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Incredibly slow news day, but a short bit for those interested: WarGaming has a new mobile app that adds a new layer of protection for your WarGaming ID account. The app generates a temporary 6-digit code that is used to login, in addition to your already existing password. The idea being that the rapidly changing second layer will drastically reduce the chance of accounts being hacked.


1- Login to your WarGaming ID and enable two-step authentication.

2- Download the app and scan the code. Then enter the confirmation code.

3- When you next log in to your WarGaming account, enter the current 6-digit code from the app to confirm your identity.

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WarGaming Authentication App

17 thoughts on “WarGaming Authentication App

  1. well, all that means is we can use their app instead of just using the unified google authenticator…its the same thing, except now we have to have a separate app for it >.>

      1. How is that valid reasoning? I didn’t use Google for authentication before either, so what does this new app give me that I didn’t already have? Why choose a dedicated app that does exactly the same as another app, but can only work for this one thing instead of the thousand others that Google can?

        It’s just another app to have on your phone…

      2. Well, I actually never tried that, but can you switch from using the original WG login to the G+ login? I always assumed it would log you in as a different user, since that is technically a different account.

        It really depends on that.

    1. Ion7 says:

      Was using the Google one before this came out and don’t really see the point. It could possibly save space but that is it.

  2. MOTHER'S LOLL says:

    Wow, the community was asking for this app for ages – NOT.

    I would appreciate if WG publishs an app where you can micromanage your account. For example buy tanks, equipment, and camo while event. Additional reskill crews, etc…

    1. This! I’d be more inclined to use the authenticator with a few changes in mind:

      1. Adding the authentication functionality into the Assistant app, just unify it into an all-purpose app the way Steam has its authenticator and store functionality in a single app.

      2. Ability to buy tanks/equipment/consumables/etc. anytime except server maintenance.

      This would be a big step forward in my opinion.

  3. DickHerMax says:

    Why won’t they just use Authenticator. Even Google does that, Discord too. One app, many seperate tokkens.
    And if you use WoT Assistant then you need yet another app? Just neat đŸ˜€

  4. Thomas says:

    Well this works well with steam so is good. I did have a couple of people try to get to my steam account and the steam version of this stop them from going forward. And I get a notification when they try. This year already 3 people try to steal my account and so far steam code have save my account.

  5. MIke says:

    what if my phone dies and i have to wait a few months to replacement? (happened 3 months ago).. how the eff do i log in?
    no no … id rather keep my complicated password of 1234…

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