War Thunder – SdKfz 234/4 “Pakwagen” spotted in the CDK

Another quick update, seems we will get more puma variants soon.

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War Thunder – SdKfz 234/4 “Pakwagen” spotted in the CDK

7 thoughts on “War Thunder – SdKfz 234/4 “Pakwagen” spotted in the CDK

  1. "Light" tank-player says:

    I like how the German soldiers in WWII actually did call this thing the “pakwagen”, usually German names for vehicles are more complex or German sounding, like “Badewannen” for the Kfz 13.

    That means bathtub(s) by the way 😉

    1. Dakar234 says:

      It’s not really more complex Sdkfz or Kfz or VK are simply short hand for Special purpose vehicle, motor vehicle , and test vehicle (respectively). Pakwagen is the same thing…a wagen that holds a PAK. No one called the tiger the panzerkamphwagen Iv. It was imply the tiger.

  2. "Light" tank-player says:

    But I mean “Pak-Wagen” is (to me) one of the more silly sounding names that they gave to some vehicles, they didn’t name everything scary/cool stuff like Tiger or Panther.

    I just like that some of the less serious names of German armor have survived to this day 🙂

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