Wargaming publicly bans over 30 players


its time for a another shamenun.com.

Wargaming RU conducted a public ban to over 30 players from the clans M3RCY and MER5Y after they tried and failed to use their artistic and funny side during a livestream:


Such goes against Chapter 4, paragraph 3.19 of the WoT RU User Agreement: “Promote and demonstrate the Game Nazi, extremist or other equivalents paraphernalia or symbols.”

I hope these guys got a permaban because I checked their social media clan page and they don’t seem very sorry:


I wish that Wargaming EU would follow its older RU brother footsteps on this matter. For those who play on EU and pay just enough attention you know which swastika lover clans I’m talking about, some of these people are in fact even Twitch livestreamers (2 are actually partnered with Twitch). I have in the past sent screenshots with proof for WG EU to be on the look out them in as an act of friendship -per se- so that they wouldn’t be caught in a spiders nest PR scandal without knowing while just doing their job (WG EU actively tries to get in contact with streamers/youtubers to do stuff together), although it would give me an amazing story to write about on the blog, if I have the means I wont sit and wait for a WG f*ck up, so the Paris office has been aware of who they are for a long time.



And remember kids: Never go full retard…


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Wargaming publicly bans over 30 players

161 thoughts on “Wargaming publicly bans over 30 players

    1. Anonymous says:

      No it’s not racist, yes it’s a generalisation, no it’s not unfair because if you clan wasn’t about that sort of thing the offending players would have been kicked, and yet they continue.

      1. I am part of such clan, but I have the chat turned off, and I find this post really ossensive, because not everyone in the clan does this. And I will not leave because of it, because despite their behaviour, they play good, and it is rewarding to stay with them. End of story.

      2. #THEGRIPPINCHANNEL what to say about someone who stays connected to such people? in my country we have a saying:
        “diz-me com quem andas e dir-te-ei quem és”
        (Tell me the company you keep, and I’ll tell you what you are)

        there’s plenty of versions on several languages and it’s basically saying that we are as good as the people we hang with, the same applies to members of clans who do such things as the ones in question or go even further and actually try to spread nazi or racist propaganda

        the least we can think of players that know their clan does such things and still remain there is that they are either incredibly stupid or share the same opinions, I say this because what is normal is someone follow his own values and if they disagree with something voice it out

        we have another saying:
        “quem cala consente”
        (Silence gives consent)
        does who don’t express their own opinion agree with the one previously stated, in this case not talking agaisnt those actions in such clan means the players support and agree with said actions

      3. taief98 says:

        But they haven’t done this before.
        All of them inside a battle with only them.
        It’s almost as if this wasn’t a sporadic joke. I mean swastika jokes. Stalin jokes who gives a fuck. It’s only auschwitz jokes and gulag jokes which are annoying and gihtly so because that’s where people were harmed.
        But this was probably a sporadic joke

      4. taief98 says:

        “Because if you were in a clan that wasn’t offended”
        You seriously think everyone in a clan knows everything?
        You seriously think the members of this clan who know don’t see this as a silly joke?
        You seriously think seeing the swastika offends people?
        I know people in this clans they aren’t braindead. Some of them are actually quite smart

      5. taief98 says:

        Didn’t the nazi run with guilt by association?
        We look down on them not for their symbolism but their practices. That’s why people hate Nazis because of things like that.

    2. First, you need to look up what the term ‘racist’ means. Second, if you are in a clan that does stupid sh*t like this and you don’t leave, you are with them. So, one can honestly correctly surmise anyone still in the clan is in on this as well.

      1. hintnerjugend@web.de says:

        Hello Mr George W. Bush. Did not know that you are playing WoT, but you should have learned that the who is not with us is against us does not work.

      2. Seriously, what is with the lack of reading skills these days?

        It is very simple, you make a personal choice to be a part of a clan. So, if that clan (not just one person in that clan, no, the clan as a whole) openly voices their stance on certain subjects, you are automatically a part of that. You can leave any time you want, nobody is forcing you…

      1. taief98 says:

        Because making swastika jokes because the flag of the ussr symbol is allowed is somehow racist?.
        Since when we’re swastika jokes racist?

    3. If you are part of EFE (because I’m 99 % sure that’s who rita was talking about for EU) you cannot possibly be unaware of their past and their unfamous habits.

      So if you chose by yourself to stay in a clan with this kind of background, it means you agree what they do and thus accept to be associated with them.
      If you dont like what they do, then just leave the clan, and if you’re a good player you’ll find a good new clan easily trust me.

      It’s your fault for deciding to stay in this clan, and by doing this you accepted the consequences, and the terribke reputation you’ll get with it.

      If you buy a ferrari people will see you as rich. Maybe you’re not, or maybe you are but just dont want it to be noticed. But you decided to buy it, and you knew it was an expensive car mostly owned by rich people, so by buying it you accepted to be identified as a rich person. Well here it’s the same. If you are in a swastica lover clan, you become a swastica lover. And if you’re not, then it shouldnt bother you to change clan.

      Accept being seen as what you are. That’s as simole as that.

      1. I did not want to flow into this again, but it’s that time of the year again… Once this topic comes up suddenly, everybody pretends like they know everything about such communities. Let me tell you what, you guys are terribly wrong. First of all, calling a whole clan like that, now that is offensive pretty much the same way. How she dare stating something like that? Was she ever in such clan? I don’t think so. Does she know every member of the clan? I don’t think so. That doesn’t make sense.

        On the other hand, getting those sorry to say, but retarded comments, that I agree with this, just because I am part of such clan, and I do not plan to change. Really? People are really that short minded? I will explain it one last time, if you get it, you get it, if you don’t, then you won’t ever. Just because, there are like 3-5 people, who does this very often, that doesn’t make the other 95 people racist to the bone, but still I only get this point of view, because people only see the negative example, never ever the positive. I know, there is much hate, trash talk, racism, toxic behaviour in the game, but stop using stupid stereotypes, come on. Calling a whole clan swastica lover, is pretty much the same like calling every Polish player a noob (let’s face it, it comes up ingame really often…), there’s like no difference at all, but we all know, that it is not true.

        I am not supporting toxic players, nor racism, but I still get accused, just because of my clan tag. I already told you, I have turned off the chat, because I am not curious about the whining, raging and swearing. I am not with them because I like this kind of behaviour or I laugh over this, I also told it already, that it is rewarding. We can make gold, Campaigns, stronghold, everything together, and outsiders see us all so radical, it just makes me mad. I won’t leave a clan, because less than 10 players are putting shame on the clan. I accept that some of us are toxic (they get banned pretty regularly for that, just to let you know), but it does not give anyone the right to sum up the whole clan like that, or if they do, then they should really think about these lines I have just written down.

        And here is the conclusion, so read carefully, because I am getting pissed over this topic, that every time, I get to see only one side of the coin. Just because there are examples of toxic behaviour, it does not mean everyone does that. It doesn’t mean that other players, who do not take part in it, or just ignore it, are supporting it. Everyone is different, and everyone can make their own decisions, so stop this. Right away, if you haven’t experienced it for yourself.

        Probably it was a waste of time to write this down again, pretty detailed, because either people won’t even read this, or just remain ignorant and start typing their idiotic comments, like most cases.
        Anyways, if you read it, thank you, only thing I would ask, to think about this.

      2. don’t know why some people are surprised or criticize WG position regarding this matter, don’t know if you guys remember (or were already playing WoT when it happened) that WG had to remove some inscriptions when they were first added

        this was because some simbols (text included, like quotes on mottos) are forbidden by law in several countries

        if there’s a German reading this maybe he could clarify us but I believe that other than the obvious swastica, Waffen SS insignias and similar simbols are also banned

        for that matter WG can’t allow acts like the one who got those players banned because they can’t afford for the countries who have banned such simbols to lump them together with the actions taken by the players, this because they can’t afford to be banned from those countries and specially with European countries that are their main moneymaker

        there’s also the fact that many families still suffer because of the war and they deserve our respect and WG being a company that does business with WWII related content MUST take that into account to not fall on the bad side of public opinion

      3. Not against the law says:

        Swastikas and Nazi jokes are not against the law some countries, like the Scandinavian countries. So most of the “nazis” in a clan like EFE just didn’t give a thought in one way or another. Even our national TV has Nazi and holocaust jokes.

        I do agree that it is against the EULA of the game. But thinking that all members in a said clans is a Neo Nazis is just wrong and ignorant thinking. We have learned these jokes on national newspapers, television, dinner table, etc. I am not defending this issue either way, just pointing out the fact of different viewpoints on the matter.

        And the fact that people will always get butthurt about this topic just drives most of the individuals to troll harder. Welcome to the Internet.

      4. hintnerjugend@web.de says:

        If you have never been a part of EFE you are not in a position to judge. My CW team consisted of roughly 30 players from at least 10 different countries including non European countries like Israel and South Africa. But who cares about facts? Is it not a lot easier to stay with prejudices and generalizations?

    4. GU says:

      Just going to clarify here of a few things why people would generalize those who should honestly know better…

      Firstly all Nazi’s generalized EVERYONE unless you had blond hair and blue eyes, you were imperfect in their view, ontop of all of that they didn’t like anyone, other than themselves, and that still goes on today, so who is really doing the generalization here?

      Secondly… Commonsense exist for a reason, and this is clearly against the TOS, and Wargaming can be taken to court if they didn’t take any action against such people who clearly showed their ignorance in taking part in this so called… “ART”.

      Thirdly… Yes the symbol was originally used as a symbol of luck, and not just in the eastern world either. Though there is two forms of the swastika, and there are different meanings behind them both. Call it what you will, but these foo’s knew what would happened, and they are guilty of doing so, by offending the general public, in a twitch stream… How ignorant have fallen.

      There is also something else, why on earth would you hang with these racist people? like seriously? Yeah Ill generalize them too if they did that around me, Ill think they are a bunch of idiots that don’t know the back side of my hand yet, point is don’t hang with people that you cannot associate with, if you didn’t know, that is your own fault. Also why would you mute your chat… to clan chat? Yeah… sure… Throw your clan under the bus and try to save your own neck, I see how that works, your not playing anyone as suckers here…

      All I can say is Good Riddance to this clan and less online bull crap for everyone, would rather look at Serb for an hour, than listen to poor excuse for lack of a brain. Can’t wait till they all get the hammer, because idiots who do crap like this shouldn’t be ignored…

  1. Maxime JEAN says:

    OMG, what a stupid clan 😮 I hope they will be perma ban… Nazism is one of the worst thing on this planet 🙁

    1. ares354 says:

      How old are you ? over 25….cuz Swastika has nothing to do with Nazi German. they use it, but this dont mean, Swastika is bad, never was, never will be.

      Be Communist is so great. dont you think?

      1. Swasticas were a symbol of peace in japan I think.

        But nazi people used is as their emblem.

        Now in world of tanks, and especialy in thisn kind of clans (the kind of clan who has a picture of Auswitchz as their welcome page on Mumble), do you think people will use the nice interpretation of swasticas and show peace to everyone ?
        Or do you actualy have a brain, and understand that a racist clan telling jews and polish to die in chat all the time will see the nazi swastica first ? I’m not even sure they even know about the other meanings of this symbol.

        Unless you’re trying to defend yourself because you’re in that kind of clan and have that kind of mentality ? Because to think that swasticas will never have a negative meaning you must be pretty deep in their philosophy..

  2. kilo_india_alpha says:

    Well that looks like our old EFE hate… In a game that promotes mass murderers like Stalin and is proud of having his inscriptions in the game should be able to stand some right wing dictators as well.
    This stuff smells like double morale.

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        LOL? Do you know what IS (as in IS, IS-2, IS-3, IS-4, IS-5, IS-6, IS-8) stands for? And in the meanwhile, Germany can’t even get their proper flag, either in WoT or WoWs…

      2. Having a tank in a game that uses his name is hardly promoting him. You need to look up what promoting something actually means. Promoting someone means you actively endorse his views and actions. A tank with his name is not that.

        That fact Germany can’t get their proper flag is entirely different matter, it is simply because it is banned in several countries. So, a marketing matter.

      3. atomicemu says:

        Having an IS tank in a game about tanks = promoting Stalin?

        Well in that case having a Tiger tank in the game promotes the Holocaust, right?

      4. exocet6951 says:

        @ATOMICEMU Having a Tiger tank promotes animal cruelty, obviously. That, and zoos. 😀

      5. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @Atomicemu: First of all, Tiger had nothing to do with the Holocaust, it was simply just a design that was approved by Hitler. Secondly, if you know what IS stands for, then yes, it’s quite obvius it promotes Stalin. And I’m not against that, after all this is a game that itself promotes tanks from the WW2 era. But I do find it weird that it’s completely fine to use the Soviet flag but not the proper German flag…

      6. atomicemu says:

        Fighting_Falcon93: Nice double standards you got there.

        As for the flags, some countries (like Germany itself!) have very strict laws concerning nazi symbolism. WG has to adhere to these laws if they want to be on the market there.

    1. Keller13 says:

      Amen. Stalin killed way more people. But let’s forget about that because he was one of the victors. People need to pick up a godamn book!

      1. If you want to leave out nations with mass murderers in their leadership, there would be none left. Be it indigenous people, religious crusades or others, all nations have had their fair share of blood in their history. Just because some of it is more recent than others, doesn’t make it any less bloody…

      2. repofox says:

        This kind of fact have been annoying me since years.
        “It is bad only if others does it!”

    2. Anonymous says:

      Very true. People love to use double morality, it somehow lets them sleep well without thinking how much they fell into ocean of hypocrisy.

  3. SlayerBR says:

    That reminds me of one of these Q&A from the RU server a little time ago, where they said they would never make public a list of banned players.
    Look, WG made a list of banned players public.
    One more point for the volatile opinion of WG.

    Last WG volatile actions:
    E25 is OP, we will remove it forever from the shop…. later…. E25 giveaway missions get yours now.
    +1/-1 MM would break game tank progression, we would never do that…. later….. WOT Blitz new +1/-1 MM.
    and the list goes on….. =P

    1. orgerix says:

      It is only WG EU which has the no-shame policy. WG RU did publish many times a list of ban player (the last I heard of is the list of T-22 rigger)

      1. SlayerBR says:

        oh sure then, maybe I remembered wrong, was almost sure it was a Q&A from the RU server, where they said they would never make a list of banned players public, maybe I will find later that Q&A, anyway WG EU should do like WG RU =P

      2. taief98 says:

        Because wg ru community isn’t as toxic as eu which is why that policy works.
        That feel when ru is more civilised than eu is embarrassing

    2. Anonymous says:

      Well , people change their opinions, thats a good thing. If you said something and you realize it was wrong , its stupid to hold your word on a matter of principle. Thats just stubborn

      1. taief98 says:

        People don’t even know if they actually support the opinion or are doing it for a joke. I meant they aren’t doing the gat to auschwitz.
        They just drew a swastika as a joke.

    3. Anonymous says:

      They never said they won’t implement +1/1 mm in Blitz, so your argument is invalid. WoT and WoT Blitz are different games with way more differences than you would think.

  4. lameminator says:

    Bastards can’t even make a proper swastika. It took me five minutes to design a symmetric swastika in paint using rectangles. I’d have used 25 instead of 30 players. Each arm should be 6 tanks long, with 3-3 horizontally and vertically placed tanks, and one small tank in the middle. What’s fascinating about the is they’re also good players, but too retarded to make it good(?). EFE of the Ru server…

      1. SlayerBR says:

        “fun” (not really fun) fact how Nazism made a Buddhism symbol become something evil and stigmatized

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      They shoulda used togs lol xD but idiots are again idiots” why togs they are better at art then any ol tank because they are tooo long!

      Someone attempted to draw a troll face with togs it was funny

  5. Ares says:

    Rita, Do you know how nazi swastika looks ? Not like this one, in picture, from game. If they ban Swastika, where is ban for Hammer and Sickle? they killed more people, for stupid reasons, as Germans did. This swastika need to be turn to side, and be white, on red background, plus red flag, to be nazi one….

    1. Seriously, this discussion again? First of all, the position, shape and colors of the swastika are irrelevant, since you can find historical nazi documentation in which they use all sorts of different forms themselves. Secondly, the swastika is banned in several nations in which they publish the game. Allowing people to display the swastika would get the game banned in those nations. There are far less places in which the hammer and sickle is banned, so there is no consequence to that.

      1. ares354 says:

        IT matter a lot. U cant do shit to me in Germany with Swastika, if is not Nazi. They ban Nazi symbols, too bad swastika is way older then Nazi Germans it self, so gl u commie red people in Wester Europe, to win in Court.

        Swastika was\is religious symbol, so u can do shit. Too bad.

      2. you didn’t read properly, I said the POSITION and/or ANGLE of the swastika doesn’t matter, because nazis used it in a lot of different forms themselves. So, it still can be a nazi symbol, even if it’s reversed. Next time, read properly.

    2. To think that an originaly unfamous clan known for being racist, in an online MMO where the most common insult after cancer wish is “jew”, people will make swastikas while thinking of the peace symbol and not the nazi symbol… Either you’re very very naive, either you’re one of them and just try to justify what cannot ge justified in any way or form.

      Plus they were on stream. Not like it’s just a screenshit withut a context from random people. A racist clan known for his nazi-ish ideology filmed themselves making a swastika, that was certainly not a peaceful message .

  6. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Wonder if they’d have been banned for doing the Soviet hammer and sickle. Anyone still want to claim that we have freedom of speech in todays world? How does this even differ from the past? If you say something that isn’t allowed by the norm -> you’re in big trouble…

    1. You really need to read up. This has already been explained soooooo many times. The swastika is banned because of local laws in several countries. The hammer and sickle is banned in far less places.

      And yes, I can very easily claim freedom of speech. You can always still say what you want. Does that mean freedom of speech is without consequence? No, you can’t, but that never was the case. Freedom of speech isn’t some holy shield for you to hide behind and say whatever the h*ll you want and noone can touch you. Freedom of speech is you being able to offer your opinion on something, but taking the responsibility to deal with the consequences of saying it.

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        “Freedom of speech is you being able to offer your opinion on something, but taking the responsibility to deal with the consequences of saying it.”
        Hahahahahaha! 😀 Hilarious! 😀 In that case Stalin offered freedom of speech aswell. Say whatever you want, but then take the consequences… meaning -> be sent to Gulag 😀

      2. You sound like someone who will offend someone and will subsequently be surprised you get punched in the face. Did you really think freedom of speech was some sort of ‘get out of jail free card’? It’s a manmade thing you know, I’m not sure why you would assume it’s natural thing that just ‘happens’ to exist somewhere.

      3. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Offend someone? Are you serius? They made a Swastika out of tanks in their own stream, noone was forced to watch it as it was their own stream. So why does people even care? Because they want to silence the opinion of a group of people. How does this differ from what was done in both Germany, Soviet and other dictatorship countries in the past? This world has not changed a bit compared to the past, except that it’s ran by other people, and that people today are much more naive, thinking that they have some kind of human rights just because all they say is mainstream.

      4. taief98 says:

        It’s itlsnt something they offer in game. These players formed one on a stream. This is no reflection of wg or their practices. Nor does this carry over to other countries as these people are Russian on a seperate Russia server

      5. I’m not really sure what you mean by that.

        WG’s stance on it has always been quite clear, no matter what server or region they’re from.

      6. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @Shade01982: Exactly. Being part of the society today is no different compared to when Hitler/Stalin was in charge. Go mainstream a keep quiet and there will be no problems…

      7. Bajskorv says:

        Fun fact. Speak ill of the soviet union on the eu server and the entirety of eastern europe will come to defend it. And then you’ll be chatbanned for “offensive language”.

  7. And how about banning someone for creating a USA flag from the Andrew Jackson era..you know…the time where the American government allowed/supported the genocide and forced relocation of the Native American Indians and stole their land from them? This time in American history is no better than the time of the Nazis in Germany or Stalin in the USSR. All three were terrible times….an none should be glorified either in a game or in real life.

  8. lafie says:

    Remember folks: WG’s game, WG’s rules. You don’t have to agree with them, but you have to FOLLOW them, or you can be punished.

    Now that that obligatory comment is done, let me just say that I really hope WG makes that ban permanent. This game does not need people like that.

  9. Oh a mean sign! I am sooooo afraid of some lines drawn, that we should ban it beacuse some people will get offended, and some may turn Nazis if they look on it long enough.

  10. GenAlex says:

    In my opinion they should have the historical flags + accurate historical material if they fear to promote extreme ideas. But in reality they can’t have nazi, or even the Japanese rising sun flag for that matter, for legal and public relations reasons.
    So I think they should also remove the Soviet Union’s flag and possibly the Chinese communist flag, considering the catastrophic violations of human rights linked to these particular flags, mainly due to Stalin’s and Mao’s actions.
    But as we can see it gets complicated because the Chinese flag is still in use today… Also, the Russian flag would fail to represent the Soviet Union…

  11. Like how Armored warfare has gone full retard and made NA server a ghost town? *gasp* Maybe somebody popular should cause an up roar with the community and bring AW devs to their knees and fix what they fucked up. TELL JINGLES TO DO A VIDEO ON THE NERF AND BACKLASH

  12. Peter Vis says:

    To friends making nazi jokes fine, i do it a lot too compare bullshit with bullshit. I can a whole story about how i am happy with WW2 (that it happend) and why not but i can go on about religious stuff too in the same way. I find the post just before victory day retarded, have some respect for soldiers that died in WW2, yes also for the German soldiers that were just doing their job. I can go on about the concentration camp people but lets just call it manipulation and WW1 bullshit.

    If they make swastika’s in a team battle i dont think they should be punished for it aslong as they didnt post it publicly.

    1. A livestreaming is clearly not “publicly” you are oh so right…

      Do you even read the post or did you just get triggered because you saw “swastika” and “banned” and you couldnt possibly let people criticize nazis without defending them

      1. taief98 says:

        “Publicly” public battle. There is a difference between streams and making the in game community more toxic. Which is what these rules prevent.

  13. Swatdennis says:

    Well, it is just where you beleve in, I do not encourage it, but I do not mind, but would not follow you either….

  14. X-RayCAT says:

    WG should defuse the situation by stopping bullshit like showing the Brandenburg Gate or that first-tank-in-Berlin rubbish…..things like these just encourage nationalist/racist resentments….

  15. As someone has pointed out, several really, certain things relating to Nazism are illegal in some countries. WG has to follow those laws, or show there intent to comply which arguably included consequences for some players. Freedom of speech is for the PUBLIC sector (at least in the US), but is not a sure bet in the PRIVATE sector. Get over that, it’s how it is.

    Now, i can’t believe that some one or group went to all that effort to display those banned symbols are were not aware of WHY they would be so inflammatory. Heck, that’s WHY they did it, to provoke a response…which they got.

    Now i did go to that Clan’s “social page” and one curious thing i did not know was apparently where they are in the ex-Soviet Union…apparently calling someone a “factory worker” is fightin’ words. LOL!

    Well, they were dumb enough to thing they could do this…and get away with it.

  16. Between comments which say “swasticas arent bad” or “yeah good moral in a game about killing people”…

    Rita I think you’ve awoken the whole clan and they’re trying to defend themselves now x)
    They’re looking even more stupid with these arguments.

    1. Axe says:

      You realise how stupid you look for calling everyone here disagreeing with you a nazi defender? I knew prior to this WG’s stance on the matter and the (claimed) reasons behind it, however I don’t think they should have been perma banned. Perhaps temp ban with a warning would have been enough

  17. Major Rager says:

    Amazing how intolerant and thin skinned people can be to symbols from the past, yet too blind to see it happening all over again right under our nose’s.

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  18. You want 30 people who have dedicated years of their life to WoT, and god knows how much money, to be permanently banned from the game simply because they made a joke? What, we’re gonna get offended by every small thing that has any negative connotations associated with it now? I’d recommend not branching out beyond tumblr’s safe space if that’s the case.

      1. There are some jokes that cannot be tolerated publicly.

        If they were just in their trianing room why not, I mean everyone happens to make some low jokes from times to times with friends. But here they were streaming it to public, which is a completely different story

      2. taief98 says:

        It’s on a stream
        Again wargaming problems are with public battles being more toxic due to it. That’s the reasons why rules exist. In this scenario this isn’t rigging nor is it a public battle. What it means is that people are just doing this on a stream with everyone in on the joke.
        Again people tolerate modern fascism but are scared of NAZI ideas yet happily want to enforce the NAZI policy which made the symbols bad in the first place

  19. Lelouch Vi Britannia says:

    This is stupid. Wargaming should have no right to regulate free speech, no matter how “offensive” it is. I guess their too much of a wimp to handle opinions they don’t like. Well, I hate the image of artillery, and what’s to make that claim more valid that theirs? Nothing.

  20. dieroten says:

    They should ban Hammer and Sikcle as well. Because it’s banned in my country and if you use that emblem on anything. Prepare to get arrested and put in prison for a long time.

    1. AHELPFULSOUL says:

      So many people need to read this, because it shows how double standards work.

      Swastika banned in some countries? Better ban players for using that.
      Hammer and Sickle banned in some countries? Better give no fuck.

      Yes, this swastika shit has to be banned, but if you be honest, both Hammer and Sickle and Swastika should be treated alike….

      1. Anonymous says:

        Agreed. If the hammer and sickle is banned in some country’s then it should also not be in the game. But hey Russia loves Stalin, for some reason I can’t fathom.
        As for the Swastika, or what ever other names the shape goes by, it is an ancient symbol that far pre dates most European country’s. It had its meaning completely twisted by the Nazis to something evil that wasn’t even round for that long, in the same scheme of things. In my opinion we should all be drawing this symbol and returning it’s original meanings to it. That way we could begin to erase the Nazi meaning of this symbol and undermine the Nazis lasting legacy. And it will continue to have this legacy while we acknowledge the Nazi meaning of this symbol and not its original meanings.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Remember kids. Swastika is way older than when Nazis started to use it. Because of showing an old religious symbol means a ban is fun. WG should ban for making cross and from every other religious symbol now then!

  22. EU says:

    To all the people defending them, i’m sure they used it with all the good intentions being an old symbol of peace and all …… but lets remember one thing , the concequeces for their bad joke was ban from a game not being arrested or killed, etc so i dont understand all the fuss about it.
    Respect the TOS and you have acces to the game , if not, be gone, playing WOT is not mandatory.

  23. They rightly received a ban for breaking the game rules and doing so publicly, no, I do not think it warrants a perma-ban to please Swastika haters and one-sided history lovers.
    Fanatics are dangerous all around, they all share one thing in common, disrespect for other people’s rights in the name of their ideology and are just as dangerous for Democracy, all of them.

  24. Anonymous says:

    TBH, i’ve never understood why it’s such a big deal to speak any good about Hitler on nazis.
    Might be cause telling jokes about nazis and holocaust is kinda socially accepted here. After all, i still personally think that Hitler is single biggest thing that causes Germany to be that country it is today.

    Some1 once said that if Hitler would have died in 1939, he would be the biggest hero of century in whole europe

  25. Eok says:

    Banning for swastika is ok, sure thing, noone will argue with that, but then you have Stalin lovers everywhere and noone will do shit about it. EU is semi-communist state atm, soviet regime, worse then pretty much anything out there is glorified in east, noone will ban people based on it, so double standards strong.

    Wish the retarded soviets would finally wake up, every time I hear about Great Patriotic War it makes me laugh through tears how patethic the whole russian society is…

  26. HUN_Sector says:

    Dear Rita!

    As soon as Heineken removes the red star from it’s bottle, the t-shirt makers stop to produce red star shirts, we can talk about baning svastika.
    The communism made far more deaths, than nazism and ruined half of Europe. Perhaps you dont realise this on the western front, but hundred thpusand, if not millions suffered from it from 44 until nowadays, just in europe.
    None of the socialist theories should be supported, but only banning one, while the other side still allowed makes this equality disguisting.

    1. Klimax says:

      Not banned and didn’t create such things like Holocaust. No reason to cover nonevents.

      A lot of reason to cover events by idiots and their unsurprising and deserved ban.

      1. ValerianHD says:

        “Not banned and didn’t create such things like Holocaust. No reason to cover nonevents.”
        Please learn history first. For example, have you ever heard of Katyn massacre?

      2. Blabla says:

        Right, but murdered millions (3-20 Millions) of their own before and also are responsible for bad war crimes in Poland for example. But hey, the history is written by the winners. As always.

      3. Klimax says:

        There is some difference between Katyn massacre and Holocaust. Logical fallacy called false equivalence.

        BTW: I expected bit different counter-example. Your “advice: learn history” is misapplied and applies to you. I got more then you still in my memory. Thanks.

        You’ll have to try harder.

      4. taief98 says:

        So the purges which killed millions more aren’t worse???
        some people don’t have a brain clearly

      5. ValerianHD says:

        So you know about Holocaust but don’t know about purge? You aren’t even trying.

      6. Klimax says:

        I don’t see point in debating people with extremely poor reading comprehension, when they react to some imaginary comment I never wrote.
        As I said, you two are engaging logical fallacy of false equivalence. Like the only reason Hitler never got same numbers as Stalin is he didn’t get time. There is also bit of difference in methodology and targets. (There is a reason why Holocaust is part of genocide unlike Stalin’s terror) And then Hitler got to start masive war.

        But as I said, you two need history lessons far more then I ever needed. Also some lessons in critical thinking and logical fallacies.

    2. dieroten says:

      God damn it this is bullshit. The Communist party in my country is just tried to do Coup D’tat twice !. But the last Coup isn’t forgivetable !

  27. viktor_pl says:

    and what now? why take everything so seriously? they are russians, probably they were drunk and just wanted to have some fun

  28. ValerianHD says:

    So swastika is bad, but the machines of destruction that killed many people like Tigers or PzIVs are fine? What about the Tiger day that Jingles went to? The Tiger tank is the symbol of nazi technological power!

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      As far as I know, the Henschel and Porsche corporations were not exclusively manned by fascist fanatics. If anything, NSDAP slowed down Germanys technological progress by a huge amount by, for example, forcing thousands of physicians to leave the country. One famous German, named Albert Einstein was among them.

      Besides, Hitlers personal completely idiotic ideas on how certain war machines were to be used often significantly hampered their use as an actual weapon. For example, great sum of money and several months were wasted with the ME-262 as Hitler ordered it to be transformed from fighter to ground attack aircraft. Or the Maus, E-100, Jadgtiger and Tiger B. Or his absolute mania to get Panthers to Kursk.

      Whatever you may say about Nazis, one thing they didn’t excel at was the science and engineering stuff that needed long formal education and some actual understanding of what things do and can do in real life.

      1. ValerianHD says:

        “Whatever you may say about Nazis, one thing they didn’t excel at was the science”
        I beg to differ. German science was much more advanced.
        Compacts radios played a big role in the Blitzkrieg. V1 and V2 rockets. Guilded missles (Fritz X). They developed the first assault rifle, the Sturmgewehr 44. They developed a night vision. Kriegsmarine – uboots with active sonars. German technicians developed the first jet to see combat in the world, the Messerschmitt Me 262. the Nazis had invented the Z1 computer, The Z1 was the world’s first freely programmable computer which used Boolean Logic and floating point numbers. The Z3 was the world’s first working programmable fully automatic computer. The Z4 was the world’s first commercial digital computer.The Plankalkül was a programming language used by the Nazis for engineering purposes and also for the task of commercialising the Z series of computers. It was the first high-level non-von Neumann programming language. The Volksempfänger was a radio receiver developed by the Nazis to get radio out to the public. It was considered a necessary product so as to promote and publicize Nazi propaganda. the Nazis filmed the 1936 Olympics using a ‘sophisticated stereoscopic camera’ (3D camera). And of course superior tanks.

        And much more. Of course they failed at some fields, eg radar or nuclear bomb.

        ” For example, great sum of money and several months were wasted with the ME-262 as Hitler ordered it to be transformed from fighter to ground attack aircraft. Or the Maus, E-100, Jadgtiger and Tiger B. Or his absolute mania to get Panthers to Kursk”
        That doesn’t change the fact, that the Messerschmitt or heavy tanks were superior to allias counterparts. And look at Tiger and the fear factor it had on allied forces.

        And quite a bit of nazi technology was captured by allias, studied and used to develop own weapons and stuff. Like that active sonars. Bah, the nazis even made the jerrycan we still use today. Or the rocket science that aided greatly in balistics.

      2. ValerianHD says:

        Even the aircraft mounted guns were superior.
        And we are not talking about the result of war, but about the technology. And nazis developed amazing things then – eg they were simply years ahead of rocket development compared to allies.

  29. You can clearly see that the people on the right picture are the real hopes of the future…
    They don’t even know how to make swastika XD
    Almost full squares on the top left and bottom right corners XD

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