WarGaming Center Beta

Good day everyone,

Brief little update, WarGaming is now beta testing its WarGaming Center: a central hb for all of its products, news and updates etc.

Thats all for now, folks.

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WarGaming Center Beta

17 thoughts on “WarGaming Center Beta

  1. Still trying to find the point of having that.
    Most WG games are niche games. People who like WoT will not all like WoWs and vice versa. And other WG games are not developped directly by WG so idk if they’ll be in it too, but if they are, they’re not military f2p games so I doubt they’ll get as much audience.

    That sounds liek a waste of ressources to me, but maybe they have bigger plans behind it.

      1. sturmi0545 says:

        I’m looking forward to watching that video.
        WoWp is a good game. WG is just too incompetent to provide proper PR for it or create games with actual interesting gameplay. same concept as with ships and tanks, 15vs15, simplified gameplay just as in Wot and Wows. Imagine WoT with anything else but tanks (eg fictional stuff). it wouldn’t have survived a year with that gameplay. WG sucks at being creative, and they failed hard by not promoting WoWp when it actually became good and lost more of its playerbase this way.

    1. You have a fair point Speedycraft, that said, quite a few world of tanks players tend to take a vacation to world of warships and so forth. I suppose the thing about the portal is that it has to be a balance between redirecting players to the site they want without overloading them on information that they do not want.

  2. white_phoenix93 says:

    The point behind it may be as well as having a place to organize the games (as well as downloading updates in background much like WoWS now not sure about WoT), but also to better advertise their games. say you download one game then can then expose you to their other games in the hopes that you might say hmm… that looks interesting maybe i’ll try it. So to me I would say it is a combination of customer convenience and marketing, in much the same way that systems such as origin uplay operate.

  3. I still think it would be easier to do what Gaijin did and have WoT and WoWs in the same client and let the players choose if they want to download both or individually if they only want to play one of the games (for hard drive space reasons )

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Maybe not WoT and WoWs because they are completely different, but if they end up doing a WoT 2.0, having it in the same game (eventualy as an extension unlocked after WoT 1.0 tier X ; or as a separate mode like Modern tank / WW2-CW tanks and you pick) would make more sense

    2. Pikolo says:

      What is the point of mixing launchers? It’s confusing. Plus, if you remember early WoWs leaks, they are the same application that only differs in config files.
      Secondly, WarThunder is a single game where tanks fight planes, and thus you can’t choose to only download half the game.
      If you want a single launcher for all WG games, Game Hub can probably handle that.

      But to me it looks more like a WG shot at a game distribution network. Judging by the fact Microsoft (despite having controll of the Xbox platform) is failing that on PCs (https://motherboard.vice.com/read/windows-10-store-refunds-call-of-duty-player-because-nobodys-playing-it), it’s unlikely that a 4 th player will emerge (after Steam, GoG and HumbleBundle)

  4. Tommy_Gun says:

    So now WG want their “game center” ? Well.. it should rather be called “3 game manager” (WoT, WoWp, WoWs).
    I guess they are doing this because My.com has a game manager…

    btw. WoT Blitz is on steam. So why not regular WoT ?
    Wa alredy had Steam and other “duplicates” (Origin, u-play, GoG) and now we will have this…
    It is weird that nobody so far made a one aplication (one game manager) to support all of those i mentioned above…

    1. blitz exists for players who don’t want to play with arty and for some time i think wargaming has something wot generals and now wargaming has new products like master of orion and hybrid wars. They’re a big company and they should keep their hub up to date so players like you don’t miss all these games they’re developing.

  5. Looking forward to a better designed hub, it is pretty clunky as it is navigating wargaming’s multiple games and websites at the moment. If they do this right, they can spread their player base as players who are unhappy with world of tanks will be more likely to pick up world of warships or blitz.

  6. zz says:

    They seriously have nothing better to do? I want a separate WOT only portal, not this garbage with their other failed products.

  7. Consolidating their games into one hub for distributions/information makes some sense from a business level. We’re talking about ending duplication of staff or efforts. Whether it serves the interests of players is the real question and the trick in implementation. To be sure, WG may be thinking some players will migrate from more successful games to the clunkers.

    I do agree this could be a distraction (along with the clunker games) from improving and re-vitalizing existing game products.

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