WarGaming Alliance

Good day everyone,

Today WarGaming, SEGA, and Creative Assembly have announced a new platform, WarGaming Alliance. This will act as a publishing branch that also gives developers the tools and resources needed to step into the free-to-play market.

The first title under this new banner will be Creative Assembly’s Total War: ARENA.

The new stategy game will have a worldwide release, exept China, and be free-to-play.

The official WarGaming Alliance site.

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WarGaming Alliance

15 thoughts on “WarGaming Alliance

  1. DoctorBest says:

    I really liked Total War Arena and I was wondering when It would come back. Well, let’s see what (if anything) this means for the game.

  2. This seems like fun, played Rome total war for many years and never got bored playing it. One of the best strategy games ever. I was really enthuastic about Rome Total 2 before it came out, unfortunately I never warmed to it. The game was much too big, the turns took so long I thought the game crashed, sometimes very frustrating.

    1. Thag O'Mizer says:

      Probably not too well. Everyone knows that in the world of WG even a Maus can be pierced with a slavic hoard’s spears… 😉

  3. Rombat says:

    Finally Wg got the plans for an AI revolt/map/cw sistem.
    In the past they tried on the global map a sistem of uprising similar with that on Total War map without succes..the revolts where too often or too rare.
    Now if they are in alliance with Creative Assamble and can put together tools for development of freetoplay games they have for sure the right algoritm for global map revolts…in the future.

  4. Dalroi says:

    R.T.Smith, the strategy-wargame programmer with experience going back to the ’80s left the Creative Assembly after Rome Total War ( the 1st one ) came out. I feel that the later releases suffered by his absence.

    1. no, it probably means they will share experiences on how to make a free-to-play game profitable while keeping it attractive to non-paying players, because we all know you need quantity so that you can keep the queue times acceptable (AKA 5 minutes top)

  5. peo01 says:

    Maybe SEGA could sell the TW ip to Wargaming.
    Considering how bad the franchise has become post Medieval II WG can’t screw it up any more.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I played this in the Alpha. They were obviously trying to copy wargamings monetization model. It was pay2win as fuck and extremely buggy. Very incompetent devs.

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