Wargaming Announce World of Tanks VR

Yesterday there was a closed presentation  of World of Tanks VR. On Friday 23rd there will be a public presentation at a Moscow shopping center. To play a VR headset will be needed a HTC Vive no information about the Oculus Rift. There is as yet no schedule for release on either Console or PC. currently there is only one Winter map one tank type “T-44-100” and only a “Death Match” mode for 2-4 players.

We also have some pictures and screen shots. Click the pic for full size.

   worldoftanksvr.com  Thank’s DoM1N for the heads up and links.

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Wargaming Announce World of Tanks VR

14 thoughts on “Wargaming Announce World of Tanks VR

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fix the issues in the current game before making ANOTHER version… Gold spamming is BS, Match Maker is still crap, Tank types dont matter anymore, Grats on the updated graphics engine and all but Im the kind of player that care more about the actual game play rather than eye candy…

  2. Kyros says:

    VR was and is since it’s release a gimmick, a overpriced gimmick for rich kids.
    It will only get serious if they add gloves and movement mats, and no I don’t mean that overpriced cheap plastic movement cages. From that moment it only depends on game devs so make awesome games and not the demo android apps that they call VR games today.
    Till this happens VR is Xbox Kinect with the monitor slaped to your face, just a gimmick.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      video games, smartphones, and drones were gimmicks too. the diffrence between a gimmick and innovation is whether they are being made affordable to the masses or not. after all drones were overpriced as hell before the chinese stepped in and made them cost 1/10 of what it was. if VR could convince more chinese to make it cheaper, it will over time. all it needs now is for the tech to go to the level of virality as drones, which it has YET to do because of the very limited library of decent VR games (compared to a drone’s rather relatively unrestricted forms of usage as a mini-helicam, which is infinitely useful for many things)

  3. Ruthless4u says:

    Reminds me of the original lawnmower man movie. VR at some point will be a reality, but I would guess another 10 years and will need additional peripheral’s as previously mentioned.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      i so wanted VRMMOs to be a thing. note that as much as i like SAO, i’m an OG who prefers .HACK://, the original VRMMO anime

  4. I have had a Rift for 13 months or so. The WarThunder version is OK, although the graphics are not as good. Having seen the vid the first thing they can do is lose those stupid hands – after 30 minutes with the Oculus Touch controllers it becomes second nature so I don’t see the point of them – they just seem to get in the way. However if they can get it right, keep the graphics quality high and get a smooth interface it could be a winner. I can say it isn’t a gimmick – really until you have tried it with a few different games / experiences you won’t get it. And that’s understandable. I would be the first to admit that a wireless system would be better with bigger lighter lenses/screens, although most people without large houses/spaces to try it won’t benefit much (and having the cable stops you when you are getting too enthusiastic and about to take out a window or an expensive LCD screen). But really once you have tried a proper system with the best of the current software you will understand. Oh and yes there is some really bad software out there ……

    1. wolvenworks says:

      agree that the hands are unnecessary, and blocking your view. i’m in support of a more “normal” UI that doesn’t feel so much like a oneshot trick pony

  5. Anonymous says:

    VR is not a gimmick… i own an oculus rift. For flight sims its amazing, also if you haven’t seen anything about Onward then you don’t understand.. onward is an incredible game and for sure shows the future of VR.

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