WG Dev Q&A (8 April)

Good day everyone. Quick Q&A today from a few Russian sources.

From Anton “Evilly” Pankov talking with players.

* Are SPG mission changes not in 9.18? 

– They are, look closer

* You guys won’t change your minds about the exclusive Chinese premiums on the Asian server? Perhaps they can be marathoned like the Mutz.
– No, we can’t change that.

* Why worry about HD models, when 9.18 can come sooner?

– It won’t come sooner.

* When will the Strv 81 go on sale? Is it worth waiting for it to come to the in-game store?
– It’s not coming soon.

* There is some info, from different people with top-level damage indicators on the RU cluster, that with the calculation for Marks of Excellence is screwed up. High damage sessions show little or no advancement in Marks. Could you check on those reports?
– We can check.

From Operating Producer of World of Tanks – Alex (Inaki) Ilyin and Operations Manager Roman Tabolin, visiting WarGaming FM on the program “In the Dugout”.

– The new matchmaker does not take combined hit points (HP) into account. It’s a bit to strange to reliably balance out, and statistically has little effect on the outcome of battles.
– For the new matchmaker, two modes on a single map will act as two separate maps, for example Karelia standard and Karelia assault. If you enable the mode, then be prepared. However, maps such Prokhorovka and Fiery Salient count as one map.
– We are now actively working on maps, in order to bring them into HD and at the moment we do not plan to introduce new maps in Random of Clan Battles. For new modes, in particular for the event “Front Line” it’s a huge map. 9 new maps at once, so to speak. 3×3 kilometers, and is 9 squares.
– In addition to already shown HD maps, there are a couple more ready: Murovanka and Prokhorovka.
– There are no plans to sell the E-25.
– According to statistics, the maximum stun time for the Maus in combat is about 27 seconds.

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