Wargaming’s 2019 Promises


seems like Wargaming is ending the year on a strong note with the news on their portal as they are promising a lot for 2019. Many of these promises were actual topics we discussed 2ish years ago and been asking as far as 3 years now but even although that time is distant now but like I recently wrote, I believe that is still not late for World of Tanks to turn things around.

So let’s see what we are to expect next year!

I’ve recorded my first proper WoT video in years to talk about the matter:


Premium Ammo Rebalancing

Besides in their intention to rework the whole mechanic the first thing that comes out of the bat is that they have decided to remove the ability to obtain ammo and consumables for Gold currency but then they ask the player base to start calling “Premium ammo” or “Gold ammo” as “special ammo” on the basis that the current nicknames given are inappropriate.

Personally, I find this slightly comical, for those that paid attention just a couple days ago to the comment section of the “WoT is dying” article, you may remember that I wrote the following:


This is a clear attempt at trying to distance themselves from being called a Pay to Win game but the reality is that whatever politically correct term they end up asking us to call it, it doesn’t mean that the Gold Ammo will disappear or that you wont have to exchange gold for credits in order to obtain it given the current currency situation of the game.

There is one British saying that fits quite well:

“Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”

Secondly, the developers are also expressing their desire to lower the usage of Gold Ammo in-game and they brought up the current standing in which players choose their ammunition based on each given situation on the battlefield. They state how some players will choose to use HE on less armoured vehicles, like the Grille 15 for example, but the main focus for the player during the match is the armour penetration values associated with the ammunition.

To change that they want to do the following:

  • Gold Ammo: Reduce the damage per shot between 25 to 30% and sell them at a higher cost
  • Standard AP: Affordable and will deal more damage than Gold ammo.
  • High Explosive: Higher damage chance against all types of armour but lowest damage per shot. Cannot pierce obstacles and have a lower velocity. Cost not revealed.

It is clear that they are trying to bring back tactical flexibility very much similar to an early World of Tanks, however, I don’t believe that lowering the amount of damage that Gold Ammo deals will make people fire it less, despite the fact that it will be more expensive, especially since the overly armoured epidemic starting with the Japanese Heavies introduced in the game years ago. More than anything it will just make World of Tanks more Pay To Win than already is as it will take even more “Special Shells” to bring down a well-armoured target.



The developers pointed out that since 2010 a lot of changes to the matchmaker were made, like tackling the “Fail-Platoons”, high amounts of SPGs per battle and that lastly in 2017 they added the 3-5-7 / 5-10 system that turned out to be quite controversial.

They still defend those changes affirming that battles become more acceptable however it raised further MM issues as this template is more rigid and can not dynamically and swiftly adapt to the queue’s gradual changes, it is also now harder for a player to be matched as a top-tier than once was, especially if you chose a vehicle between VI and VIII tiers.

In order to fix that, they are thinking of the following:

  • Add flexibility to the current system so it can better adapt to the queue evolution by adding more templates.
  • Two-tier battle: Possibility to add 6-9 and 7-8 templates
  • Three-tier battle: Possibility to add 4-5-6 and 5-5-5 templates.

They were not very specific in how these will be implemented but to our understanding, there will be a preferential order, given what’s available on the queue rooster, if a player(s) does not fit into the regular 3-5-7 / 5-10 template they will then rotate down into the sub templates created for each classic one.

It does look like a good change of direction. With the 4-5-6 and 5-5-5 ratios, it would mean that poor performing players would have less chance to ruin matches for everyone else, while the lower tiers would still have targets to sink their teeth into and vehicles like the Defender won’t have as much of an opportunity to dominate matches against lower tier machines that have no hopes of penetrating it.

However, there is no mention of anything about the lower tiers of the game. This suggests that there might be a lack of interest with these tiers, focusing more on the high end games, once more continuing their neglect.


The Return of Frontline

Some news that will be popular with some people is that Frontline mode will be returning early 2019, with a change in format into how it is run. Note that the core gameplay will not be touched. The most notable changes are: It will be run monthly and for one week at a time, there is an increase in prestige levels (from 3 to 10) and there are 30 levels for each prestige, and finally there will be a new points based currency each prestige which may be used to purchase special reward vehicles. Overall a good mode to see return and while providing the same XP and credits, it will provide something for both experienced and newer players.


Vehicle Rebalancing

The developers affirm that this year they have been actively rebalancing and adding new tanks and removing some old ones. I don’t believe you can sincerely call it “actively” given that the patch sizes these days are usually about ⅓ of the size they used to be and by ‘removing’ some of the older tanks from the researchable tech tree like the FV215B (183) and FV215B, it is leaving this policy open to interpretation, seeing as the older fanbase still retains access to these tanks, whilst denying the newer players to these capable vehicles.

Next year, they are looking to improve the vehicles who will be the most influenced/affected by the possibly coming Gold Ammo changes and nerf or buff vehicles depending on how power crept or overpowered they are and they have given us a list of the following:

  • E 100
  • IS-4
  • Leopard 1
  • STB-1
  • Kranvagn

Lastly, they expressed their interest to look at rebalancing the mid-tiers but they left it at that and it is important to note that once more the low tiers are not being mentioned here, leaving again, half of the tiers available in this game under neglect and ignoring the basics of what keeps a multiplayer game like World of Tanks being successful. It is important to cater for a new player base so that they are enticed to become long-term players just as it’s important to give enough content to the long-term players to keep on playing even longer.


New Vehicles

Next year the chances of seeing a new tech tree in the game are very slim as instead, the development will instead focusing purely on the Swedish tech tree. Wargaming have stated they intend to work on a medium tank line for the Swedes which is not surprising seeing as they have announced the Lansen C, which follows the usual Wargaming trend for a new line or tech tree: adding a premium so players can get a mini test of the line and start training their crews

It is too soon to confirm how many vehicles or what tier this tech tree line will start but two things they are sure of, one being that the Medium Swedes will have the Siege Mode mechanic and the other that they make a big promise by also adding that all of the upcoming vehicles will be entirely historical given that in the last tech trees added, at least half of the tanks were fictional. How they will play is up to speculation, but given they are based around the siege mode mechanic, one could surmise that they could be long-range support mediums. This in itself suggests Wargaming is focusing on mechanics and gimmicks rather than engaging gameplay, but this can only be answered when they hit the test server.


New Mechanics

Nothing much happening besides concepts and experiment phases that they are not yet willing to disclose.


Ranked Battles

The developers are now confirming that Ranked Battles will return in 2019 after they took in the player feedback and they understood that the previous system wasn’t the most optimal for anyone given the rift between casual and top players. To solve that predicament they reworked the Ranked Battles mechanics and separated it into 4 divisions.

Each division involves 15 ranks while reducing the number of Chevrons a player requires to reach Rank 15.

The 4 new divisions are, respectively Qualification, Bronze, Silver and Gold and it is not possible to drop into a lower one once you have advanced and Chevrons will be earned depending on how well each player performs.


Clan Wars

It’s now confirmed that the new Clan Wars reward will be the T95/FV4201 Chieftain, starting in January.

Bonds Shop

In relation to vehicles being removed from the tech tree, Wargaming is now offering the chance for you to buy them from the bond shop, in a similar fashion to the arsenal in World of Warships. While the merits of having them removed from general purchase can be debated, if it is implemented in a similar way to the arsenal it could provide an interesting system of acquiring new tanks. However, this all depends on the methods available to acquire new bonds for if it relies on clan battles and ranked, it would still punish newer players who would take an exponentially longer time to grind these vehicles. It should be noted that the bonds shop will be split into 2 rounds next year, first round focusing on pre-existing vehicles and the second round aiming at exclusive vehicles.


Premium Account

In the article, wargaming have stated they intend to shake up the Premium system from the current system they have been using for 8 years. They state this change is forthcoming due to the introduction of personal reserves which in certain cases provide better bonuses than the account benefits themselves. While they haven’t been specific in the changes, apart from larger bonuses and unique opportunities, we can make an educated guess from the WoWS development where we could see a specific premium account that provides a large bonus for the selected game, or a general account which would provide an equal coverage over all the Wargaming games, but note this is not for certain.


Customization Styles

Wargaming has revealed they intend to carry on their unique skins for tanks in the game, highlighting all those they released this year for these tanks: 50TP, Caernarvon Action X, KV2 (R), BDR G1 B, T57 Heavy, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, Grille 15 and IS-7. As of yet, they have not mentioned what tanks they plan to implement these unique styles to next.


Tank Race

To round it all off, Wargaming has teased us with mention of a tank race, whether this harkens back to the days of the Chaffee races hasn’t been revealed. We have been told to keep an eye on the news, and we will keep you updated when it is revealed.


Overall these are welcoming changes, however, I am very apprehensive with the small prints especially with the “Special Ammo” and the selling of “removed” vehicles,

Let me know what you think of the changes in the comment section below!



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Wargaming’s 2019 Promises

24 thoughts on “Wargaming’s 2019 Promises

  1. Excited for Front line and adding to lines instead of new nations. Really glad that other uses for bonds are finally come after how long. As long as the can avoid selling for money. It’s a nice way to remove tanks from the tech tree and still get them without be premium.

    As far a premium time, I wish it was closer to other services. 60 dollars for 360 days and they can still have days as rewards for people who want to stay free. Otherwise a daily log system would be better, imo. Something where a small amount of gold like 1-5 every so often. Something to at least used for de mounting equipment to help player use these item in mid and low tiers.

  2. Kran-Vag-N is how I pronounce that tank. I do hope they stick with the Chaffee for Tank Races but then again, maybe they’ll go with the WZ-132, ELC Even 90 perhaps or the T92? Who knows until they do release more info on it plus the event tank for that mode. Frontline is quite promising and I’d certainly be doing that again this year. Bonds Shop really has my attention as I still got my bonds from the Anniversary Event we just had and won’t be using them on Bond Equipment. Also take note they didn’t even mention about maps in that article too which I’d find rather disappointing in terms of how each one will be planned to be fixed including Ensk.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      I had someone trying to teach me to pronounce the tank’s name but it still eludes me, maybe someday! Thank you tho! Xxx

  3. Anonymous says:

    This seems promising. I am still keeping a watchful eye on things, and will hold WG accountable to everything it said it would do in 2019.

    Personally, I can’t believe it took them this long to address the fact that the IS-4 and E-100 needed a buff.

    Also I think they could go further and limited premium ammo to a fixed percentage of the amount of shell capacity for each tank, on a reasonable situational basis (i.e. there are some tanks were gold is way more needed than others [like T54E1 vs Jagdpanzer E-100] or gold is purely situational but always not better [FV4005, FV215b 183, etc.]).

    Moreover, they should agree to prefer the 555 matchmaking, then 456, then 357. Or remove 456 and 357 and just adopt a 555 template. Plus they should give preference to just 1 arty per game, then 2 arty per game.

    We also should get the Japanese TDs, Swiss tree, Hungarian tree, etc.

    1. they will never stop adding content BUT I believe that in 2019 the focus will be in revitalizing the game:
      general rebalance + arty rework
      tech trees fixing (it fits within the rebalance BUT there will be cases of those TTs needing a change in order or at least switch out a few vehicles)
      at least they should focus on that, IF they do they can probably add 5 more years for WoT longevity

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I find it pathetic that they see “tier templates” as the only thing that needs to be addressed about matchmaking. Does anyone even remember when Wargaming claimed that matchmaker was
    modified to take vehicle “combat weight” into account? As in “lightly armored tank will not be matched against super-heavy”? Turns out it was a false claim and mismatched teams are as common as it ever were.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Rita!

    Over the years iv heard so many promises from wargame on ‘fixing the game’ some important promises were forgotten over time (conveniently) never seen again, the rest were ‘watered down to almost nothing’

    There have been so many ‘firm we will do’ promises from Wargame that you could almost think they were Politicians trying hard for election > aka THEY know that WE know there lying through there ass but they say it all anyway as if its the Gods truth (never ever is …

    Would be very nice to think that WG have a few top managers/ directors that realise TODAY like NOW, that WOT needs a lot of work to fix so many issues fucking up there game

    # Pay to win (T8 OP Premiums / only way to make good Credits

    # Maps brawling corridors & City & Small most have 35 ~ 50% wasted playable areas so actual area is 1km x 1km = 0.5 ~ 0.7km on many maps

    # Match Making ~ only suits Wargame not the players (4 min turbo battles = back to Garage = buy Gold = Credit Card = €€€ ((don’t be naïve its a business now, took WG years to develop

    # Over Power High Tier Super Heavy Tanks & Vehicles, fight -2 Tiers this gives zero chance to fight & win just die at -2MM

    # Match Making only looks at 15 x 15 Vehicles not players skills (tanks fight tanks Players not required according to the Match Maker?

    # Maps become boring all same meta nothing new & exciting same old WG mentality

    # Map Server only has 10 maps at most in a days rotation, can show same maps days on end = boring (40 maps in game But seems like there is less

    # New Players are ignored no real good tutorial – after T4 its ‘fuck you fella’ life is hard with +-2MM … many new players leave feeling game to hard ..?

    # Wargame ONLY seem really interested in our Credit Cards and our €€€ (not great gameplay

    If Wargame even fix HALF of the above it would have a dramatic impact on WOT and for the good of WOT
    maybe we will then start to get players back & attract new players THAT stay long term thus reversing the ongoing year on year continual 20% decline in active player numbers on EU & NA servers

  6. Anonymous says:

    I actually think lowering dmg of gold shells may help. Maybe increasing cost would help as well. It’s sad getting in tier X matches with JP and E100’s spamming gold in my 30B or similar. Maybe they need to lower the reload time to reload standard shells as incentive?

    It feels like the MM has gotten better this year, on the other hand it also seems like rolls are more common? Like win/loss by 10+ tanks. I wish they would let platoons go +/- 1 as that would help when I try to platoon to grind up tiers with friends and we are off a tier or so.

    In addition to swede expansion, they also have wheeled vehicles coming. I think those will make an interesting (if not hard to balance) line to the game.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The changes to Premium ammo sound interesting, but there’s one thing I haven’t heard anyone address – will they change the stats on Premium tank ammo? When they changed the arty ammo, Premium arty kept the old ammo types, HEAT & AP, uniquely now amongst arty. If the same happens with ALL premium tanks, the whole thing is pointless, just making Premium tanks all the more overpowered…

  8. Swatdennis says:

    I hope that HE will get a solid damage figure just like all other types of ammo, because I still get triggerd getting hit from 5 to almost 550 damage from arty.
    If they made HE ammo have a solid damage number I think a lot of hate from arty would go away because then people can calculate arty, instead of the randomness it is now… (Or give arty shells 1 mm of penetration, that could be a good solution too, because then it is always splash-damage, instead of random pens) And I really think the Stun mechanic should go. I hope they are going to rebalance a lot of normal AND PREMIUM TANKS next year, so that the infinite loop of Powercreep can stop.

  9. Seth H says:

    “it would mean that poor performing players would have less chance to ruin matches for everyone else”

    LOL!!!!! Except for the fact that there are a ton of poor performing players, even ones that managed to fail their way to several tier X tanks. The new MM changes won’t really change a thing when it comes to the end results. This is especially obvious when you consider that anyone can buy a premium tank.

    Until they balance teams based on player ability/skill the results will still be the same even if MM is set to 1 tier. I don’t know how many times that I have had matches were one team is stacked with really good players and the other is lucky to get one good player but is full of new or poor players.

  10. ROMBAT says:

    Situation is simple, wg don,t give a f… about peoples ideeas and sugestions. They have their own agenda in wich they want to make moore money for profit or to suport the looses produced by fail projects like Master of Orion, world of planes, total war beta shit closed and the new old elf mmorpg. But they don,t have the courage to say so, neither to ask 15euros for premium account. Instead they come with great solutions that nobody asked for, like let,s nerf accuracy and shoot dispertion in target, in order people to shoot moore and do less dmg. Above that they buff the armor of heavies and introduced tanks unpenetrable with regular ammo. WHY? BECAUSE PEOPLE SHOULD SHOOT GOLD AMMO IN ORDER TO DO SOME DMG. After they forced people to shoot moore and moore gold ammo now they want to reduce dmg of gold ammo and increase the price….why? Because they want you to run out of credits if you play in tier 10. If you want credits you should buy them with real money from the shop. Ok you can earn them with premium account and premium tanks…haha good luck with that…after you purchesed an “op” premium tank like defender you,ll do shit credits with it because 3_5_7 mm screw you by throwing you in 8 out of 10 games in tier 10. Good luck pen_ing with regular ammo tier 10 tanks. Of cours you,ll shoot gold ammo witch is moore expensive and do less dmg…belive me you wount earn much of credits.
    If they realy care of people they would listen and put cap on premium rounds but guess what this is a not a good solution for them…less premium ammo shooted money they earn.
    They can do also a nice thing. The price of all ammo should be the same, gold ammo shoud do 50% less dmd than regular one. Then people are free to choose…if they want to spam heat in a grille 15 with obj 140 for 150 dmg or shoot ap for 300 dmg or better he shell for 400 dmg.
    But such a solution is not good for them, because in reality they want you to shoot even moore gold ammo for less dmg and of course for less silver earned by you.
    The mechanic is simple…whenever you shoot a shell you spebd credits. If you miss, don,t pen or critical without dmg is a loss of credits for you.
    If you do dmg you win credits and get profit or get even…but if they increase the price of gold ammo and you do less dmg you loose credits. If you shoot regular ammo you also are going to loose because you,ll shoot moore on order to pen tier 10.
    If you gain credits they loose. If you loose credits they won…

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is all a pointless exercise. Lowering the daamage of gold shells will only harm the tanks with low standard pen that bounces off everything in their tier. The game is too far gone to be fixed at this point. The motivation to play is gone.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Oh yeah and screw that frontline mode garbage. It’s what everyone wants but instead of just implementing it as a permwnant feature, they’re making it a one week a month feature. Wtf WG? How about just make the game itself only work one week a month? They could’ve easily avoided losing anymore people if they were to just that mode back in, but nope. My buddy, who hasn’t played in 3 years, has been waiting to see if the frontline mode was coming back. He watched some streamers play it on YouTube and really wanted to try it. But nope.

  12. madmax says:

    How dum u need to be to listrn to wg talking balance when the just relesed is3@a in the current form….those people deserve to be ripped off

  13. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    tldr: how much to change to change nothing.

    ANY +2 MM will suck balls. But no, noobs have to be on top. Frustration wears players out.

    Skill based MM, where players are being matched with other players with similar skill level is the way to fix WoT.
    Everything else is bullshit.

  14. I Could Be Good But War Gaming Will Fuck Me Over Anyway says:

    come to asia server – 1 + 1 mm its by far awsome and the rest of the stuff who cares we asked for so long i gave up

  15. I Could Be Good But War Gaming Will Fuck Me Over Anyway says:

    oh i forgot buy a tank with bonds means 20 k bonds per tank haha just another fuck you all from WG

  16. smrda mudic says:

    unless they nerf armor and/or add weakspots, lowering alpha of gold ammo will only increase its useage and increase credits spent in game… which is what i think wg wants, bc we know how credits are made… prem time prem tanks

  17. Hembba says:

    Why cant the ammo be balanced like this:
    Gold: high pen/low damage
    Normal: med/med
    HE: low/high
    And remove the pay to win element completely

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