WG Crib: Cyprus


for those curious, this is how the Cyprus office from WG looks like:

Appearance: I as someone who studied Visual Arts and knows a thing or 2 about Architecture and Home Decor, I tip my hat to whoever drew/designed the Wargaming HQ. The building itself is small but the windows, bright colours and furniture are nicely arranged, it feels bigger on the inside, just like a Tardis!

Food: Also, this office has the only cantina that so far I felt comfortable and safe enough to eat Fish, the food is pretty decent. The Restaurants in the area are also pretty good, the grilled octopus was nearly if not as tasty and succulent as the one I had in Manhattan, US. In terms of Bars… Bartenders are quite slow to serve you any drink although the drinks are not bad either.

Security: Military bases have less security than this place, is WG afraid that RNG and MM terrorists exist? The doors are opened by special cards held only by the designated staff that escorts visitors at all times. I hate those type of doors, they give a claustrophobic feeling and maybe is just me that has been living enough in the over the top H&S UK but no one gave safety instructions about “if sh*t hits the fan”, just hoped they had backup power.

Location: Cyprus is blessed to have so many sunny/warm days, WG said it rains 3 days in a year there also if wasn’t for the street signs in other language I could swear we had been taken to the south of Portugal. It looks and has the exact same ambient and food with the sole exception that Algarve doesn’t have older buildings drilled with bullet holes.

Portugal is also a country that was very swift at kicking the Moors (medieval Muslims) back to Africa, we did it even faster than the Spanish actually. Nowadays we never see many of them there except their centuries old remnants, it was an interesting experience to have a closer contact with them. And still cant describe what I felt when a Mosque nearby started their prayers, strange, strange feeling…

And to finish, Museums! They have some pretty cool stuff there that most of us only get to read in history books at school:


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WG Crib: Cyprus

20 thoughts on “WG Crib: Cyprus

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Thanks to this building, the staff was able to work to their fullest potential. As a result WoT underwent a lot of crucial tweaks, fixing all of the issues that bugged the game and haunted the players for years, so now we can have a perfectly balanced, fun and fair experience of playing World of Tanks. Money well spent!

  2. zer_schmetter_ling says:

    when looking at this it comes to my mind that they should take 2,5k gold and rename themself from “wargaming” to “gaywarming”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If only put that much work into their game instead of slapping a 300mm armor tier 6 and saying its not Op.
    Also, look at the houses and structures around it, Wg is just flashing their cash basically that building says ‘im richer than you!’:/ sorry for sounding so bitter

    1. No need to ask sorry, you are stating your opinion and I respect that. 🙂 The houses around it are actually homes and small businesses and is actually smaller than it looks like.

  4. siralexice says:

    Yeah, well, 500 million euro buys you a lot of nice stuff – especially when your expenses to pay programmers are a drop in the bucket.

  5. S842 says:

    Taken as a stand-alone building it is appealing architecturally, but it has no relationship with the city’s buildings around it and therefore I find it out-of-place. I am not saying buildings can not diverge from the norm, but one can design a modern and appealing building that also does not look like it dropped into the city from another world.

  6. If you are going to leave Belarus and live in another part of Europe, picking Cyprus is a pretty smart move. Lovely weather, great culture, decnt cuisine and interesting Corporate & tax law.

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