WG Dev Q&A

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Got a Q&A here from several WG staff. Special thanks to JerryatRick53 and Ctacello for their help.

Yuri Kuryavyi (Publishing Producer WoT) is responsible for a special event WG in Kazan.

– We will fix the radio on the new Swedish premium.

* How to get to the office in Cyprus?

– I have been working in Minsk and I also have that question.

– We never said the Personal Missions (possibly referring to a rework or add-on) will be running. We’ll announce it when we’re ready.

– Inscriptions and emblems that provide crew bonuses are not a priority any more. You guys told us a year ago that fixes to the matchmaking and game balance are what’s necessary to continue, so that’s our priority.

– Cross team chat was generally used for insults and provocations. To eradicate this we decided to just turn it off.

– We are experimenting with tournament formats.

– Soon there will be information on the fight against illicit modes that you greatly enjoy it. Work is carried out firmly.

– Tier 10 tanks are not expected to be sold.

– We have no plans to make changes to the SU-100Y

– About Tier 10 light tanks, I cannot speak about them, wait for the official information. Why do I say so bluntly? Because for a long time we would publicly talk about things we were planning, but would later be told we didn’t fulfill those promises. So now we’re taking the opposite approach.

Transcript of the program “In the Dugout” on Wargaming FM. Visiting global operating producer of the project World of Tanks – Alexey Ilyin.

– Every update we look as decreased performance at slower computers (presets below average). The last update of the performance fell very slightly, but still fell for the weak computers, with about 6% to 6.6%, are small differences. We tried as much as possible to postpone the moment when the game would not work on older computers. If you have an old computer main thing is not the processor and graphics card, put all of the latest drivers, support for these players is and will be.

– General chat involve not plan to, well, very much there is a negative it was.

– Now the “Sixth Sense” is working correctly, it was a bug fixed after one day, thanks for the report on the issue.

– We have no plans to reduce the Sixth Sense response time.

– We will gather player feedback regarding the ability to restore vehicles, and see how it is implemented by players before we make any adjustments.

-We have statistics to show what mods are used and are possibly game breaking. If it isn’t and is also not controversial, we’ll make efforts to add it to the game client.  

– Adding the commander’s chamber – a controversial fashion It will not work well on slower computers and squander the FPS, and second, this thing will hinder beginners + from it there is a small bonus. Can cause a lot of damage, do not plan to enter.

– Rampage mode is not engaged.

– We have a few things we hope will please you towards the end of the year.

– The new minimap emphasizes information. It could have focused on being good looking, but we made a decision.  

– There are no plans to return to the old minimap. It can be an interesting project for our modders though.

– I advise you to do is not to use illegal mods, because soon they will be bad anyway. And we always banned players for mission rigging.

– Bonuses from Inscriptions and Emblems- A decision was made not to introduce bonuses and so far it will remain as is. In the future we will have to work on customization. Both visually and possibly internal. External customization will be the question of when and in what form. At this stage we’re just on concepts.

– T110E5 statistics have risen. However it’s not critical, so we don’t plan on any changes.

– Unfortunately, the Swedes did not have premium candidates for Tier 6 (and lower tiers). Therefore, the choice fell on MT.

– The the AMX M4 MLE 49 is a kick-ass machine, I really like it. It’s fun to play.

Murazor (Daniel Paraschin) responds to LJ.

– The premium Swedish tank will be promptly corrected in 9.17, but as for me it is not bad still turned, it’s a better damage maker than most tier 6 medium tanks, I have something around 1.3 K damage and it’s not enough. But it is It depends on your abilities, but the concept of the tank remains unchanged..

– I’m gathering the statistics about the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 and they will be analysed. The players who try to compare a  large Heavy Tank with 380m view range with a small Medium Tank with 350 view range are making an erroneous comparison  as the small size of the Medium Tank allows it to make better use of cover, bushes and so on.

– Accuracy of the Panther 2’s new gun together with the penetration will more than suffice to allow a broader playstyle, plus stock grind on E 50 will be less painful.

-. Tiger II and VK 4502 (p) Ausf. A, both have terrible armor for their tier, in general, there is something that I want to do but how it would be possible to proceed in the  current environment is problematic.

Anton Pankov (COO producer Wargaming) responds to Learn.

* We’re not forgiving you for cross chat!
– You talk as if you used chat for something besides insulting dudes. Quite the opposite 🙂

* Saying “Q” for friend! Or prompt where our last SPG hiding

– To say Q  we make Quick command for chat, think about the rosettes with phrases.

– Misha nowhere and does not disappear.

– The Swedish branch and all that comes with it (consumables, inscriptions) is set to come in 9.17.

Thats it for now.

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