WarGaming 12/11 Q&A

Good day everyone,

Q&A from Murazor and a few other WG lads. Big thanks to Ctacello and JerryatRick for their assistance.

From Murazor:

* KV-122 in 9.17 will be tested on. From this arose a natural question. Will the KV-85 be deprived of its “Destra” (122mm gun) or not? For the second level is the “dumb” gun, for 4 out of 5 are stupid shots and that the presence of the tank turret, speed and general armor.
– Will now.

* Thats addressing the issue of withdrawal, right?
– Not in the plans and not soon. 122mm and 100mm gun standards are varied.

A buff for Tier 10 heavies (Maus, E 100 and Type 5 Heavy) planned eventually?
– After the 9.17 patch, intermediate.

* What have you heard about the American T34? Cannon is shit, mobility is shit.
– Its a buyable gun from a Tier 9 tank.

* Regarding WZ-111, whether specific figures on armor changes, particularly interested in the lower front plate.
– Weaker than the 112.

* Danil remembered in a video comparison Su-122-44 and E-25, you said that the level of drying is needed grace, because the tank falls 2\3 of it fights are 9, where it is stupid and not playable.
– Su-122-44 should be fully rebalanced, but it is now impossible.

* Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm. As a premium tank it has miserable dynamics and mobility. 9.9 hp / ton this is very low. Will you do anything about it?
– Not in this patch.

* Danil, what of the JagdTiger 8.8? I understand that its a TD, but do you plan on buffing it with the other premiums?
– To me it doesn’t have enough speed. We’ll see.

* T34 in comparison with the T26E5 loses, although the cost is the same. It is very difficult to implement T34. It came down to the end, missed, 13 seconds, damage received. Almost always that way.
– T34 has much more powerful gun.

* What changes are expected on the 2nd, 3rd level, and in general in the Sandbox?
– Matchmaker wait.

* Murazor, any hope for such HD tanks as Object 140; Bat.-Chatillon 25 t; E 50M; STB-1?
– There is.

* Danil. Maybe give the ST-1 the ZIS-24? It would be logical, it does not matter that there is historical/paper project. And maybe buff the SU-100Y. Now it is a sad piece of shit that lights up like a Christmas tree and hits good maybe once a year. I bought the premium and have 800 battles but now he sits in the hangar.
– ST-1 will be remade. SU-100Y is top premium for damage at that tier.

* Borodazor, but what about the American T34? It’s not cheap, and the advantages apart from alpha and no breakdown. Stabilization is terrible, low maneuverability, DPM one of the lowest in its tier.
– If needed, we will buff the T34.

* T34-85M was over buffed, any plans for this?
– Possibly.

* Any plans regarding IS-6 in terms of profitability? 175mm of penetration is often lacking even in Tier 8 battles and often have to shoot Gold, and because of this it farms gold like an ordinary tank, but even then gold is not always enough.
– You need to take to farming with tanks that have high profits.

* We want better stabilization for the IS-3, or maybe better aim time.
– We have a better idea.

What’s the point of increasing credit yield 10% on FV4202 if it shells are 2.5 times more expensive than other premium Tier 8s? It is better to change the value of the shells.
– Technically, the price change in shells is much more difficult than to raise revenue.

* Radically change the policy of the company. Earlier potatoes beat their fists on their chest and screaming that the rewards should not be steeper than conventional tanks. Now, on the contrary, premium tanks are better. Conventional tanks are forgotten. The conclusion is – buy – bend over.
– The tech tree IS-3 is the best thing at Tier 8. You can pump it up and play it all you want.

* Danil, judging by the first impression from the reviews T26E5 is too good.  It has decent armor, mobility, penetration. A gun with cheap ammo, and even view range. It’s too fatty. Maybe it should be cut down to 350.
– Its hard to play a heavy tank with low alpha.

* How will the Su-122-44 armor change after transfer to HD?
– It won’t.

From Sorell Aurik on the Official Forum:

How will find the tundra mods and the minimap cheat mods? Do you have hope for the system or will you wait for player reports? And I wonder how you will take account of “absolutely all the factors”?
–  No comments.
* Because the system no?
– Because this would make it easier to bypass it.

From Yuri Filippovskiy on Swedish Tanks:

* In the video about the mechanics of the Swedes, I saw two tanks go head to head at the same speed. Swedish top tiers will receive a higher maximum travel speed in both directions? If so, why and Ferdinand and Tiger Porsche still deprived of such an opportunity?
– The principal difference Swedish machines that are fast moving back from other machines that have theoretically a possibility that the rear of the machine there is room for a crew member, with duplicated controls and monitoring devices. It is not only in theory allows it to accelerate to a high speed, but also allows control of the machine, so they got such a high speed reverse. As for the other machines that have been mentioned, unfortunately, they have not provided, and this possibility was more theoretical, in practice they did not use the workplace at the rear of the machine.

* Is the input/output speed of the state of siege mode dependant on the crew? If not, will there be some opportunity to accelerate the transition between modes, or it’s like recharging time in the drum?
– At the moment, the crew will not have any effect on the rate of change of the mode, as it is more mechanical action similar charge within the drum.

* How effective is Spaced Armour on the front of the top Swede? They are suitable only for Golda radiotherapy, or are capable of something more?
– After the collision with the lattice, it begins to lose some amount penetration for each distance traveled.

* How much will adjusting suspension affect the camo value?
– Nothing. Camo is registered and is counted in a horizontal position.


From the special “Tank Aces” stream:

– We’re changing the system for repairing and selling tanks. Check the news soon.

* What about emblems for the top event in 10/100/1000 “Tank Aces” to put on our tanks?
– Yes, we talked about it, and as soon as there’s decision we will inform about it. The idea is excellent and the devs liked the idea too.

* Will there be something interesting for the New Year?
– Yes, there will. Now prepare.
– On WG Fest event will be a huge number of buns and surprises 🙂

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