WarGaming VR Plans

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A WarGaming spokesperson was recently interviewed regarding WG’s prospects of bringing World of Tanks to various VR platforms, heres what they had to say…

“You have to wait for the market to be formed. So far it is not profitable to be engaged in serious development.”

According to the companies statistics, the total percentage of players with VR equipment is in the range of a statistical error. Those devices also have many shortcomings, according to the spokesperson, such as short operating times.

However, the company is developing VR content for entertainment and educational purposes.

“We believe that one good prospective direction for VR is for educational content and programs. We have drawn a deal with Google and together are promoting such projects. We went with them on a number of projects- virtual tours of military equipment and tanks- exploring the inside of a tank or warship. We have about 6 million views on our videos.”

The company is also working on broadcasting eSports content with VR platforms.

“So far its only in test mode. We are preparing a platform. Not a seperate game, but a way of consuming content.”



Well, looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer before fragging artillery while wearing our silly looking headsets. What do you think?

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WarGaming VR Plans

20 thoughts on “WarGaming VR Plans

  1. lupuslux says:

    It’d be tricky to get right for something like WoT – especially in a third person view.

    I also assume I’d keep falling off my chair while playing. 😀

    1. They never said anything about third person or in-game world of tanks, correct me if I’m wrong, but they’re looking into VR as a way to explore tank museums and vehicles as well as giving a in-theater perspective to their eSports competitions. I agree that VR isn’t ideal to world of tanks and already most VR sets can broadcast the monitor of your computer on the game set so there isn’t any need for wargaming to develop this further.

  2. Sorry but no thanks WG, please dont waste money into VR. WoT is not the game for it. Mayby spend more money on fixing the game? Little less on esports as well while you’re at it

    1. They weren’t talking about VR world of tanks but taking virtual tours of tank museums, tanks, and warships as well as having a more intimate view of their eSports competitions. Read the article!

      Also, the eSports isn’t a bad idea as it gets the popularity of WoT out and gives a lot of people a perspective of what the latest strategies or new tactics are. I must add that wargaming does need to work on making the competitions more unanimous with the original game and maybe a wiki on the competing players would help but that’s my own opinion.

      As for the game, right on, there is a lot to fix. Hopefully they will get the Sandbox up and running again but the big problem with wargaming is that they just don’t experiment enough to make changes and rightly so, we hate them for experimenting and it’s a shame.

      1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        I mean VR shouldn’t even be on their minds until they can actually make the game decently enjoyable.

      2. The game is enjoyable, WoT is top ten in Europe. Plus, if they go hand in hand with Google to make these virtual tours of museums, tanks, warships, etc. I’m sure they could bring a lot more players in and increase the engagement level of the game. Plus might give quite a few museums new revenue if they’re feeding this.

        It’s all nice and said on paper because the tech is out there already, but it is nowhere near reliable enough and I don’t see wargaming committing to anything more than an experiment until a year or two later from now.

      3. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        @Lucasgreencheeseco To be quite frank, that’s just Europe. If it were top in many other continents, then I’d reconsider. Other than that, I wouldn’t even call it a modest suggestion of enjoyability. What destroys enjoyability are 3 things: (1) the presence of unbalanced premium shells, (2) broken MM and (3) WG’s inability to respond quickly with needed balances. It took them over 2 years to remove the Waffen E-100. 2! That’s exactly half of medical school, and med students do so much more in that same timespan.

      4. I think you’re setting the bar too high on your consideration on how popular world of tanks is but it seems like your mind is already made up and 35-45 million players and I’ve seen some numbers on rita’s status report put total wargaming players at 150 million which I think is a bit of an exaggeration but by no means not a small number.

        I can agree that wargaming has been slow with changes and that is fair. I will not defend wargaming on their past mistakes and current ones here so. Just don’t let your personal feelings over rule logic.

  3. wolvenworks says:

    i agree with WG here. VR is just too costly right now. even for mobile, since that means you need to have a decent phone, which is (no shit) not cheap. if you can afford the latest samsung/iphones though, that usually means you’re rich enough to have a decent rig and a Vive. maybe throw in an Omni too

    1. Well said Wolven, it’s going to be crazy expensive and I doubt they’ll hand out the programs for free either. Probably this was considered more for the whales of the industry that are avid gamers. Hopefully we’ll see VR sets get cheaper in the next several years. I honestly wouldn’t mind wargaming developing prototype tours of museums and vehicles as they said but for computers first. I certainly would pay a respectable price to explore Bovington’s tank museum on my computer to save the plane ride from Chicago, England, and back.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        true. if you think abt it, for once we actually like the Chinese because they’re so good at reverse engineering and making everything soooo bloody cheaper. i’m predicting that they might hve a more affordable VR headset within 2-3 years, if the VR trend didn’t die out or stagnate, that is.

  4. zz says:

    Do they like to waste money? On one hand they are aiming WOT at the as wide as possible audience, thus the small system requirements, on the other hand they will invest resources into something that interests a tiny percentage of people… Sorry, but it is way too early for a VR to be viable in non VR-oriented games. The required specs are just too damn high.

    Also, e-sports, really? They should first improve the concpet in WOT. E-sports in WOT is boring as hell and unwatchable. Yes, campefest of Batchats vs Batchats, so damn interesting… They should first change rules, force some tank/classes variety etc.

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