_152a after gaz mm 72k

object_120 is a premium

su-6_am42 be fore the il-10

uk_chieftain_mk_10 after mk 5

uk_fv102_striker after swingfire

uk_daimler_mk_2 will be the new first in the aa line

hornet_mk3 after the brigand_b1

jp_type_5_ho_ri_prototype is premium

ki_109 after ki_102_otsu

d4y2 and d4y3 after b5n2


Preliminary Update Notes

This is a list of preliminary changes in the first Dev Server test of update 1.71. All content is subject to change and the notes may very well be updated with new vehicles, changes and extras. Expect to see bugs and inconsistencies in this opening of the dev server. The content you see should not be taken as final and will likely be changed, added to or indeed removed on final release. Please report any unusual behavior to our Dev Section Bug Report forums! Please try to focus on testing new vehicles, features and locations and be sure to leave feedback.

Thank you.


Updated Combat Missions:

  • Warbonds will no longer have an expiry date.
  • Updated warbonds shop – now, by completing battle tasks the player can improve the warbonds shop which unlocks new items.
  • Difficult tasks have been replaced by a new type of tasks – special tasks, completing these will allow you to earn medals which will give you access to premium items. Special tasks are available in the warbonds shop.
  • New battle tasks have been added to the game.



  • The ability to create a platoon of 8 players has been introduced. You will only be able to play with a platoon of this size in squadron battles.
  • You will be able to participate in a platoon by accessing the squad settings after it has been created.

New vehicles:


New locations and missions:

  • New mission “Domination” Hurtgen Forest.
  • New mission “Operation” Husky.
  • New location for ground vehicles and set of missions “Fulda Gap”.
  • New location for ground vehicles and set of missions “Emperor’s Garden”.

Location and mission updates:

  • The mechanics of defence of bases in locations: Poland, Advance to the Rhine, Tunisia and Finland has been added in test mode.


  • Balancing edits in the “Battle Royale” mode in the locations: Abandoned factory, Finland, Advance to the Rhine.
  • Balancing edits in the locations: Ash River, Volokolamsk, Stalingrad, Jungle, Sinai.
  • New location for the “Battle Royale” mode: Stalingrad.


Ground Vehicles model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • New smokescreen producing equipment –  engine exhaust smoke system – has been added. Smokescreens can be activated on the move, the time and amount is limited. The modification is available for all vehicles that had it in reality – IT-1, T-62, T-55A, T-64A, T-10M.
  • A bug where the rangefinder had 2000m limit in RB/SB has been fixed. Depending on the rangefinder type the equipment can now operate at 2500-5000m distance. Rank 6 ground vehicles have a ranging of 5000m distance if they use laser or stereo rangefinders.
  • The number of crew members in the Sd.Kfz.234/4 has been increased to four.
  • Chieftain Mk.5 –  engine power value has been reduced from 750 h.p. to 720 h.p. Source: Chieftain Mk.5 Technical Handbook, 1973.
  • T25 – vertical stabilizer has been added. Source:  R.A.C Technical Situation, Report №37, 1945.
  • M3 Lee/Grant – vertical stabilizers for 75mm and 37mm guns have been added
  • M56 – mass has been reduced from 7150 to 7030 kg. Source: TM 9-2350-213-10 Operation 90mm Full Tracked Self Propelled Gun M56.
  • M4A3 (105) –  mass has been reduced from 32800 to 31700 kg. Source: TM 9-759 “Tank Medium, M4A3” Sept 1944.
  • M46/ M46 Tiger –  turret rotation speed has been increased from 24 to 25.5 degrees per second. Source: TM 9-718 “Medium Tanks M46 and M46A1” April 1951.
  • Loader’s skill does not influence  reload time for rank 5 and 6 vehicles with automatic loading mechanisms   (MBT-70/KPz-70/T-64 1971/ Object 120/Object 906,BMP-1).
  • The ammunition for the following ground vehicles will now show more detail:
  • T-34-85 (D5T), T-34 1942, T-34 1941, T-34E STZ, T-34 1941 (L11), KV-1С, KV-1 (ZiS 5), IS-1, Pz IV F2, Tiger H1, Tiger E, Pz IV G, Panther D, M18 GMC, M10 GMC, M4A3E2 Jumbo, M24, Iron Duke IV, Sherman Firefly, Chi-To Late.


Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Aircraft with only one gunner positions have different gunner’s view modes – the view has been moved as close to the weapon as possible. You can switch back to the standard view mode in the settings.
  • Aircraft rocket damage has been updated, they are now more accurate, mass explosive type parameters have been added. As a result, damage against armoured vehicles has been reduced. 127-137mm rockets have damage similar to that of a 152mm HE shell. To destroy a medium or heavy tank players will have to get a direct hit
  • Do 335 (all variants) – A bug which would allow bombs to  drop without the bomb-bay doors opening has been fixed.
  • The firing angles of turrets have been fixed for the following aircraft:
  • OS2U-1, OS2U-3, P-61A-1, P-61C-1, Po-2 ,SB2C-1c, SB2C-4, SBD-3, Su-6, BB-1, Su-2 (all variants), Swordfish Mk I, TBD-1, Tu-14Т, Wellington (all variants), Wirraway, He 111 (all variants), Il-2 (all variants), Il-10 (all variants), Ki-45 (all variants), Ki-102, A-26 (all variants), B24D-25-CO, B-25 (all variants), B5N2, B7N2, B-17 (all variants), Beaufighter (all variants), Breda 88 (P.XI), D3A1, F1M2.
  • B-24D-25-CO – The ammunition of the side turrets has been changed to 250 rounds per turret.
  • АО-25М-1 – These bomb types have been added to the Il-2 and Su-6 series.
  • SB2C-1c – Has been moved to the 3rd rank.
  • I-153 M-62 – The BR for Arcade Battles has been changed from 2.7 to 1.7.
  • С-202 (German) – The BR has been changed to 2.3 in AB.
  • A-26 (all modifications) – The amount of the gunners in the crew card has been fixed.
  • Pokryshkin’s P-39N-0 – The research module for the 37mm offensive gun, as well as the possibility to select the ammunition type for this weapon, have been added.



  • Turrets that have been blown off a tank now interact with the environment and do not “sink into terrain”
  • Smoke screens visuals have been improved

Economy and research:

  • Т-54 tanks have been unified into a single research group.
  •  М46 and  М47 tanks have been unified into a single research group.
  • М48А1 snd М60 tanks have been unified into a single research group.
  • Camos for the following wheeled SPAA have been added: 4-M- GaZ AAA, 72-K GAZ MM, 94-KM ZIS-12, 29-K, Type 94
  • Camouflage requirements for strategic bombers have been changed – now they require base damage and not as previously required, ground kills (will be implemented later).
  • M56 – Spawn point requirement has been corrected. Previously it was considered as a “medium tank” instead of “tank destroyer”.



  • 3d decorations of weapons have been moved to “weapons” section.
  • Duplicate names of U.S. tank camouflages have been changed. Now the names correspond to their description.



  • Servo-motor sounds for modern tanks have been added
  • The distance detection of the sound of 100mm and higher calibre guns has been increased.
  • The logic of playing the audio of enemy shots has been improved.
  • The logic of voice notifications when playing while capturing points has been reworked. The voice-over for capturing of points has been added in English and Russian.
  • The logic of the reproduction of the sound of a ground vehicle upon falling from height has been improved.



  • .ru reported bug fixes:
    • The unrealistic behavior of the PBY-5a when contacting water with the wings has been fixed (source).
    • A bug with increased respawn scores when repairing or reloading on the airfield has been fixed (source 1source 2).
  • Known bugs:
    • FV-102 Striker has no ammo load indicator, while the ammo load has only 5 missiles
  • .com reported bug fixes:
    • A bug where the incorrectly displayed terrain with some configurations has been fixed (source).

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are the initial notes for the update. Further additions, bug fixes and content may be added later and everything is subject to change.

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War Thunder [Patch 1.71] Data mine and dev server screenshots (Now with Preliminary Update Notes)

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      The patch notes stated that the rear gunner view is for aircraft with a single-gunner seat. It’s not available for bombers or any aircraft with multiple gunner positions…yet. FYI – if you prefer the old gunner view, you can disable this new gunner view option in the Settings menu. It will be enabled by default.

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      From Mike10d Unofficial DEV server patch notes.
      There was already French planes added before this DEV server and there has been more files that point that French is getting added soon.

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