Wargaming publicly bans over 30 players


its time for a another shamenun.com.

Wargaming RU conducted a public ban to over 30 players from the clans M3RCY and MER5Y after they tried and failed to use their artistic and funny side during a livestream:


Such goes against Chapter 4, paragraph 3.19 of the WoT RU User Agreement: “Promote and demonstrate the Game Nazi, extremist or other equivalents paraphernalia or symbols.”

I hope these guys got a permaban because I checked their social media clan page and they don’t seem very sorry:


I wish that Wargaming EU would follow its older RU brother footsteps on this matter. For those who play on EU and pay just enough attention you know which swastika lover clans I’m talking about, some of these people are in fact even Twitch livestreamers (2 are actually partnered with Twitch). I have in the past sent screenshots with proof for WG EU to be on the look out them in as an act of friendship -per se- so that they wouldn’t be caught in a spiders nest PR scandal without knowing while just doing their job (WG EU actively tries to get in contact with streamers/youtubers to do stuff together), although it would give me an amazing story to write about on the blog, if I have the means I wont sit and wait for a WG f*ck up, so the Paris office has been aware of who they are for a long time.



And remember kids: Never go full retard…


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