WG Dev Q&A (8 April)

Good day everyone. Quick Q&A today from a few Russian sources.

From Anton “Evilly” Pankov talking with players.

* Are SPG mission changes not in 9.18? 

– They are, look closer

* You guys won’t change your minds about the exclusive Chinese premiums on the Asian server? Perhaps they can be marathoned like the Mutz.
– No, we can’t change that.

* Why worry about HD models, when 9.18 can come sooner?

– It won’t come sooner.

* When will the Strv 81 go on sale? Is it worth waiting for it to come to the in-game store?
– It’s not coming soon.

* There is some info, from different people with top-level damage indicators on the RU cluster, that with the calculation for Marks of Excellence is screwed up. High damage sessions show little or no advancement in Marks. Could you check on those reports?
– We can check.

From Operating Producer of World of Tanks – Alex (Inaki) Ilyin and Operations Manager Roman Tabolin, visiting WarGaming FM on the program “In the Dugout”.

– The new matchmaker does not take combined hit points (HP) into account. It’s a bit to strange to reliably balance out, and statistically has little effect on the outcome of battles.
– For the new matchmaker, two modes on a single map will act as two separate maps, for example Karelia standard and Karelia assault. If you enable the mode, then be prepared. However, maps such Prokhorovka and Fiery Salient count as one map.
– We are now actively working on maps, in order to bring them into HD and at the moment we do not plan to introduce new maps in Random of Clan Battles. For new modes, in particular for the event “Front Line” it’s a huge map. 9 new maps at once, so to speak. 3×3 kilometers, and is 9 squares.
– In addition to already shown HD maps, there are a couple more ready: Murovanka and Prokhorovka.
– There are no plans to sell the E-25.
– According to statistics, the maximum stun time for the Maus in combat is about 27 seconds.

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WG Dev Q&A (8 April)

20 thoughts on “WG Dev Q&A (8 April)

    1. No_Quarter says:

      just wait for New Year sales and it will be on sale again, just like last year.
      And that request came from higher parts of WG, not the devs but the assholes who care for money only as tank will sell every time you put it on, even in 100$ bundle.

      1. pixywing says:

        When Wargaming says never to be sold again they will only sell it once a year, when they say a tank is rare it is sold every 3 weeks.

  1. Hans_von_Twitchy says:

    For WG “We will never sell this tank again” = we will sell it again in 6 months.
    So “We have no plans to sell the E25 again” = we will sell it again in about 3 months.

  2. Foz says:

    “The new matchmaker does not take combined hit points (HP) into account.”

    So MM is still going to be broken with seeing a team of Maus’s and E100’s (and other heavies) vs a team of medium tanks on a city map for auto loss. Vice versa on open terrain maps…
    What MM needs to do is pick the map first and then process balancing out the teams…can’t be that hard.

    1. balancing teams on HP in any situation is a bad idea because tanks are not balanced by hp but tiers/class with dpm and accuracy etc into the mix. They did talk about making mm balance out mediums and heavies in the future in their overview of mm changes especially if people liked all the mm changes currently in testing. TD’s were just the worst relative to the other two.

  3. SpottableSky says:

    Still pissed about the light tanks being nerfed to hell in the CT. Nerfing the firepower was partly reasonable (390 alpha guns on the t10 lights hit too hard) but the view range nerf for the high AND middle tier lights is fucking stupid. “We want lights be be scouts but lets nerf their view range DA”. I hope these srats dont make it to the 3rd CT iteration

    1. Likewise…fair enough alpha may be too high….

      However their DPM was already lower, worse penetration, gun handling, armour, hp, etc etc etc.
      I would even be fine with nerfing the alpha to the new 360 if the DPM was kept the same. But the lights currently are utter shit.

      I’m curious about which group of fucking retards at WG is responsible for this.

    2. I do want to mention that most of the light tanks have double if not triple the camo of equivalent medium tanks essentially increasing relative spotting range several hundred meters above their competition. I do believe light tanks have major issues, but mostly on how they can break maps by abusing mountains and impassible terrain. End of the day, the light tank shouldn’t be able to do damage, which I absolutely hate being an excuse a lot of people say. All they had to do was not allow light tanks to have premium rounds and that would have been enough. There are so many solutions and under the right circumstances, so are yours.

      1. Smackcrack4 says:

        Um… are you blind? Light tanks DO NOT have double or triple the camo of same tier mediums… In fact, look at Obj140 and t100, or amx 13 105 and bc 25t. Those lights and mediums have almost EXACTLY the same stationary concealment BUT the lights have less base view range!
        You have got to be drunk!

      2. Smackcrack, stationary camo doesn’t really matter that much. Most scouting is done on the move and when you need to get into a bush close to enemy lines or run a ridge, you want the stationary camo value of light tanks on the move for that. Maybe if you sit at the back of the map wanking off, stationary camo matters, but then you may as well be a shitty td. It’s extraordinary how wargaming gives light tanks incredible power to weight ratio’s and the first thing people complain about is how light tanks can’t sit in a bush better than medium tanks and forget that camo for every other class goes up in smoke when you’re on the move.

        Panzerwagan has 10 meters better base view range than the leopard 1. 420 meters is best in game and unmatched in team matches. 15.7% base camo. 12% better stationary and 49% better on the move. 23.25 better power to weight. 10 better top speed.

        WZ-132-1 has the same 400 meter view range as the WZ-121. 16% base camo. 7% better stationary 42% better on the move. 2/3 the size of a WZ 120. 21.13 better power to weight. 9 better top speed. 2 degrees better gun depression.

        AMX 13 105 has 18.2% base camo. 8% better stationary and 51% better on the move. 9.02 better power to weight. Half the size of the bc. 2 degrees better gun depression.

        Sheridan has best in game 420 base view range.14.5% base camo. 75% better stationary and 133% better on the move than the M48. 26.13 better power to weight (that’s like having a batchat push the M48 everywhere). 20 better top speed.

        T-100 LT has 19.8% base camo. 15% better camo stationary and 53% better camo on the move. 31.89 better power to weight (300% better than the 140). 17 better top speed. Half the height of the obj 140.

        Tell me more about how mediums are better scouts than light tanks…

        In the future, remove your head from your ass before talking to someone, especially if you dare to make a shitty insult without any numbers to back your alternate facts. I understand you may have been breastfed for your teenage years but if you take the time to read the average post battle results on sites like vbaddict.com for light tanks at tier 8, they will on average have more damage with assistance than tier 9 and 10 medium counter parts. Keep in mind this is with less scouting capabilities than the light tanks currently in testing that have better camo and mobility as well as have a better chance of being top tier.

        Light tank camo values from:

        Medium tank camo values from:

        Average damage with assistance from:

  4. Anonymous says:

    there are no plans to sell e25…xixi.XAXAXAXAXA.XEXEXEXEXEXEXEXEXEXEXEXE…..oh man that was good…won’t sell it again…..oh boy that was nice..i like the fact that this comes from a company that has lost all her credibility…oh god i’m crying from laughter…

  5. Tankerzero says:

    The answers are so vague, regarding the STRV 81, mark my words it will be sold between the Mid-End of May. Wargaming releases “new” premium tanks on a schedule.

  6. Celtic says:

    * Why worry about HD models, when 9.18 can come sooner?

    – It won’t come sooner.

    (Oh,,, gotta love entitled view points. I love how I knew that question made zero sense before he answered. Prime example how few people truly understand how WG or any company works. So many “social media experts”)

  7. Wahnfried III says:

    No arty in platoon.

    When can I select no TD in platton? No autoloaders in platoon? No tryhard in platoon?

    Stupid idea.

  8. wolvenworks says:

    we have exclusive chinese tanks? i thought SEA region doesn’t have any region exclusives except the KV-220-2 T for beta testers in asia? maybe he meant the ones from KZ (KongZhong, the server that shall not be named)?

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