Wargaming upgrades his upcoming games and licensed the Granite Texture-Streaming-Middleware


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Wargaming, well-known for the Free-to-play Series World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes (good joke), licensed the Texture-Streaming-Middleware Granite SDK from the Belgian Company Graphine for their upcoming games. With this, it’s possible to stream ultra-high resolution textures. Graphine offers Tools for Game Developers and Visual-Effects-Companies.

Granite SDK is a Middleware,  which can be used in every Game-Engine. She loads Data from HDD to the Video memory  automatically, when they are needed. It contains lots of Tools, which converts the produced Content from the Game developer into a compressed Format, so it’s optimised for streaming from the HDD. This Technology enables the Developers to upgrade the Graphics quality and downgrade the loading time and amount of storage capacity.

“Ultra-highresolution textures are a very important component , to produce most realistic and fascinating Graphics, who are wanted by the Gaming Community”, said James Loe, Technical Director at Wargaming. “The Granit SDK allows us, to produce this Quality without to be worried about Storage Capacity or streaming. The Team from Graphine is an excellent partner, who ensures that their tools fit perfect into our operational procedure. They are open for integrating new features whenever we need them and bring new Updates as soon as we need them. This fits perfectly into our commercial and  developing (needs) requirements.”

Granite is available as a Standalone-SDK, which can be implemented into every engine and as a Plugin for the Unreal Engine and Unity3D

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Wargaming upgrades his upcoming games and licensed the Granite Texture-Streaming-Middleware

23 thoughts on “Wargaming upgrades his upcoming games and licensed the Granite Texture-Streaming-Middleware

    1. It means they are now paying for stuff the whole community wants (here it would allow more HD stuff like 4k textures and HD maps), and that they will take 2 years playing with it to finaly announce that they wont add anything in the game with it because it doesnt work (translation : it doesnt work on russian potatoes). Just like Havok which they licensed in 2012 if I remember correctly (in 2014 ASAP they said they took a license “a couple of years ago”) and which basicaly got scrapped but they dont wanna admit it.

      1. tango35 says:

        If their Russian players would upgrade their Commodore 64 computers, we might see some improvements in the graphics. I doubt anything will come of it.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        @Tango except tech more advanced costs. With computers that cost say 1k euros it costs approz over 9000 billion rubble. Nobody has such amounts of stone so they can’t purchase high-grade potatoes.

  1. “we wont add ultra HD textures to the game even tho we spend time and money to actualy create them. They’ll just sit in the archives.”

    This info better mean that they’ll finaly give us 4k textures. And probably means they *started* to work on HD maps.

  2. The lord your savior says:

    AHA… so you post my email after all Oo (good that that guy translated it completly… admit, i just summed it up) 🙂

    SO… now you guys know…. wargaming does something fine.

    @Speedycrafts… lol 4k textures for what? Have 770oc gtx… and i wouldn’t care about that.
    Makes the client to big and all that…. – but having all vehicles in HD and some more map details THAT … i can get behind. Responsible HD… not overblown 4k

    1. I agree that 4k textures are not as needed as the rest that you mentionned. But. The thing is that they do make these 4k textures, they use them when previewing their tanks. All they have to do is make them downloadable (as extras, not even directly in client), like they did between 9.0 and 9.2. It doesnt cost them much, they’re just lazy and dont wanna waste time having to change the files each patch.

      1. Nya-chan Production says:

        “It doesn’t cost them much”

        Man, creating 4k textures for 400+ tanks is LOTS of work, easily into months, because of the amount of details. Unless you mean “they will upscale all the textures twice” – but then you can already do it.

      2. Shankmeyster says:

        they could just make it a clickable choice, just like the HD client upgrade is a choice when downloading the client.

  3. Major Rager says:

    The game has BIGGER problems that need to be addressed First rather than wasting time with pig lipstick.

  4. sturmi0545 says:

    don’t mock the Warplanes! just because the tank-hype is attracting more people (also more terrible ones), does not make WoWp a bad game. WG games are sharing most oft their flaws. give the Warplanes more love!

  5. Rombat says:

    Wg is ready to give us a better grafics without any penalties of speed conection…it’s your option to play with sd client or hd client depending on your system…this is all about, about the amount of data betwen your comp and wg servers. If they encrease grafics your connection speed on their servers will be dramatically slow…and you’ll have laggs.
    With this tehnology they will send us on the same speed connection better grafics…so gj wg.
    Maybe with these kind of compresions they will be abble someday to put havoc in game.

  6. SFC_Storm says:

    Finally they are putting back some of our billions into the games technology. I mean seriously the reliability on HDD has crippled this game from the get go. Now if they would just use wayyyy more ram like 4x as much and less CPU this would be great.

    TBH this should have been done in year 2 when they made 500 mil+

    WG has been very stingy in places that are important. Look at there modeling, they outsource it because its cheap but it takes longer and is much worse because just paying a full timeteam would make them experts in tank design.

    Now WG just needs to give us physics-like Havoc engine and all there other 100 promises and we are cool.

  7. SFC_Storm says:

    But you know this si only for WOT 2.0 i nwhich we will have our old accounts wiped and get a Beta tank for free for spending 5 years and thousands on the game 🙂

    1. jorg2 says:

      They said 2.0 would be an side project with modern tanks, like an competitor for AW, and not an replacement for WoT.

    2. Nocooment says:

      “But you know this si only for WOT 2.0 in which we will have our old accounts wiped and get a Beta tank for free for spending 5 years and thousands on the game:)”
      Or not. Doubt many will be suckered into another WG tank game and be willing to spend on it like they did with the first one.

      Personally I have zero interest in any WOT2 unless progress in WOT is transferred or credited in some way. Though even then I have little enthusiasm for more of their crappy design decisions and general not giving a F’ck about their player/customer base.

  8. Klimax says:

    This can be good or bad. (Third option neutral is left out as it means mostly unused) It can provide better performance for low-end computers like improving loading times (many popel miss due to that first minutes of battle) and can avoid memory pressure. However, it must be possible to deactivate on high-end hardware as we usually have more than enough RAM and often more VRAM then weaker PCs have RAM. Otherwise nasty effects like texture pop-in will be seen… (RAGE was infamous for this)

    It’ll be interesting to se how implementation works and if it is better then the one in Unreal engine.

  9. Me says:

    Yeah so cunts will be loading everything on demand from HDD, causing tearing and lags every time it needs to be used during battle, instead of preloading everything into RAM and VRAM, because russian trash have still 512 MB RAM and 256 MB VRAM… If you want to know how gay this will look, try Rage with MegaTexture.

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