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Hello everyone,

Got a Q&A here from several WG staff. Special thanks to JerryatRick53 and Ctacello for their help.

Yuri Kuryavyi (Publishing Producer WoT) is responsible for a special event WG in Kazan.

– We will fix the radio on the new Swedish premium.

* How to get to the office in Cyprus?

– I have been working in Minsk and I also have that question.

– We never said the Personal Missions (possibly referring to a rework or add-on) will be running. We’ll announce it when we’re ready.

– Inscriptions and emblems that provide crew bonuses are not a priority any more. You guys told us a year ago that fixes to the matchmaking and game balance are what’s necessary to continue, so that’s our priority.

– Cross team chat was generally used for insults and provocations. To eradicate this we decided to just turn it off.

– We are experimenting with tournament formats.

– Soon there will be information on the fight against illicit modes that you greatly enjoy it. Work is carried out firmly.

– Tier 10 tanks are not expected to be sold.

– We have no plans to make changes to the SU-100Y

– About Tier 10 light tanks, I cannot speak about them, wait for the official information. Why do I say so bluntly? Because for a long time we would publicly talk about things we were planning, but would later be told we didn’t fulfill those promises. So now we’re taking the opposite approach.

Transcript of the program “In the Dugout” on Wargaming FM. Visiting global operating producer of the project World of Tanks – Alexey Ilyin.

– Every update we look as decreased performance at slower computers (presets below average). The last update of the performance fell very slightly, but still fell for the weak computers, with about 6% to 6.6%, are small differences. We tried as much as possible to postpone the moment when the game would not work on older computers. If you have an old computer main thing is not the processor and graphics card, put all of the latest drivers, support for these players is and will be.

– General chat involve not plan to, well, very much there is a negative it was.

– Now the “Sixth Sense” is working correctly, it was a bug fixed after one day, thanks for the report on the issue.

– We have no plans to reduce the Sixth Sense response time.

– We will gather player feedback regarding the ability to restore vehicles, and see how it is implemented by players before we make any adjustments.

-We have statistics to show what mods are used and are possibly game breaking. If it isn’t and is also not controversial, we’ll make efforts to add it to the game client.  

– Adding the commander’s chamber – a controversial fashion It will not work well on slower computers and squander the FPS, and second, this thing will hinder beginners + from it there is a small bonus. Can cause a lot of damage, do not plan to enter.

– Rampage mode is not engaged.

– We have a few things we hope will please you towards the end of the year.

– The new minimap emphasizes information. It could have focused on being good looking, but we made a decision.  

– There are no plans to return to the old minimap. It can be an interesting project for our modders though.

– I advise you to do is not to use illegal mods, because soon they will be bad anyway. And we always banned players for mission rigging.

– Bonuses from Inscriptions and Emblems- A decision was made not to introduce bonuses and so far it will remain as is. In the future we will have to work on customization. Both visually and possibly internal. External customization will be the question of when and in what form. At this stage we’re just on concepts.

– T110E5 statistics have risen. However it’s not critical, so we don’t plan on any changes.

– Unfortunately, the Swedes did not have premium candidates for Tier 6 (and lower tiers). Therefore, the choice fell on MT.

– The the AMX M4 MLE 49 is a kick-ass machine, I really like it. It’s fun to play.

Murazor (Daniel Paraschin) responds to LJ.

– The premium Swedish tank will be promptly corrected in 9.17, but as for me it is not bad still turned, it’s a better damage maker than most tier 6 medium tanks, I have something around 1.3 K damage and it’s not enough. But it is It depends on your abilities, but the concept of the tank remains unchanged..

– I’m gathering the statistics about the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 and they will be analysed. The players who try to compare a  large Heavy Tank with 380m view range with a small Medium Tank with 350 view range are making an erroneous comparison  as the small size of the Medium Tank allows it to make better use of cover, bushes and so on.

– Accuracy of the Panther 2’s new gun together with the penetration will more than suffice to allow a broader playstyle, plus stock grind on E 50 will be less painful.

-. Tiger II and VK 4502 (p) Ausf. A, both have terrible armor for their tier, in general, there is something that I want to do but how it would be possible to proceed in the  current environment is problematic.

Anton Pankov (COO producer Wargaming) responds to Learn.

* We’re not forgiving you for cross chat!
– You talk as if you used chat for something besides insulting dudes. Quite the opposite 🙂

* Saying “Q” for friend! Or prompt where our last SPG hiding

– To say Q  we make Quick command for chat, think about the rosettes with phrases.

– Misha nowhere and does not disappear.

– The Swedish branch and all that comes with it (consumables, inscriptions) is set to come in 9.17.

Thats it for now.

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WG Dev Q&A

72 thoughts on “WG Dev Q&A

    1. No sh*t it has improved… It’s by far the best tier 10 heavy. It’s a beast from the front, good mobility, good DPM, good gun handling, stupid HEAT shells. Every bit the most comfortable “tanky” tank to play. I love it, yes, but it deserves a slight nerf somewhere in that picture.

      And in the same Q&A they tell you with a straight face that game balance is a priority now. Perfect balance is a pipedream but those games require constant tweaking to adapt to the meta, how one tank influenced another tank it fights and so on. You just can’t leave things as they are for months on. Games like WoT are a dynamic ecosystem with complex balance.

      1. pixywing says:

        When has World of Tanks EVER done a good job at balancing anything. The Hellcat was the dominate tier 6 for years, the KV-1S took 1.5 years to get nerfed, and the Waffle was god tier for 6 months and then took another 18 to get removed.

        WoT has one of the slowest balancing departments of any game I have played. League of Legends (120 champions, and 210 items)(balanced every couple weeks), Dota (balanced once a month) Overwatch (29 patches this year), heck even Armored Warfare balances tanks faster.

      2. DZ says:

        typical idiot that want to shoot everything with auto aim, and if it doesn’t pen, its broken. just freaking aim for the right side of the hatch, or the lower plate by the hooks, SIMPLE!!! u damn cry babies

    2. Tommy_Gun says:

      Ok so which tank you want WG to nerf ?
      I ask because every time I unlock some cool tank it is either getting nerfed or changed…

      Т-50-2 – replaced with MT-25
      Aufklärungspanzer Panther – replaced with SP I C
      WT auf E100 – replacedwith Grille 15
      Tiger I – nerfed
      KV-1S – compleatly nerfed (moved to lower tier)
      OI Exp & OI – nerfed

      This list could gone on forever…
      The only tanks that somehow didn’t got changed are: VK 45.02 (P)B, FV215b and Maus.

      Right now I am researching M103. I am pretty sure that when I research T110E5 it will be nerfed…

      1. kilo_india_alpha says:

        Tiger 1 was never nerfed. It has more dpm with the 8.8 L71 than the E75. And the OI (exp) is still completely OP. The guns and armor make a too powerful combination and is noob-friendly on top of that.
        KV-1s was a big joke as well.Everyone and his mother was using it in randoms and company battles. That is a sure as hell sign that there is something completely wrong with that tank. It is good that WG managed to find a solution after several years.

        All I hear from you is QQ WG reballanced completely OP tanks. I want to kill noobs. BTW you forgot your T18 you have 3000 games in.

      2. Tommy_Gun says:

        I might be wrong but wasn’t Tiger I nerfed in patch 8.8 ? I mean it lost its top engine or something like that…

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        And btw the problem is not the source of information… That other blog has fully understandable sentences…

  1. Will the AMX M4 mle. 49 replace the FCM 50t in the in game store? What about buffs to the churchill gun carrier? :c Also, why isn’t the s-tank in its own medium tank line? Kind of silly to introduce the one and only swedish medium, the strv. M/42 when the planned swedish tree was comprised of heavies and td’s. Maybe you should call the strv. a td?

    1. wheeledtank says:

      The Strv M/42 Alt 2 and the S-Tank are both “mediums” in real life (S-Tank being an MBT), but the S-Tank is most likely placed in the TD line due to it being able to be placed there in a more comfortable fashion. I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t really like the transition between a semi-flexible turreted vehicle to a vehicle with 0 degrees of gun traverse.

      The “Heavy” line is also mostly medium tanks (Tier 4-7), with heavies making up only the top tiers (8-10)

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Internal Choice from WG? They placed the, Lee, and the Object 416 (and 430 V2) in lines that have no connection to TD lines (Other than the T-34 to SU-85). The Grant, being a slight modification of the Lee, would be similar to it no matter how it would be changed. They also have decent gun traverse (Lee/Grant has about 30deg total, with the Objects having 150-180), with the S-Tank having maybe 2 to make it slightly playable.

        I can understand your point though, and the S-Tank isn’t under the right “class,” but so is the American T30; people shouldn’t look at the class of a vehicle to determine its effectiveness (The Valentine is a horrible Light tank, but a decent Heavy…)

      1. pixywing says:

        World of Tanks is a game that punishes beginners. New players come in get stock tier 3s with 50% crews and get absolutely stomped on by tier 5 seal clubbers than need to pad stats in their t67s with their 4 skill crews and equipment (good luck buying a 500k credit binocular set when that is 10x what the tank costed). It’s worse on the NA server where only new players play low tier tanks and thus continue to get feasted upon that then quit and has cause the NA West server to be near unplayable for over 10 hours a day. There should be +1/-1 MM until at least tier 5, in all honesty there is enough population especially on EU and RU to do +1/-1.

        Playing as a tier 10 against tier 8s is boring (almost fell asleep well my IS-7 couldn’t get penned by the 3 tier 8s I was soloing and did 4k damage. It wasn’t fun or interactive and certainly didn’t take any skill), and playing as a tier 8 against 10 makes me want to uninstall especially when you are stock on a standard account. Sure is hard to get decked by a tier 10 then have to play 3 games in a tier 5 to recover the credits you just lost to try again.

        There seems to be a mass dumbing down in the game such as removing battle tier 12. Having 15 tier 10s on 15 tier 10s were some of the best games of tanks I have played as every shot mattered and skill mattered the most yet the “best” players don’t want the most skill intensive games, if they actually were good at the game they would love this as well as skilled MM (are you a gold World of Tanks player or are you a player who stated padded in a MT-25 spamming gold and doing 900 damage a game in it for purple stats). No one cares about your 95% in random in league of legends so why would they care about your 95% win rate in random battles on world of tanks. I’m far more impressed by someone in Silver 5 than a 95% win rate in randoms.

      2. World of tanks is Play for fun and team work certainly, not play for stats, don’t know if +1/-1 tier match making is the solution but at least having the choice of a PvE for players of tier 4 and below so new players can learn the ropes of team work before fighting seal clubbers.

      1. For the third best penetration of any tier 8 heavy, the armor is pretty good, I think it just means you have to play the tank at ranges of 100-200 meters (roughly one to two map squares) to make the most of penetration drop off and just make getting hit in weak spots very tricky. Very few other heavies have 10 degrees of gun depression and undoubtedly the better hull armor than the Caernarvon, T32, and T34 so baiting shots is a much more viable option. The turret armor other than that single weak spot is pretty outstanding with no overmatch zones for 122’s. The hull armor on the other hand is only better than a WZ-111 hull, tiger II hull, Vk 45.02 A hull, Lowe hull, FCM 50t hull, Caernarvon hull, T32 hull, T34 hull… you get my point, most tier 8’s have less than desirable hull armor and the AMX M4 mle. 49’s armor is above average and comparable to a KV-4, O-Ho, and 110 frontally, especially for a premium tank, this is very pleasant for the French who build most of their tanks out of tinfoil and butter. Also, if you assume everyone is firing gold rounds (which they aren’t), then there isn’t a tier 8 tank in the game that has good armor (except for IS-3 cuz Russian Bias), so what can I say? stay away from armored vehicles because they don’t seem to be your thing with this every round is a gold round ideology.

    1. This is some Russian bias I can get behind, frontally impenetrable tank without 300+ mm pen does not need a nerf! lol, arguably the T110E5 isn’t overpowered, pretty balanced if you fire gold at it which every tier X stat padder does anyways

  2. “We tried as much as possible to postpone the moment when the game would not work on older computers.”

    So finally someone decided they need to do the right thing. Now they just have to do it.

    1. pixywing says:

      When a PS4 is 12x as good as the minimum PC specs you know you have issues. Russian 1980 computers are holding back the game almost as much as the terrible WoT PC team as the Console team has had a fraction of the time (2 years compared to Wots 6) and already produced a far better game. Can’t wait till next year when the Console catches-up on the tanks then it will be better in every regard.

      1. Almost, we do have the Xbox 360 holding back Xbox One and PS4 development (map size, physics, etc.) Not as bad as an ex-Soviet PC, but still.

      2. whitesample says:

        Argumentum ad populum:

        Russians have made this game what it is.
        A poorly balanced and optimized World of Soviet clones.

      3. “Russians are the biggest group of customers. So go home idiot.”

        That is irrelevant. A game that is unable to go along with current expectations of computer games will eventually die off. What do you think would have happened had WG decided not to implement HD graphics?

      4. kilo_india_alpha says:

        What do you think will happen if WG improves the game and ends up with higher system requirements? The few people in the west do not count when there are 1 million people playing in the east.
        It is far better for them to lose a few customers like you than hundreds or even thousands that cannot play the game after the change.

      5. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        Kilo_India_Alpha is probably one of those kinds of American idiots. So what if Russia has the biggest customer base. As WhiteSample aptly put, argumentum ad populum. Just because a large group of people say it’s true does not necessarily mean it’s absolutely true. Furthermore, Russians are poor failures of people. They’re still living in the USSR-mindset. The only thing Russia is good at is crude oil and AK-47s. There’s a reason why we never talk about them in the global market; they’re an absolutely useless kind of people.

  3. Dunbar1 says:

    bullshit on the cross team chat. yes, there were people that insulted, but it was also used in a positive note to salute a friend or clan on the other team, to recruit to 29 other players instead of the now 14, ask or comment about game, bugs,mods, etc. Those that were the crybabies could have just turned the chat off or ignore it. Bring it back and tell the whiny little bitches to complain about more important aspects that need attention.

      1. Anonymous says:

        And this happened how often? Ah, i know the answer, you feel like it happened every second match but at last it was a single match once a week? It´s a nonsense argumentation as nearly every other wargame and it´s communities have no problem with dealing with such things, but here we are again at Minsk that come with the wooden gavel instead of some community work and better report options.

      1. I concur, significantly less trash indeed, never realized how good it was since they turned it off. Plus it helps me get less distracted in battle when a flame war erupts in all chat because 30 people in one conversation is a bit much.

    1. Does in-game chat recruitment for clans really work? because I normally see people whine that it’s not in their language. I’d imagine it would snag 1 in a 1000 players who were desperate enough to join a clan, not exactly efficient, just lazy. Most decent recruitment these days happen in pm’s so it actually looks like the recruiter might care.

      1. Dunbar1 says:

        Yes, in game chat recruitment works. It gets the interest and than the recruiters take it to the PM stage to get mmore info. I have even seen many of the big clans use it for recruitment. As far as the whining about not in their language; I see alot of spanish recruiting. Doesnt bother me as I dont speak spanish and I just ignore it. I believe it would be beneficial to wargaming if they got a south american server. Cant speak for the EU server languages.

    2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      Commie Slavs will always be commies. Sure it can be a source of toxicity but the stupid Slavs are missing the main issues of the game: balance and matchmaking. Belarus is one of the biggest USSR cocksucker in history. Rather than fix the problems in an effective amount of time, they censor us just like how their abusive mother did to them. There’s a reason why nobody cares about Eastern Europe/Russian region. Slavs are completely useless people and do little to contribute to our global economy.

  4. siralexice says:

    Too bad that in WWII it was not possible to disable cross chat and it was actually used for disinformation and leading the enemy into making mistakes.
    But fuck you, let’s make a game that has nothing in common with the real conditions of warfare.

    1. iAsplode says:

      Yeah i totally agree.Its really bad that WG doesnt send a guy to throw a grenade in your gaming room the moment you tank gets penned so you can be blown to pieces like in WW2.That would make you happy,i bet.

      1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        I’m just hoping for an office shooting in the WG office because Slavs are useless and expendable. I’d be happy for the current members to be shot in the head and then replaced with (potentially) more competent developers.

  5. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Google translate or drunk translator? Half of these arrays of words makes no sense at all… :/ I’m glad I read that other blog first or I’d have no idea at all what some of them even meant 😐

  6. Phoebus says:

    “– I advise you to do is not to use illegal mods, because soon they will be bad anyway. And we always banned players for mission rigging.”

    Huh…. seems you missed a few on NA, and by a few, I mean about 99%.

  7. whitesample says:

    -. Tiger II and VK 4502 (p) Ausf. A, both have terrible armor for their tier, in general, there is something that I want to do but how it would be possible to proceed in the current environment is problematic.

    So you balance the KV5 and give it 150/120/120 armor, realize its got a problem and…
    Ooooh it cant nerf it because its a premium!
    But you just cant buff the Tiger 2 and the Lowe because its situation its… problematic…

    The enviroment its not the problem WG, you are the problem.

  8. Laserguided says:

    ” You talk as if you used chat for something besides insulting dudes”
    Is this arrogance or ignorance or both? I have received advice on how to play a tank from cross chat, and compliments too.

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      Both. Belarus was a big supporter of the USSR, and that nation was plagued with lies and ignorance despite it collapsing. Hence, WG is full of lies.

  9. olektheconquerer says:

    so the new panther 2 gun is the same as the e50 gun, will it get better stats on e50 cause right now it has atrocious 2,9 seconds aim time and i really would love to try it out with the e50!

  10. pixywing says:

    Find it ironic they do a Q&A and have blocked off all forums for their posts on the NA website. Guess they only care about RU money even though NA shells out on a per player basis 15.3 to 1 compared to RU players, oh well my wallet is closed until they get their act together as I haven’t spent money since Feb 2015 and counting.

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