WarGaming VR Plans

Good day everyone,

A WarGaming spokesperson was recently interviewed regarding WG’s prospects of bringing World of Tanks to various VR platforms, heres what they had to say…

“You have to wait for the market to be formed. So far it is not profitable to be engaged in serious development.”

According to the companies statistics, the total percentage of players with VR equipment is in the range of a statistical error. Those devices also have many shortcomings, according to the spokesperson, such as short operating times.

However, the company is developing VR content for entertainment and educational purposes.

“We believe that one good prospective direction for VR is for educational content and programs. We have drawn a deal with Google and together are promoting such projects. We went with them on a number of projects- virtual tours of military equipment and tanks- exploring the inside of a tank or warship. We have about 6 million views on our videos.”

The company is also working on broadcasting eSports content with VR platforms.

“So far its only in test mode. We are preparing a platform. Not a seperate game, but a way of consuming content.”



Well, looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer before fragging artillery while wearing our silly looking headsets. What do you think?

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