Wargaming publicly bans over 30 players


its time for a another shamenun.com.

Wargaming RU conducted a public ban to over 30 players from the clans M3RCY and MER5Y after they tried and failed to use their artistic and funny side during a livestream:


Such goes against Chapter 4, paragraph 3.19 of the WoT RU User Agreement: “Promote and demonstrate the Game Nazi, extremist or other equivalents paraphernalia or symbols.”

I hope these guys got a permaban because I checked their social media clan page and they don’t seem very sorry:


I wish that Wargaming EU would follow its older RU brother footsteps on this matter. For those who play on EU and pay just enough attention you know which swastika lover clans I’m talking about, some of these people are in fact even Twitch livestreamers (2 are actually partnered with Twitch). I have in the past sent screenshots with proof for WG EU to be on the look out them in as an act of friendship -per se- so that they wouldn’t be caught in a spiders nest PR scandal without knowing while just doing their job (WG EU actively tries to get in contact with streamers/youtubers to do stuff together), although it would give me an amazing story to write about on the blog, if I have the means I wont sit and wait for a WG f*ck up, so the Paris office has been aware of who they are for a long time.



And remember kids: Never go full retard…


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Wargaming publicly bans over 30 players

161 thoughts on “Wargaming publicly bans over 30 players

  1. Anonymous says:

    Retards see a swastika and screams hysterically: “OMG, racist! #TRIGGERED! I need my save space!”. Normal people see a swastika and say: “Oh, look…a symbol of the 3rd Reich… the symbol is correct but it lacks the white circle on red background though. Or is it some asian luck symbol? Or perhaps something from the norse mythology? Ach, who the fuck cares. Just some morons messing around and having fun.”
    Seriously people, grow up. It’s just some swastika.
    It’s stuff from history, people died back then. And what? As if anyone actually cares. Fucking hypocrates. Either accept it as part of history or go full censorship retard and ban every sign of any faction that ever killed people. You dip shits have fun with that.
    You are more retarded than people in the Harry Potter movies cringing in fear like pussies when someone says Voldemort.
    Self-righteous pussy society. No wonder SJWs can throw their shit at people with so much stupidity and weakness around.

    1. Lars Kjær Sørensen says:

      I have to interject here that more than 20% of the russian population died on the western front during the 4 war years from 1941 to 1945, in leningrad there are reports of mothers eating their own dead children due to starvation and many more died in the years after the war from trauma, injury or malnutrition, and to diminish or belittle these sacrifices by denouncing them as “who cares?” is just immature and disrespectfull. When that is said I don’t believe that anyone is served by censure. The better way would be to ridicule these morons who obviusly know little of history wether it be russian or german, all nominally intelligent people mourn the nazi-years as a damning testament to the evils that humanity is able to inflict on its fellow beings.

      1. Patrick Sottek says:

        Never mind that the Hammer & Sickle is perfectly acceptable after Stalin murdered his own people. I don’t see the difference here, yet, you hypocrites are bent on burying the Swastika as if it was the only symbol that you get offended by. You fking idiots.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      But it’s THIS symbol in particular you cannot even agree it ever EXISTED to begin with, by the time your brain is 50% done in imagining such a scenario is possible and in any way acceptable, you have pissed off 200% of the people on earth, and they are at your door with torches.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Obviously. Not like that symbol has any negative history or offends anyone in, say, Europe, right? Unlike the swastika, which is obviously pure evil, especially when you consider that before the nazis, it used to be a symbol of peace. Obviously we can’t have any of that sh*t around…

  2. resq says:

    This has nothing to do with WG not liking swastika, they themselves probably wouldn’t mind it, this symbol is part of human history for thousands of years, no big deal. However it’s usage and place was important. The real reason is the Russian law which strictly prohibits promoting Nazi symbols and punishes it, and swastika is considered there as such. The law is the reason why they included such rule in the agreement, and they reacted quickly not to be associated with that, not to be in troubles. I was signing the European agreement and I didn’t found such rules written down there.

  3. lameminator says:

    I was wondering about something. Though they’re from the Russian server, I would hardly believe they’re actually Russians, instead they’re must be from some other state belonged to the USSR. Since they were at war with the nazis It’d require some serious retardness for a Russian to be a nazi.
    Another interesting topic here is why communist symbols are allowed, when the national socialist ones are forbidden. In order to figure it out, just think through which side won and which one lost the war.

  4. stormcrow99 says:

    Now, nobody, not one of you people who read this, get me wrong. Please.

    I am not justifying nazis or what they did.

    But I am saying that is 8 lines of tanks arranged funnily, to resemble a symbol, meaning luck until some motherfucker decided to flip the meaning on its head in the heads of every human being who isn’t for nazism.

    It’s just a symbol. A picture. If I were to slap a picture of the beautiful view outside of my window on a tank and murder ten million people with said armored vehicle, would people want to bulldoze the place?

    If I were to slap the entire Latin alphabet on one side of the turret and Cyrillic letter on the other, would I effectively render almost the entire world incapable of communicating with their languages, if I did the same with said armored vehicle?

    This symbol isn’t the only one used by insane retards trying to conquer the world and killing millions in the process, but it is the only one that gets EVERYONE to lose their shit in one form or another when seeing it or hearing about it. So could we please either stop the circlejerk around the nazis, or just start hating on all of history that involved slaughterhouse and shame anyone who says “it happened deal with it m8”.

    These guys are clearly just assholes, I have nothing against banning them, but if the ban was solely due to the swastika (or if it could have been) then I might change my mind. Slightly, but not too much.

    Last thing, that Maxim Ovchenkov person has a point. Nazis were by no means the only ones around that time period to have been involved with swastikas. Nobody else who had them didn’t do anything of the same magnitude, but all swastikas are hated with the same passion. Until someone brings the real, tilted, black white & red. That’s the point where all other swastikas are magically sacred and full of good. But when the real one goes, the other swastikas are again stoned. People pls?

    And before you reply (if you will), read the text and make sure you misunderstood nothing. I have made my points very fucking clear, and just to repeat, I am not pro-nazi. Burn nazis in hell for eternities, but let the other swastikas (and their variants) besides the real deal be will you?

    Fucking Amen.

    1. I have read what you wrote.
      But: Paragraph 3.19 of the WoT RU User Agreement: “Promote and demonstrate the Game Nazi, extremist or other equivalents paraphernalia or symbols.”
      When you join the game read the rules.
      If you goes against the rules, expect penalty.

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        So all swastikas are by default nazi symbols?

        This is PRECISELY my point.
        You see, MY PEOPLE (the Finnish) used the swastikas on our planes.
        As well as on our tanks: http://www.pkymasehist.fi/hakar09.jpg

        While we DID use a lot of German shiet during the Winter War and the admittedly pointless and retarded Continuation War, we were and are not with some flipped exceptions nazis, nor were we for anything they did, since we didn’t have a clue what was going on to begin with, nobody had until their raided the place as far as I know.

        So this isn’t an appropriate clan emblem: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PUVzeB2Gyek/VOMv9AphDLI/AAAAAAAAAVg/07IXKGSnJiw/s1600/Flag_of_German_Reich_(1935%E2%80%931945).svg.png
        Of course not for Pete’s sake

        But my god I will go fucking BALLISTIC if those aforementioned swastikas are banned.

  5. noME@thisSIDe says:

    All members of that clan should be banned, if someone is in he blindly support that point of view or get benefits from it

  6. camaro16 says:

    Look closely, 3rd image is not swastika in fact it is 55 and totally not related to support nazi theme at all . This is emotional stuff, because in numbers soviet regime killed even more people, however people don`t mind soviet simbols, so please either let it go, or be equally disappointed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    well, they kinda deserved IMO. If they knew it was going to happen, which they might have, why would you throw away A. your account and B. an account with that many tanks, (yes, I have only played 9k so only 1 tier 10 🙁 )

  8. Trans galactic porcupine says:

    It’s as if soviets were any better than nazis.
    They have SOVIET line of tanks for foch’s sake, with its flag nonetheless.
    Now boo hoo, some conts been triggered by a damn swastika, jesus christ this is pathetic.

  9. Anonymous says:

    EULA/ToS aside, people really should not give a shit about Nazis/swastikas anymore. It is and should be the equivalent of DickButt.

  10. I have this guy he is a host in midday room and he say i cannot read i mean like if i can’t read i can’t write and one of this player just kill me for no reason and he say too ‘you cannot read’ i am soo angry plz ban the trollers and the Players just i say plz,Thanks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well as far as ban good. Now for even better news 12% of the german army was french fighting in Russia 7% was Russians. The whole dame Chech country was fighting Russia. So we need to ban all Russian and Chinese symbols since during and after the war they both killed over 300 million people. But thats ok since they need there players because If they did not have them they would not have a player base and game would be more trash then it is now.

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