Wargaming Game Center V. 0.13.2


The Wargaming Game Center has been updated and the most recent version is available for download.

I posted this before on the old RSR but to refresh memory this is how it looks like:


  • You can install and import every server without hassle;
  • Games installation folders can be changed from suggested default name;
  • In Settings, you can select Language, Automatic Updates and Seeding;
  • Ability to add games that are not yet available for public access
  • Besides news, videos can be viewed inside the Game Center.

On this latest patch, v.0.13.2:

  • Launch Game in Safe mode (without game mods) added.
  • Launch game with reset graphics setting to default added.
  • Download/upload speed limitations added
  • Significantly improved WGC UI
  • DirectX for new games installation added
  • WGC auto-run with operation system added
  • Improved integrity check mechanismsrsr
  • Turn on/off private p2p during download added


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Wargaming Game Center V. 0.13.2

22 thoughts on “Wargaming Game Center V. 0.13.2

  1. Daniyyel says:

    It’s only for the RU region. Trying to install the games from the GC gives you only the RU language option. Also it does not work with EU versions of the games, does not detect them and selcting manually the folders gives an error that those are not WG games.

  2. Anonymous says:

    IDP.ALEXA is typically a false positive if it’s being detected by AVG. It’s just part of the installer code. Still if you feel unusre about using the Wargaming Game Center then don’t use it.

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