War Thunder – [SB] Planned changes to Air Simulator Battles

So sad news for SB.


From now on, all the events in Air Simulator Battles will be found in one “Air Simulator Battles” section.

Previously, while we tested the new ‘Lobby’ matchmaking mechanics, we planned to remove Enduring Confrontation from the main SB mode and replace it with an updated classic ‘Operations mode’. However, “Lobby” tests showed that players preferred the ‘Enduring Confrontation’ mode. It’s for this reason that we decided to leave this mode as the main SB mode, with an additional option to create user sessions in the ‘Operations mode’.

To make things easier, all Air SB events will now be united in one section called “Air Simulator battles” with ‘Enduring Confrontation’ as the main mode. ‘Operations mode’ battles will not disappear and players will be able to create user rooms for both ‘Operations mode’ and ‘Enduring Confrontation’, which will be available in one menu section.

When queueing in air SB, by default you will only be able to join specific server created ‘Enduring Confrontation’ battles. In order to join user created sessions, you will need to enable the “Join created rooms” option.

We hope that these changes will both make joining Simulator battles easier and improve matchmaking in general.

The changes will be implemented during the course of next week.

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War Thunder – [SB] Planned changes to Air Simulator Battles

5 thoughts on “War Thunder – [SB] Planned changes to Air Simulator Battles

    1. Blockhaj says:

      Well its sad to see that gaijin isnt listening to the community, the hole point for not playing the lobby mode was because it was just enduring confrontation but u could pick what tier to play. The sim community dont want enduring confrontation.

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