Wargaming upgrades his upcoming games and licensed the Granite Texture-Streaming-Middleware


thanks to Tribun1211 for translating the following from source:


Wargaming, well-known for the Free-to-play Series World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes (good joke), licensed the Texture-Streaming-Middleware Granite SDK from the Belgian Company Graphine for their upcoming games. With this, it’s possible to stream ultra-high resolution textures. Graphine offers Tools for Game Developers and Visual-Effects-Companies.

Granite SDK is a Middleware,  which can be used in every Game-Engine. She loads Data from HDD to the Video memory  automatically, when they are needed. It contains lots of Tools, which converts the produced Content from the Game developer into a compressed Format, so it’s optimised for streaming from the HDD. This Technology enables the Developers to upgrade the Graphics quality and downgrade the loading time and amount of storage capacity.

“Ultra-highresolution textures are a very important component , to produce most realistic and fascinating Graphics, who are wanted by the Gaming Community”, said James Loe, Technical Director at Wargaming. “The Granit SDK allows us, to produce this Quality without to be worried about Storage Capacity or streaming. The Team from Graphine is an excellent partner, who ensures that their tools fit perfect into our operational procedure. They are open for integrating new features whenever we need them and bring new Updates as soon as we need them. This fits perfectly into our commercial and  developing (needs) requirements.”

Granite is available as a Standalone-SDK, which can be implemented into every engine and as a Plugin for the Unreal Engine and Unity3D

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