Wargaming Testings


Thanks to Billy who shared with me a visual representation of Wargaming testing the Overmatch mechanics:



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Wargaming Testings

36 thoughts on “Wargaming Testings

    1. Lunatics from Minsk says:

      Stupid or not, this is more realistic. I hope this will come to live sooner or later, making armour once again effective. No more M103’s killed by shelling its roof etc. This is the real stupidity, together with killing vehicles by repeatedly shooting its cupolas. For me, this will be a really welcomed change.

      1. Tommy_Gun says:

        I hope you realize that with new overmatch mechanics 1 mm of armor can bounce 183 mm gun (largest non arty gun in game). Technically that 1 mm could even bounce 100000000 mm gun (Becouse in new overmach mechanics gun’s size doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is angle it hits armor).

        If WG introduce this someday they will have to either tweak it a little bit or balance it out with having less than 1 mm of armor on some tanks…

        Otherwise it will be buff to low armoured tanks (almost all light tanks and some TDs).
        and btw. since when wot is realistic game ?

      2. Sniper that plays wz-111 says:

        if you want realistic game mechanics go play war thunder
        we’re okay with current overmatch system

        i don’t want AP to be less useful againts heat aka the shitstorm

      3. Lunatics from Minsk says:

        Tommy: Yes, thats the point. You CAN NOT penetrate something which is close to horizontal. What do you expect from such a shell? Touch the armour and turn down 90 degrees to kill the crew? OK, the angles should be precised, but the overmatch mechanics itself is pure stupidity. I will not miss it.

      4. Tommy_Gun says:

        That is not entirely the case. In “reality” there are too many factors to be calculated like in 1 ms. Projectile has a mass, speed, does it rotate, is it a solid-steel or does it have layers etc.

        Either way a projectile has an energy, That energy is released rapidly when it hits target. Even if it wont penetrate, this energy will affect the target one way or another.

        There were many cases when projectile failed to penetrate the target and ricocheted, but inside the tank part of armour “fall off” rapidly thus killing the crew.

        If “in reality” 183 mm projectile would hit 1 mm armour horizontally it would probably shred a lot of that armour and probably melt some of it (even if ricochet would occur).
        I am even scared to think how it would look like from the crew perceptive.

        btw. I also think that WG should make heavy armour more effective but not in this way. This will only give enormous buff to tanks with thin but well angled armour. Most of heavy tanks would not even fell that buff (not enough armour angles).

      5. Lunatics from Minsk says:

        Tommy: I agree with all you said, especially with that part that anything could occur after the hit. What I am trying to say is that overmatch mechanics is stupid, giving rule where there is none, ie. the result is completely unpredictable. It should be the same with highly sloped but thin armour – unpredictable. Something like that fucking RNG squared.

      6. OrigamiChik3n says:

        LUNATICS FROM MINSK SAYS: “You CAN NOT penetrate something which is close to horizontal”.

        I seem to remember a set of pictures from Soviet proving ground where German tank (i think it was Panther) was used to test effectiveness of different guns. One impact was marked as ricochet of a large caliber (either 122 or 152mm) shell. It shattered front plate in the process leaving large gaping hole. Which implies that fragments of armour were sent flying inside by massive force of impact. That’s how physics works in real life in contrast to WoT which is just an arcade game at the end of the day.

      7. TOMMY_GUN: Regarding the video… If you look closely, you see that the windows of the car (front, back and the side windows that are facing the camera) is still intact after the hit. If the windows are intact I would think that a person would survive. But having the “auto-ricochet-angle” at 76 degrees which WG intended is just stupid. ~85 degrees would be more acceptable.

  1. PrivateBoon says:

    Nice footage

    Can we expect to see more or is this exclusive material? Would be interesting to see which angles they use

  2. Infernal969 says:

    I smell a new tier 8 premium.
    GAZ Volga, will be of bouncing everything, stronk armor, comrade, made with souls of T-34 crew members. Custom paintjob with Putin’s face – 99.99$.

  3. SMGJohn says:

    WG does not care about historical accuracy, the entire penetration system is fucked up.
    In game the bullets go downwards, but in real life when a shell hits armour that is sloped it will go with the slope, so in this case when a shell hits a T-34-85 frontal armour the shell will cave itself upwards hence why armour IRL is more effective than it is in game.

    A moronic decision by WG in the first place, making it act just like IRL would fix the armour issue in the game.

    1. Wonderer says:

      to some degree this could be usable; armour thickness x(1+((tested slope multiplier-1)xmultiplier))
      for example, a 30mm plate at 80 degree would be 65mm thick.. but at 85 degrees 108mm, and at 89 degrees 450mm…
      the xmultiplier is essentially armour thickness divided by the caliber of the shell.

      this calculation takes into effect overmatching aswell, but is most likely not perfect. which wouldnt surpise me at all.

    2. betterdead thanred says:

      if u come up with a better idea, plz do share.
      but remember that there are 400 tanks ingame that needs to be balanced accordingly.

      classic 3X caliber rule is known to most players, and game meta/balance is built around it. moronic or not, it works.
      New overmatch set a lot of things upside-down. not necessarily a bad idea, but needed to balance a large percentage of existing tanks.

      1. just hincrese the overmatch from x3 to x4 swedich tanks will work and tanks like the is-3 still have the weekpoint on the upper turret plate.

      2. SMGJohn says:

        There are a lot of tanks that should never been introduced into the game to begin with like waffletractors, they are pointless.
        Christie tanks are still lacking yet they keep adding stupid copies and paper tanks that has little meaning but to ruin balance further.

    3. RagnarokBazil says:

      I like this armor change they should have kept it.. And i Agree… This would Nerf gold ammo ALOT and it needs that nerf..

    4. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      The moronic decision was Belarusian idiots going into the gaming industry. Belarus is poorly developed in its industry and also one of the lowest-ranked democratic nations in the world. Most of their imports/exports come and go to Russia. These guys should not be making video games at all. The general lack of intelligence of their kind is detrimental to the game’s longevity. They’re better off working for someone within their country so that their lack of skills only affect their people and not anyone else. They probably thought they’d go down in history as someone when in reality, I’ve seen awful engineers with only bachelor’s degrees (from local universities) contribute more in NASA. While I’d rather not see these engineers go down in history, they’re much more worth noting than those Belarusians in WG.

      1. SMGJohn says:

        +TYPE 319 SHARPEDO
        Ehm, what the fuck does that even have to do with anything?
        According to you, Activision are fantastic developers in comparison.

      2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        I was just agreeing with your implicit point that WG doesn’t do much of a great job with their work. I can’t say much about Activision because I don’t play a lot of their games. I have yet to experience a “good” video game developing company but I’m not too surprised. The industry, while extremely profitable, does not require as much brains so the pay is not spectacular by any means. In a way, I can understand why they can’t do as much as we want them lest they lose their (most likely) primary source of income.

    1. Anonymous says:

      True but the swedish tds still has 30-50mm of armor at crazy angles. It’s not much but still 3cm of armor, i’ts alot more than a car. Most things should bounce (unless using ammo designed to negate angeling) and yes that goes for the 183s babiesized shells to.

    2. blockhaj says:

      Not really. A headache for sure but i think the explosion would be a bigger death factor than a scratch on the roof. There is no hole. Just a buckle from the shockwave.

  4. Nevermind says:

    @ WONDERER, what a great idea to use the actual armor thickness calculation! Too bad no one at WG would ever think of it. Really it’s just too simple thus could never be allowed to work.

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