Wargaming Fest: English Dubbed Videos

Here we have two presentation videos with English translation overdubs. The first is “Ammo , Swedish MTs and Frontline” the second is”2018 Recap and Matchmaker” Enjoy.

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Wargaming Fest: English Dubbed Videos

15 thoughts on “Wargaming Fest: English Dubbed Videos

    1. Can’t fix those tanks without fixing premium ammo first because whether people want to believe it or not, premium ammo made these outrageous vehicles. Because premium ammo was causing damage long before the overarmoured vehicles received their buffs or implemented.

      But I feel just nerfing the damage of premium ammo is not enough to see things like the buffs to the Maus and Type 5 removed and tanks like the Object 268v4 further adjusted.

      Premium ammo should at most give a 20-30mm increase in penetration. Damage reduced to at best 15%. 20% at the most. That way we can finally get some meaningful weakspots and remove the overarmouring. Penetrating them would be easier on weakspots but will still be hard to penetrate the tougher armour like an angled E100 or Maus turret from the front.

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Yeah, I’ve been hearing the promises about “proper balance” for how many years now? And the more game goes into the mud the more they claim it to be okay.
    Nothing about the skycancer (hey, let’s sell LeFH again!)
    Nothing about the awful maps
    Nothing about broken premium tanks (hey, let’s sell Le…)
    Years of driving the game into its current barely playable state will take more than few promises to fix.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And what about WZ-120 actually one of the worst T9 in the game… T-34-3 is better than WZ-120 seriously. Where WG find the idea of putting 3 degree of gun depression, hull armor is so weak that you get auto pen from every tank you can meat, aim time and dispersion if sooooooo bad compare to 430, i don’t understand how this tank never get buffed since all this time, the branch is so uncompetitive, unpopular but there are not russians so WG doesn’t give a f*ck

  3. Doowlax says:

    U are talking about rebalance in game less than 5 days after u introduce IS-3A?U must be joking.I guess rebalance department laughing on these comments,they just having a good time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Best fix to gold ammo is to limit the amount you can carry into a battle that way players will be more selective on when they dabb the 2 key as it stands now people just load all gold and bother trying anymore.

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