WG Commercial: “your best fight is still ahead”


there is a new Russian unlisted Ad, its not so good, to put it mildly…

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WG Commercial: “your best fight is still ahead”

32 thoughts on “WG Commercial: “your best fight is still ahead”

  1. septfox says:

    Read it as “Your best flight is still head”.

    Finding that it had nothing to do with being dumb in new physics was disappointing and confusing until I re-read it : \

    1. geehinyami says:

      Actual programmer here. Not as hard as you think: Actually might be harder depending on how the whole thing was built. I can say with certainty that it would surely take more than 10 lines of code, no matter what language.

      1. I was being sarcastic. But i seriously think they can write better maprotation algorithm than the current. I mean the Mass Effect 3 MP had waaaaaaay better rotation than this crap.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      So, WP doesn’t allow to edit posts. I guess i’ll just have conversation with myself.

      I find this commercial to be spot on. The point of marketing is to appeal to target audience rather than particular person. The punchline at the end of this ad is “This is OUR game!”. People from all walks of life play video games. And there you have it – “Joe Average” sharing his story with other “Joe Averages”. EA did the same thing for “Star Wars Battlefront”. WG simply replaced Anna Kendrick with a greasy mechanic.

      1. Pikolo says:

        I agree, it’s a good comercial, and because in Eastern Europe most know how a T -34 (most don’t know how a non 85 mm version looks) looks, it simply works.

  2. exocet6951 says:

    Well this is a commercial for a Russian audience, and their likings and tastes and different than other markets. This looks like a commercial that’s been lost in translation, if anything.

    It still looks fucking idiotic from a Western European perspective.

  3. SMGJohn says:

    If they tried to be funny like Japanese ads they failed miserably, why cannot WG just make commercials like Gaijin does?

  4. Paul T. says:

    Actually, I kind of liked this ad. Car mechanic telling his friends how a Tournament Game or Clan Wars game went down. Indeed, the hill is not an option. Sometimes you do have to press in to give lights to your snipers.

    “It’s our game”

    That is also true. It’s a tank game, and given the number and variation of tanks that the USSR produced, I’d say they were a tanking nation. This computer game, with all it’s programming faults was developed by Russian Programmers. Matching making is done ‘communist style’, like they do in Russia, and the graphics are kept poor so that the game can run on 10 year old computers.

    So, yes, it is a Russian Game.

    Rita and folks, the Russians did not have a Post WWII era of prosperity and stability. They had Stalin, Communism, Labor Camps, KGB and all the rest of it. Please, give them a break. They are learning, and they are getting better. They will make mistakes, but they will also improve.


    1. Laserguided says:

      I agree, this is a good ad. It shows the importance of teamwork. A win is a win; you sometimes just have to take some risk to give your team a chance at winning.

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