War Thunder [Special] The La-174 is back!

From 15:00 GMT on September 11th until 09:00 GMT on September 18th

In honor of Lavochkin’s Birthday, the rare La-174 – Soviet jet fighter designed by Lavochkin
is available for research and purchase!

On September 11th, 1900 the famous Soviet aircraft designer Semyon Alekseevich Lavochkin was born. Many iconic aircraft, such as the LaGG-3 were designed under his leadership and served with many Soviet pilots during the first half of the World War II. This included the famous La-5 series and up, to some of the first Soviet jets, the advanced La-11 and La-15 fighters. The prototype of those jet aircraft was known under the name “La-174”.

Note : In order to obtain and keep the aircraft after the 18th of September, you neet not only to research the aircraft, but also to purchase it

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War Thunder [Special] The La-174 is back!

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