Warhammer 40k Premiums

Good day everyone,

Well, after having some precedent on Blitz, Warhammer 40k themed tanks have arrived on WoT PC. Sort of:

First up is the KV-2 Valhallan Ragnarok, which will be a full blown premium tank that is statistically identical to the tech-tree KV-2 with the 152mm:

Meanwhile, the BDR G1 B gets a Mordian themed style set:

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Warhammer 40k Premiums

32 thoughts on “Warhammer 40k Premiums

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Maybe instead of clown skins WG would let us paint all the tanks already ourselves, not tier X and tier VIII premiums only?

    I’m glad that the KV-2 is terribly overpriced, maybe it won’t be turning tier 6 into cancer for a whole year.

  2. DIeuBleu says:

    That KV2 looks dope.
    It’s kinda disappointing it’s only reskins but it’s the best middle ground to have WH40k themed stuff without losing “historical accuracy”

  3. arthurwellsley says:

    This post on the official forum;
    which says
    Boycott these clown skin tanks.

    No one on EU server wants this daft fantasy stuff in a game based off of World War II.

    Plus the clown skin KV2 is ridiculously over priced. You would have to be a fool to spend enough money to get a decent tier VIII premium tank on a clown skin tier VI.

    Already has 44 likes, which is more likes in a short period of time than I have ever had for any of my other forum posts!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah… i doubt u speak for everyone. Plus 44 likes on a server of tens of thousands of players isn’t even close to a simple majority.

    2. Pangzhu says:

      i agree about the pricing – the prices is horrendously over the top for a skin, but in regards to the clown camo and fantasy stuff, this time WG actually implemented it well:

      1. the skin is a non-historic style-set, so if you don’t like the skin you can demount it and get any normal camo if you want.

      2. For players who don’t own the tank, yet hate the skin they just find the option in settings that disables non-historic elements.

      I think this is a good way to implement special camos in general not only fantasy or non-historic stuff.
      Players who like it can have it and players who don’t can switch it off – great stuff.

      I wished they would convert the patriot, liberte and other tanks like them into this style-set mechanism, so if you own them you can change the camo from time to time and so others don’t have to see them

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Visually both tanks look good. They’re not gonna stand out in the World of Fake Tanks either.
    My guess is that KV-2 will be just like other premium versions of tech tree tanks – mostly the same but with slightly worse traverse courtesy of not having engine upgrades. But the price tag of 27 euros for tier 6 heavy and 10 for a mere reskin (that is purely cosmetical) is just too much. The greed is real.

  5. Penguinsaurus_Rex says:

    As a WoT player, this is as “meh” as it gets. As a Wh40k player, I find it interesting because it’s a promotional campaign involving two subsets of an army in the game that have been abandonded by a couple of decades now. If there’s a chance this means that Games Workshop is going to do a relaunch of these (they have been doing stuff like that with a few of the old factions lately), I’d more than interested in that.
    Still uninsteresting in WoT, though.

  6. Dez says:

    Can be used Ragnarok style from KV-2 (R) on tier VIII premium and tier X? or its only another piece of $H*T?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fix the retarded mm? No. Balance pref mm tanks? No. Balance tech tree tanks? No. Copy paste already existing tanks? Fuck yeah and fuck wg!

  8. GamingW/War says:

    It’s a premium KV-2 for crying out loud. More credits, XP, crew training the whole nine yards. Any rich fool that’s starting out can especially skip the KV-2 all together and just buy this. Sure it may wreck tier 6 strongholds for a month but who cares?! It’s a money grab we got it! It’s a Derpin KV-2. Hell I’d buy it just for the hell of it and sell my KV-2 because who need two KV-2’s?

  9. Just think its funny they put out the Kv-122 at tier 7 which is basically a Kv-85 … but the Kv-2 premium goes in at the same tier as the silver and with the same stats as the fully upgraded one. So now stupid op derp is a trainer and credit tank lol.

  10. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha same as console I just hope your Devs don’t do this a commonly as our ones

  11. Empress Nero says:

    And yet the Edelweiss doesn’t get released because it’s not “historical”. Wargaming is a bunch of hypocrites.

    1. Michael says:

      Edelweiss and Nameless didn’t get released as they were totally made up fantasy tanks, WG can’t even claim ‘blueprints’ or such (chinese fake tank destroyers). And the community kicked up a fuss. Nameless was just a tad OP! The kv2r is just an expensive skin and nice crew for fools who give WG money for pixel tanks.

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