WG Console Starting 2018 with Plagiarism


How do you do? I hope everyone had a lovely 2018’s entrance!

Wargaming Console seems to have entered with the left foot. Today on their portal they released a VK 45 03 with a special skin called “Adler“:


At first glance there’s nothing wrong with it, it looks like the casual half arsed skin job that one with the proper skills can create in 15min but for some reason it can take weeks/months for a WG employee to pull off type of special skins that WG Console releases every now and then but the user “Rodent” from RSR’s Discord noticed something, anything looks familiar?

This is a skin job made by “greyweasel UK” a member of the community, he posted on the console forum back in May, showing a lovely collection of tank skins he created.

So good job Wargaming Console, for making money off a stolen idea without a single bit of time giving credit and when I said above a half-arsed job its because the skin doesn’t even look half as good as greyweasel UK’s original version.

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