WarGaming 12/11 Q&A

Good day everyone,

Q&A from Murazor and a few other WG lads. Big thanks to Ctacello and JerryatRick for their assistance.

From Murazor:

* KV-122 in 9.17 will be tested on. From this arose a natural question. Will the KV-85 be deprived of its “Destra” (122mm gun) or not? For the second level is the “dumb” gun, for 4 out of 5 are stupid shots and that the presence of the tank turret, speed and general armor.
– Will now.

* Thats addressing the issue of withdrawal, right?
– Not in the plans and not soon. 122mm and 100mm gun standards are varied.

A buff for Tier 10 heavies (Maus, E 100 and Type 5 Heavy) planned eventually?
– After the 9.17 patch, intermediate.

* What have you heard about the American T34? Cannon is shit, mobility is shit.
– Its a buyable gun from a Tier 9 tank.

* Regarding WZ-111, whether specific figures on armor changes, particularly interested in the lower front plate.
– Weaker than the 112.

* Danil remembered in a video comparison Su-122-44 and E-25, you said that the level of drying is needed grace, because the tank falls 2\3 of it fights are 9, where it is stupid and not playable.
– Su-122-44 should be fully rebalanced, but it is now impossible.

* Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm. As a premium tank it has miserable dynamics and mobility. 9.9 hp / ton this is very low. Will you do anything about it?
– Not in this patch.

* Danil, what of the JagdTiger 8.8? I understand that its a TD, but do you plan on buffing it with the other premiums?
– To me it doesn’t have enough speed. We’ll see.

* T34 in comparison with the T26E5 loses, although the cost is the same. It is very difficult to implement T34. It came down to the end, missed, 13 seconds, damage received. Almost always that way.
– T34 has much more powerful gun.

* What changes are expected on the 2nd, 3rd level, and in general in the Sandbox?
– Matchmaker wait.

* Murazor, any hope for such HD tanks as Object 140; Bat.-Chatillon 25 t; E 50M; STB-1?
– There is.

* Danil. Maybe give the ST-1 the ZIS-24? It would be logical, it does not matter that there is historical/paper project. And maybe buff the SU-100Y. Now it is a sad piece of shit that lights up like a Christmas tree and hits good maybe once a year. I bought the premium and have 800 battles but now he sits in the hangar.
– ST-1 will be remade. SU-100Y is top premium for damage at that tier.

* Borodazor, but what about the American T34? It’s not cheap, and the advantages apart from alpha and no breakdown. Stabilization is terrible, low maneuverability, DPM one of the lowest in its tier.
– If needed, we will buff the T34.

* T34-85M was over buffed, any plans for this?
– Possibly.

* Any plans regarding IS-6 in terms of profitability? 175mm of penetration is often lacking even in Tier 8 battles and often have to shoot Gold, and because of this it farms gold like an ordinary tank, but even then gold is not always enough.
– You need to take to farming with tanks that have high profits.

* We want better stabilization for the IS-3, or maybe better aim time.
– We have a better idea.

What’s the point of increasing credit yield 10% on FV4202 if it shells are 2.5 times more expensive than other premium Tier 8s? It is better to change the value of the shells.
– Technically, the price change in shells is much more difficult than to raise revenue.

* Radically change the policy of the company. Earlier potatoes beat their fists on their chest and screaming that the rewards should not be steeper than conventional tanks. Now, on the contrary, premium tanks are better. Conventional tanks are forgotten. The conclusion is – buy – bend over.
– The tech tree IS-3 is the best thing at Tier 8. You can pump it up and play it all you want.

* Danil, judging by the first impression from the reviews T26E5 is too good.  It has decent armor, mobility, penetration. A gun with cheap ammo, and even view range. It’s too fatty. Maybe it should be cut down to 350.
– Its hard to play a heavy tank with low alpha.

* How will the Su-122-44 armor change after transfer to HD?
– It won’t.

From Sorell Aurik on the Official Forum:

How will find the tundra mods and the minimap cheat mods? Do you have hope for the system or will you wait for player reports? And I wonder how you will take account of “absolutely all the factors”?
–  No comments.
* Because the system no?
– Because this would make it easier to bypass it.

From Yuri Filippovskiy on Swedish Tanks:

* In the video about the mechanics of the Swedes, I saw two tanks go head to head at the same speed. Swedish top tiers will receive a higher maximum travel speed in both directions? If so, why and Ferdinand and Tiger Porsche still deprived of such an opportunity?
– The principal difference Swedish machines that are fast moving back from other machines that have theoretically a possibility that the rear of the machine there is room for a crew member, with duplicated controls and monitoring devices. It is not only in theory allows it to accelerate to a high speed, but also allows control of the machine, so they got such a high speed reverse. As for the other machines that have been mentioned, unfortunately, they have not provided, and this possibility was more theoretical, in practice they did not use the workplace at the rear of the machine.

* Is the input/output speed of the state of siege mode dependant on the crew? If not, will there be some opportunity to accelerate the transition between modes, or it’s like recharging time in the drum?
– At the moment, the crew will not have any effect on the rate of change of the mode, as it is more mechanical action similar charge within the drum.

* How effective is Spaced Armour on the front of the top Swede? They are suitable only for Golda radiotherapy, or are capable of something more?
– After the collision with the lattice, it begins to lose some amount penetration for each distance traveled.

* How much will adjusting suspension affect the camo value?
– Nothing. Camo is registered and is counted in a horizontal position.


From the special “Tank Aces” stream:

– We’re changing the system for repairing and selling tanks. Check the news soon.

* What about emblems for the top event in 10/100/1000 “Tank Aces” to put on our tanks?
– Yes, we talked about it, and as soon as there’s decision we will inform about it. The idea is excellent and the devs liked the idea too.

* Will there be something interesting for the New Year?
– Yes, there will. Now prepare.
– On WG Fest event will be a huge number of buns and surprises 🙂

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WarGaming 12/11 Q&A

54 thoughts on “WarGaming 12/11 Q&A

  1. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “For the second level is the “dumb” gun, for 4 out of 5 are stupid shots and that the presence of the tank turret” , “the level of drying is needed grace”… I am sorry, but “translation” like this is disrespectful to your readers.

    1. Origami, that is just how Murazor speaks.
      The guy barely can’t speak a whole sentence without adding slang or curse words. Is not who translated this Q&A who’s being disrespectful here.

      1. With all due respect, as a native speaker I can easily spot where this was incorrectly translated regardless of Murazor’s manner of speech or writing. Take the “Radically change the policy of the company…” question, for example: “steeper”, I assume, was translated from “круче”, which is what a machine translator or a dictionary lookup would get you, but isn’t at all a correct translation (it’s sort of a slang word, really). I could happily lend a hand translating for the blog if you’d like, seeing as quality of translation from Russian seems to have dropped recently.

      2. fighting_falcon93 says:

        So you’re saying that Murazor can’t speak grammatically correct Russian? Also I find it very weird that your competitors can get the translations fully understandable…

      3. wolvenworks says:

        @falcon i think what rita meant is that the Q&A practically has all the Cyka Blyat bled outa the translation so you don’t have to worry about how much Murazor is frustrated at whiny noobs (which we should be concerned but they’re russian noobs so, eh)

    2. Q: You will keep testing KV-122 in patch 9.17.So my question is: will KV-85 lose its “derp” gun after the release of KV-122? Although KV-85 has a turret, mobility and some decent armor its gun only capable fighting tier 4 and 5 tanks.

      A: We will keep it for now

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        Mark Li, right on point. Your translation makes sense. The ones that i quoted do not. And it has nothing to do with the way Muzya speaks – i quoted questions addressed TO him not the answers BY him.

  2. “* How will the Su-122-44 armor change after transfer to HD?
    – It won’t.”

    you say it wont but its been proven before that there where made changes in armour thikness in previous tanks wen they pass from sd models to hd models, now sir i call you`re answer BULLSHIT

  3. “* Will there be something interesting for the New Year?
    – Yes, there will. Now prepare.
    – On WG Fest event will be a huge number of buns and surprises🙂”

    another bullshit answer probably we end up again whit a crap of a teir 2 / tier 3 tank and another free slot garage

  4. I like how he says heavy tanks with low alpha are hard to play, meanwhile we have the Caernarvon that has EVEN lower alpha, significantly less DPM, armour and mobility…
    IMO the gun of the t26E5 is right because of the low alpha it should have better DPM, but IMO the Caernarvon REALLY needs a buff. The armour is shit, unless hulldown with gun depression used, the gun has sweet handling, but mediocre DPM at best, mobility is among the worst at tier 8, especially the top speed and camo rating sucks too, cause its a big tank.
    Still the caern isn’t even close to in need of a buff as the cent 7/1 after the HD model, that killed the centurion turrets, completely ruined the tank, as ridgeline poking isn’t great due to so-so gun handling, turret can be penned easily by tier 8 unless they hit the edges of the mantlet where there is two layers of armour, its incredibly slow for a medium and its big for a medium so it has bad camo. Not to speak of the lack of real premium rounds, making fights against skilled heavy tank players much more difficult than a T54 that get 130 extra pen from its prem rounds…

    1. Anonymous says:

      British tanks not Russian so not a problem….
      May get fixed in 4 or 5 years when the Chieftain gets released as a tier 3 in World of Tanks 2.

    2. Juize says:

      Totally agreed on the Caernarvon – decent gun handling won’t make you win games if the rest sucks, and they still imply that they’re planning to buff the already broken IS-3 xD this company is a joke, just like them saying there won’t be any changes to SU-122-44 armour in HD and the spare track link below the gun mantlet adds armour, which is a buff 😛

    3. Anonymous says:

      the “problem” of the T26E5 isn’t as much as when compared with tanks from other nations but when comparing it with the other 3 american tier 8 heavies, it’s just a much more comfortable tank to play with

  5. Anonymous says:

    “t34 has much more powerful gun” and terrible gun handling that forces you to aim for 20 seconds and shit mobility. their excuses are shit.

  6. Hokum says:

    “* T34-85M was over buffed, any plans for this?
    – Possibly.”

    When? The Tank is rubbish Vs the Rudy. Lower speed, worse pen, worse aim time, worse dispersion, worse view range, all for 30mm more armour on the hull which is still pen’d by tier 5’s?

    1. Anonymous says:

      yes they have plans for it, just like how someone asked:
      “* We want better stabilization for the IS-3, or maybe better aim time.
      – We have a better idea”
      2 questions below he himself claimed the IS-3 is the strongest at tier 8 but it seems a new buff is on the way, despite this thing already uses a gun never intended for it and that’s partly why it is OP
      this claim comes for several sources including historians and amateur-historians as well as old Q&As, maybe from 3 or 4 years ago
      just connect the dots and you will notice that for them soviet tanks are never overbuffed, although it’s also true that there are also OP tanks from other nations

    2. Anonymous says:

      I was curious at this as well. Checked Tanks GG, the WoT wiki, no evidence of a buff. I think all they should do is give it premium MM. That would make it unique amongst the tier 6 T-34-85’s at least.

  7. Str0nkTenk says:

    t34-85-m overbuffed?

    give me a break, one of the most useless t6 meds out there. slow, no armour, no accuracy.

    and that translation Rita, cant you go back and say ‘this no make sense, what use is it to readers’?

    keep up the Str0nk w0rk!

  8. The salt in this comment section is really high ._. Concerning the T34-85M it’s not a bad tank because the gun handling on the turret is pretty decent you don’t have a serious problem with hitting targets and the 75mm frontal hull armor is very troll, possibly better than the KV-85 and KV-2’s frontal armor on a mobile medium tank. Does this mean the tank is overbuffed? I think the words they were looking for were unbalanced in certain areas as the tank suffers from similar balancing issues as the T-44-100.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Rita, is there no news on the KV5? I have not heard anything new since the last ‘mention’ of the tank several weeks ago.

  10. siralexice says:

    Are you kidding me? These were not translated by humans, you just used some shit online tranlation tool, worse than google translate.

  11. VladCelTroll says:

    The translation is terrible. Rita, try and hire a grammar nazi. This text makes my eyes do barrel rolls while reading crappy translations. Duh, and it ain’t the first time.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This was put to Google Translate right!? ‘Cause I can’t imagine a REAL person translating this and actually understanding the English version…

  13. HorseshoeM says:

    This was put to Google Translate right!? ‘Cause I can’t imagine a REAL person translating this and actually understanding the English version…

  14. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Google translate or drunk translator? I find it weird that this blog always have such problems with the translation, while the “other” blog manages to translate everything just fine. Murazor might use a lot slang or curses, but I really doubt that he’s unable to talk grammatically correct Russian. So why is it so difficult to get the translations right? My advice to anyone that doesn’t want to feel braindamaged after reading this google translate junk is to visit the “other” blog, they provide much better translations. And I really wonder why you still run this blog if you’re even too lazy to provide a proper translation? This might have came across rude, but this kind of translation quality on a blog that gets this much attention is both disrespectfull and triggering.

  15. “What have you heard about the American T34? Cannon is shit, mobility is shit.
    – Its a buyable gun from a Tier 9 tank.” WTF? 🙂
    – That’s the price you have to pay for a tier 9 gun

    1. Nocomment says:

      It has around 250 pen with standard ammo …The best pen at its tier by miles. In fact better pen than a few tX heavy tanks. It also has more alpha and better dispersion than the T32’s gun.

  16. My English is not very good but I’ll translate some for you:)

    Q: Murazor, is there any hope for Obj.140, Bat.Chat 25t, E50M to get an HD model.

    A: Epis’ (E50) is coming.

    Q: T34-85M is “bending over” its enemies in random battles, any thoughts?

    A: We have some ideas, wait for it

    Q: Wish IS-3 and M3 had a better stabilization or aiming time.

    A: Regarding IS-3 and M3 we have better solution

  17. wolvenworks says:

    funny how those noobs are whining abt T34. to me it’s one of the best and most productive tier 8s in game.

    the major problem is that since it has a HT tag, people expect it to tank up like a T32 (hull wise, T32’s hull can troll bounce. learnt it the hard way). while it has a thick turret, the slow reload means that it’s very terrible as a pointman since it can’t withstand pressure as well (or in layman terms, anyone rush you while reloading and you’re royally screwed). after all T34 is essentially a premiumized T30, bluntly speaking, so it should be played as such (a TD)

    lol. It already has epic gun handing stats. Dispersion on turret traverse is the same as the M48 Patton and better than most other high tier tanks.

  19. Ares says:

    ST 1 is fine. If they gonna remade it, E75 should be remade too.

    ST 1 has much better turret armor, better side armor, worse upper frontal plate. Gun have better pen, but worse alpha.

    Both tank have bad lower frontal plate. Both are slow. Still E75 lose more to premium ammo, because 252 mm quite flat armor will be pen by 340 HEAT easy. ST 1 has different turret, that cant be pen in front, you need to hit weakspot.

    If they gonna buff ST 1, E75 will be obsolete.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      E75 has a decent lower plate since HD. Angled you can bump it up to 250 mm. ST-I’s lower plate is made of rice paper. E75 is slightly more mobile and with the exception of pen it has a way better gun. Unless ST-I is hulldown it’s pretty bad currently.

  20. Infernal969 says:

    “why and Ferdinand and Tiger Porsche still deprived of such an opportunity?”
    They are German.
    No problem, it was a pleasure answering that once.

    “We want better stabilization for the IS-3, or maybe better aim time.”
    If anything, those Russian shitters need brain surgery.

    Also, for god’s sake, do some QA before you post, because the first question is hilariously

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