WG Developer Stream, Part 1

Good day everyone,

Here’s Part 1 of a more complete transcription of the WarGaming developer stream a couple of days ago, with Anton Pankov, Murazor, and a few others. Part 2 will be up tomorrow. Big thanks to Rita for assisting.

On Sandbox & SPGs

– Rebalancing of artillery is gradually coming to an end. We have introduced a new mechanics, rebalanced damage,  and made it so many could test this, I can finally say that we have taken action as a whole that has led to what we wanted originally.

– The stun mechanics were invented in order to compensate for the refining of artillery, we redesigned arty to become a support class, so less damage, penetration, it can not destroy with 1 shot, but all we wanted to keep the influence of arty in battle. Without the camp she could not stop the advance of enemy tanks, it would simply not be afraid. We do not want the death of class. We came to the conclusion that the rebalance artillery as such purely balanced performance characteristics is impossible. To adjust its effectiveness needed a new mechanics that will preserve its influence, but not through inflicting 1500 damage a shot and so on. We turned it into the so-called “area control unit”, there is such a thing, it is typical for MMORPG.

– Toxicity of artillery – when we talk about this figure going off things such as average damage or winrate doesn’t help, because when you’re removed or heavily damaged by a random shot, you are dead now, not being able to do anything in battle and that’s a huge pain and this was a problem that we are trying to solve.

– Then starts statistics. The fact that an event is unlikely (such as one-shots) does not mean that it will not happen. It will happen in the future. The problem lies in the fact that just a single event can be built up through videos or word of mouth. There is a very important psychological effect. Even when we talk about the toxicity, we affect that perception. When such events continue to happen you will not change that perception.

– When talking about the stun everybody forgets about the new consumables with a cooldown, which instantly negate the effect of the stun and that they recharge.

– We do not aim at entering reusable consumables to take advantage of the amount of credits that are spent by players.

– There were a few things with arty that we internally tested, but didn’t roll out to the public. Some things were so obvious that there was no point.

– For the arty, we still have a couple of things that we can implement over time – it is a matter of tuning and customization. Marking targets and things from Battle Assistant are already in, however we have some questions regarding the latter.

– We had an idea to make artillery localization, a large caliber shot – backlighting on the minimap with divergent circles and we even prototyped it, but eventually scrapped it. Why? – The counter battery fight begins, it’s good, but it gives a very big advantage to the players against the arty.

– It turned out that the artillery was committed to trying to kill the enemy arty for roughly half the battle. So you had 3 tanks useless in combat, who are only trying to kill each other.

– Now arty have to think, whom to support right now, and not just to farm damage.

– Arty will gain experience from stunning. Stun damage is similar to tracked target damage or spotting assist damage.

– Personal missions for artillery in the next version will also be reviewed under the current mechanics.

– We will ensure that the experience of arty and light tanks isn’t sunk, it’s all numbers and figures.

– So far, according to the evaluation that we got from the Sandbox (preliminary of course) but it looks good, so the economy will not go anywhere.

– Stun will be introduced after the general test, it will be tuned, and you must understand that we can adjust everything from feedback and statistics and so on. Stun as an entity can be adjusted according to many criteria: influence in battle and its duration it’s not a constant values. What you see on the Sandbox, that’s not necessarily going to remain unchanged for 2 years – nothing like that, all specifications are subject to change in one direction or another.

– If the stun mechanic does not take root then I fear that we have to remove arty from the game, entirely. So far no other solutions have been found that we can bring within a reasonable time, and that handles things as well as the stun … We tried other options, the problem is that they do not work. Stun came from the results of a long test and with various other solutions, we finally came to the conclusion that this is the best with what we can do to artillery as a class within a reasonable time and works with our other changes (new LT + new matchmaker).

– We don’t invent tanks and everyone knows it.

– Arty oneshots happen more often than ammunition explosions.

– We still thinking on the account of platoons of 3 self-propelled guns, 50 to 50% so far.

– Settings for arty will continue on the general test.


On the Expansion of Light Tank Lines

– New light tanks are needed for the new matchmaker to operate. Initially, when we rolled them in the first time there was an extraordinary reaction. There is the opinion that light tanks were not really relevant as a class, and it’s true at the moment, and many write that they would have never play them, if not for personal missions. At the moment their primary purpose is not relevant and it is a reality, if you keep them that, then this will just be a dead end.

– We are very careful reading the reviews on the Sandbox, because of this the guns returned to the LTs (M41’s autoloader and T49’s derp gun), initially there were no such guns either, we planned to clean them up.

– Regarding premium light tanks, after much deliberation, the current characteristics of the premium lights will not be touched at all. They have reduced the level of fighting and they still have the performance characteristics that have now. After the release of version 9.18 we’ll see how they behave in the hands of their owners. The last thing that you want or need to do is rebalance and nerf premium equipment.

– Decision on the experience of Tier 8s was not easy, for a long time we have discussed it and finally decided to look at the statistics. Only 10% of current players in the Russian play Tier 8. It is in the range of 100k to 200k. We decided if a person has a Tier 8, for example an AMX 13 90, we are now moving it to Tier 9, making it an elite with all modules, we retrain crew, fully transplanted to Tier 9, but the accumulated experience remains at Tier 8. There is, for example, the situation when from 13 90 leads to the AMX 30 and this transition will continue. I want people to reach Tier 9 properly. It was a difficult decision. This is the official position, which will be respected.

– Now the psychology of the LT will change: it will be a full-fledged tank, with a full-fledged role on the battlefield, and good opportunities. People will need to get used to it. This is how to bring the lines to Tier 10, change the thinking and make them into capable fighting units.

– Personal missions for light tanks will remain the same as it is, we realize that they will perform better, but we decided to leave them as they are now.

– We tried to rebalance all classes on the first Sandbox, but LT had a TOP priority, the test itself was ambiguous, and the reaction was extremely negative. The players said that they do not want to see such a strong dependence on the tanks, which can meet for the first time 30 seconds into combat.

– We are now about the reviews we are hacking inside ourselves just space (within the company of the comment WOT Express) today two hours talking about reviews and how they affect the game and what to do about it. Here is a story that, probably, it is necessary to act step by step. I want to do everything at the same time, but it’s very difficult. After light tanks, when everything is stabilized, and we understand that we can move on to the next stage. Here, the number of tasks exceeds our capacity. The biggest conclusion we reached (at the end of our prototype) – was the players are not ready to the fact that they are not ready for the whole game to be broken down. They want incremental changes, and time to adapt. At the same time accumulated weight of changes is pressure on us, we have to move fast and we are trying to somehow balance it.

– Now we’re looking back and seeing what we’ve done on earlier versions. Sandbox certainly will continue.

– There are several ideas for new prem LT, but only after the overall change. They’re Tier 8: there are 2 good options for the Americans. The Germans had problems. With the Soviet Union it’s very hard, with the Chinese even harder. We’ll look through the archives.

– Tier 9 premiums, not in the plans.

– T-50-2 as a premium – no.


On the New Matchmaker

– Refusal of the old and writing a completely new one – so a new balancer appeared. We had very long discussions about the demands put forward on it, some were adopted, some were dropped. We’ve long talked about the limitations of platoons. In general, it all started with the idea of a pyramid of levels 3-5-7.

-The new balancer is very functional, the problems with the old one were well known. At the same time, we are faced with the situation that, firstly, we have quite a specific distribution of tanks playing at different levels – it grows to Tier 8, then there is a reduction at Tier 9 and then again an expansion at Tier 10. Like a booze bottle. Boiler glass is so specific, I had to go to a lot of various tricks and approvals.

-There will be single tier battles once there’s a very large accumulation of one tier queued up.

-The lower the number of online players, the worse the quality of the battles. Therefore, dear players, we want you to play more and invite your friends to help out with the matchmaker.

– One of those things which are worth considering in the future, this view setup that will produce a super fast match ups and under what conditions. Then look for any anomalies and add new requirements later.

– In my opinion, we have delayed the balancer long enough, a year has passed and that’s a long time. I want to bring this innovation to the players now.

– It would be weird to not at least dream about being able to ban maps from rotation.

– We got a lot of options and ideas on the table such as allowing Premium accounts to delete 1-3 maps from rotation, although that would overload the MM, but we can’t say this could never happen.

– Nothing has been changed in the matchmaker, in terms of the speed of assembling players and getting them into a map.

– Skill based matchmaking in Random battles will not be coming.

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WG Developer Stream, Part 1

63 thoughts on “WG Developer Stream, Part 1

  1. skivster says:

    Huh. Well WG, thats neat. Thanks, and waiting for the new patch then.
    Im loving the autoloader gun on the Bulldog bit. Its good that they actually read the comments

    1. GW E100 too. No evidence of the “proposal.” How would WG even know how it would look like.

      Not to mention made up stats, like the Entwicklung series. Engine horse power and some guns are match the records, but armor stats completely made up, or even inaccurate. (E75 was to use Panther schmalturm turret apparently)

      The most of the guns of the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A and B were never planned, and the armor values false. Not to mention the reverse speeds intended to be same as the forward speeds.

      The Japanese heavies I’m rather skeptical. Most stats don’t match what little records there are, and the designs are based on secondary sources from tank model companies.

      Don’t me started on the new Maus branch. With made up armor values, weights, guns, and probably designs too. Didn’t even bother naming the tier 8 the “Mammuth.”

      But that was WG does to paper tanks, does the hell it wants to do with them.

      1. Can’t really go too far forward, there are different levels of “fake” within the game. Things like WtE, GwE and FV215(120) are completely made up, while the E and Lowes, there were plans just not executed in the way WG implemented, same goes to JpE. As the very least if they were honest enough to tell some tanks were their thoughts on those plan it’s would be well and good. And those has stats hugely modified… Can’t argue too much because if those had to be implemented historically there will be nations very overpowered and impossible to balance.

      2. Well the made up stats do have a good reason i guess, I don’t see how a E75 with a Panther Schmalturm would play like at tier 9. You can’t blame them for making up stats like that. With historical stats some of the tanks would just not be playable at the tier where they are, and if you put them to the right tier there would be a hole to fill. For some tanks at least, I think the Swedish HT would do great on their current positions with the historical stats.

      3. Can’t seem to reply to you guys, so I’ll reply to myself. Yes, I do agree that the stats must be changed in order to create balance and tech trees. WoT is no place to play for accuracy, but that what makes the game so funny at times. If we all wanted more historical accuracy we’d be playing WT.

      4. madogthefirst says:

        True about the GW E100, for an tank that was never built (E100) there sure seems to be plenty of variations of it. I would imagine given how the Maus was in production it would be a more likely candidate for multiple variations.

  2. With a solid helping of salt for the translations, wargaming is saying and committing to a lot of things players have been talking about for years. It’s good to see things moving along. I Kind of feel a bit guilty for all the trolling and garbage I throw at wargaming on occasion. Managing a game is by no means an easy feat, especially a free to play MMO.

    *wargaming releases a new broken premium tank*

    Alright, I take it back, where’s my rubber chicken so I can slap wargaming *trolling intensifies*

    1. Actually, since I regarded some or most lost games to just be F***ed by chance, WoT was truly great again 🙂
      Now, this new MM and the new consumables will shift that perception to the better even more! …
      I’m very happy xD

  3. SpottableSky says:

    Like i stated before in the last WG dev stream post. if they ever remove arty, they can give arty strikes like in SH defense but only give it to light tanks since as of currently, Light tanks are the eyes of arty, giving them arty strikes will give lights a more valid purpose. But light tanks have to be tinkered with, such as only giving t6 and up lights the ability, and limit the amount of scouts, so there aren’t 5 lights on each side raining strikes on each others team every 20 secs. Stuff like that. On the current arty players will be re compensated in credit/gold value of all arty they have and their crews will remain such and such like that. So the fuckers who have 1,000+ battles in their M53/55 cancer dispensers can go plunge themselves in water with a plugged in toaster.

      1. SpottableSky says:

        Comparing durability between lights and heavies is like comparing oranges to apples. Mediums are the closest class to lights but lights do have advantages but with a higher skil cap. Thats why lights need to be given a better purpose like I said

    1. Chosing what map you don’t want to play is hardly a step towards this pay to win model, give me the definition for pay to win and you’d see that that whole WoT being Pat 2 Win stuff is bs. The only instance when WoT would be Pay to win is when they would charge gold only for premium ammo, which they don’t do anymore. You could argue that some of the new premiums would be pay to win, They’re not, as soon as you figure out who to kill them, they’re pretty average. The Defender is really only good in top tier matches, In tier 9 and 10 you start to feel it’s limitations, and that is speed, what the IS-3 doesn’t have in armor, it makes up in speed, also the long reload gives the defender bad dpm.
      So Looking at all of that, WoT is more of a pay 2 progress faster type of game, and there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion. And besides. Wargaming is a fucking company and the main goal for all companis in the world is money. It’s a shock, i know. and giving the people that pay for their premium time do deserve some bonus, as they’re pretty much the ones that keep WoT running.
      I know it’s a controversial topic, and i am gonna get some angry comments thrown at me. But WoT hasn’t been pay to win for a long time. And i don’t think WG want’s to go back to that state.

      1. Sorry for the long reply Mizutayio, I enjoyed most of your opinions including how limiting maps per tanks is not pay2win even though ignoring the actual problems with it but your thoughts on the Defender and premium ammunition was a bit too naive. I mean no offense, the design is cleverly disguised. Nonetheless, the brief definition of pay2win is when a paying player can buy more power than a non-paying player. I don’t mean to say complete free2play is good, that is super entitled and self destructive, but pay2win aspects must be acknowledged.

        Removing maps from premium accounts divides the community and draws out lobby times or otherwise making it easier to rig matches like how clicking in platoons have a greater likelihood to get the same match if they ran preferential mm tanks over regular tanks. On the concern of increasing the pay2win aspect of the game, the specialized mm tanks would need extensive balances for their said map(s). It will be expensive and collateral damage might reach E25 or early Type 59 levels but certainly not impossible for it to match a reasonable free2play agenda.

        Mizutayio, I do not understand what definition of pay2win you are operating on but it’s very naive to say world of tanks is devoid of pay2win traits. T26E5, Defender, Liberte, and Skorpion G have above average performances for good reason. The fundamental ethics of a free2play game is to market convenience, not power.

        The Defender that you referred to has essentially the same DPM as a Pershing, Liberte, IS-3, and so forth, it is by no means bad DPM at tier 8, slightly below average, but 440 alpha means that the tank can trade its health shot for shot on average and still get an above average performance. The Defender is also not that much slower than an IS-3 especially when most Defenders will have more crew skills than IS-3 tanks due to their improved crew training, they offer a distinct advantage when not being driven by tomatoes. I would very much encourage you to not be blinded by how the Defender feels to yourself but its statistics and performance as a whole when I know you mean well to defend the tank.

        As for premium rounds, ARL 44, AMX M4 45, Type 4 and 5 Heavy and practically every other premium round the penetration increase at least for APCR negates the negatives of have 2 degrees less normalization. HEAT is more inconsistent from tank to tank but generally players that carry a substantial amount of HEAT have an advantage over those that do not. If a player that owns a tier 8 premium tank were to compete against a player that does not own a premium tank say in a tournament, the paying player does have the advantage of a better crew and more credits for camouflage, consumables, and premium ammunition. Thus yielding a better performance. This is the essential of pay2win when a game stops selling convenience and markets power. It is cleverly disguised and I do not believe wargaming should be devoid of ways of getting money but it is far too naive to believe that pay2win does not exist in world of tanks.

        Thank you for your thought provoking work Mizutayio and to anyone who read this.

  4. Artillery maintains Balance in games. Without it public matches will be straight war pits with no strategy at all. I’ve been a paying customer for 3 years now and am sad to say if arty becomes useless it will be the end of wot.

    1. I don’t see how arty would become useless, and i especially don’t see how it would be the end of WoT, getting hit by it does put you at an disadvantage to other people for a brief moment so that could probably motivate for a push. Also since arty has pretty much a higher splash radius it can shave off maybe 10% HP to multiple tanks, which would motivate the allies even more to push.
      But in the end, we’d have to wait and see how it pans out.

  5. Otakuwarrior says:

    “We don’t invent tanks and everyone knows it.”

    HA! AHAHAHHAHA! yeah, Bullshit, WAffentrager auf E100 and E50M say hello

      1. madogthefirst says:

        What is the point of trying to damage ammo racks when they can be repaired 30 seconds later?

      2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        What is the point of the arty changes if :
        -they keep nerfing the effect of stun
        -they keep nerfing the duration of stun
        -thay make consumables mitigate its effects by just being here
        -they allow consumables to fully remove its effect, and to have a cooldown (which is pay2win btw. Premium med kit is now a must.)

        What could have been “you are slowed down by 50 % for 30s by 200mm guns” ends up being “you are slowed down by 10 % for 5s unless you activate your kid which will be cooled down by the time arty reloads again”.

        Sandbox is destroying the arty class. At that point I rather see it go than having it be as useless as it is becoming. No damage, almost insignificant stun, and it still takes as much credits to play them (oh yeah -40k credits on a win with premium, feel the balance) and they still get few xp…

        The only positive effect is that personal missions can only get easier with this bs, so chances are I’ll get the remaining 3 ones I need with no efforts. Because now that they dont do damages anymore the missions can only really ask for assists and tracks.

    1. Nocomment says:

      Me niether, They seem to have been watered down Arty to the point that they are an occasional mild annoyance rather than any type of threat. The stun seemed like an ok Idea but it now imo does too little for not long enough and even that can be negated at will.

      Seems like a typical encounter will be.



      Keep doing whatever it is you were doing.

      Hit and stunned, lose maybe 0%-25% health: Either keep going or reverse into cover and hit medkit in either case

      Carry on doing what you were doing.


      P.s approx 5% of my games are in arty.

  6. madogthefirst says:

    “We don’t invent tanks and everyone knows it.”

    Lol. Of course not, you pay others to invent tanks and just go along with it.
    *looks at: most of the jap HT line, WT E100, E50M, T110E4, T28 Proto, and 59-Patton*

    1. Most of the Japanese HT line are actually real, even the “least real” tank has been a drawing by the US army i think. I Agree on WT E100, And E50 is just a semi invented tank as it merely got a “unhistorical modification”, Don’t know about E4, T28 prot is fake and 59- Patton used to be fake, but apparently there is some truth in it as has been recently found out.

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        It all boils down to what you call “real” then.

        “The in-game O-I “Experimental” is pretty much Wargaming creation that never existed” (from official Wargaming Wiki).

        FV 215b (not the 183mm) is officially fake: “No history exists for this tank as it was made up by Wargaming” (from official Wargaming Wiki).

        WT auf E100 is not just “semi invented”. It’s 100% fake: “There is nothing historically accurate about this tank, other than the separate existence of the E-100 chassis and the autoloading 150mm AA gun for stationary mounts. No proposal to mate them was ever known to be made” (from official Wargaming Wiki).

        VK 72.01? Fake: “The tank project is more likely nonexist” (source, again, is official Wargaming Wiki).

        New Bat-Chat 25t AP the way it is in game, is fake. WG Wiki states that “Work was discontinued at the preliminary design stage”. Both the looks and the characteristics are game designers’ fantasy because this tank didn’t exist even as a napkin sketch.

        And so on.

      2. The T110E4 is fake… mainly because the T110E3 in-game is actually the T110E4 design with the T110E5 being semi accurate (the hull on both are wrong and the cupola on the E5 is wrong)

  7. Lasix says:

    Who cares, these devs are obviously stupid. They contradict themselves.

    Nerf arty because of psychological effect, but will later fine tune stun based on numbers and figures.

    Will make change to tanks based on sandbox, but sandbox does not represent general population. You need to meet some conditions before you can apply for the sandbox, and be accepted by WG. The feedback from sandbox is just not useful.

    We don’t invent tanks, but we can fabricate parameters.

    1. MM says:

      No, they are not stupid. Job is hard. There are no easy solution and removeing the arty will kill the gameplay. Games will last 50-100% more. I will not play such game anymore. Many players will leave a nonstop useless campfast with tomatos with 750hp alpha guns in TDs on the red line/or corner waiting than someone rush them from the front.

      1. Artillery drop consumables similar to strong holds are an option. You’re right that it is a hard job and the removal of artillery is unlikely. I would like to note many players have already left due to the frustration of artillery and artillery doesn’t really stop td’s from red line camping. As many have stated in conjuncture with wargaming, artillery spends most of their games focusing players being active at the front of the battle because they are the ones being spotted.

      2. DankHEshells says:

        I doubt games will last longer. I’m in the top 98% of players on the NA server, and I consistently get kill my arty. This happens because I am extremely aggressive, which leads to constantly being a target for arty. In matches where arty is not present I typically end up carrying the match with a large amount of damage, and kills. I believe that removing arty would only help the game. When arty is not present I see maps like Prokorvoka come alive. Mediums tanks work the center hill, and heavies begin to get aggressive. When arty is present the map becomes a mega campfest.

  8. So to be clear…they are going to take the XP I’ve earned in my Combat Tier 9 T49 away, put it in the Bulldog where it’s worthless, and I’m supposed to say ‘thanks’ for the ‘new’ Tier 9 tank I which already own and the crew ‘retrained’ for it which was already there. What-The-Fuck WG? This logic might make the _smallest_ amount of sense for the WZ-132/WZ-132A, but for the T49, T-54lt, AMX 13 90, and Ru 251 you’re just stealing people’s hard work and XP unless they pay your gold ransom. Insulting and disgusting.

    1. PtitGibus says:

      I agree, a very strange way of thinking, the T49 moved to tier 9 but the Xp move down to tier M41 , I personally don’t have it any more, what will happen with the Xp (almost 200k), same with 1390, and T54LW, REALLY? with the wz132, I will be able to buy the Wz132A directly, thank to XP I already earn by playing, and that is logical, but moving up tanks one tier but leave back xp in 8, let me laugh, what did they smoke at WG?

      1. Fjordlund says:

        Except the new tier VIII’s will now lead to the respective tier IX mediums as the old tier VIII’s used to. So, for instance, XP accumulated on the T49 for the sake of unlocking the T54E1 will wind up on the M41 and still go to the T54E1. I honestly don’t see the problem here; the only negative to this is that no one is able to grind towards the tier IX lights before their release – and unless people are trying to do this, they have no real reason to keep on gathering XP for tier VIII lights if the respective tier IX’s are already unlocked. Hmm… That was a semi-long paragraph with several repeated words… Let’s repeat it all again in a TL;DR, I guess…

        TL;DR – If you are grinding through a tier VIII light to get the tank that’s already up next, your XP will go to said tank, no matter what. If you’re grinding out free XP, hoping it’ll eventually go to a new tank, you’re wasting your time.

  9. – We don’t invent tanks and everyone knows it.

    Thats straight up bullshit: T28 Prototype, T28, T110E4, the hull on all T110 tanks, PzKpfw VII/VK72.01K… and if it’s a real tank the armor is fake: all 3 Emil tanks, VK45,02a/b, Maus, E1100, etc

    Don’t know why they don’t just rebalance high penetration guns instead of unhistorically buffing armor of vehicles.

    1. That’s quite a few tanks you’ve listed, I’d very much appreciate wargaming releasing whatever reasoning they had for those tanks. To be fair, some of them do seem to be logical designs that might follow on a drafting board rather than a napkin or crayon drawing. I am 100% with you wargaming should rebalance guns in particular to premium ammo instead of unhistorical armor.

  10. I agree that the conversion of XP wins in premium tanks for XP free, sometimes it seems insulting, but if it were not so, we could search entire technological lines with a premium tank, without playing any time with any of the tanks surveyed, until Tier 10, WG does not want this…

  11. I honestly do not see what the problem is that there were tanks created for the game, which did not really exist, I particularly think, there could be a game mode in WOT where we could create our own Tier X tanks with parts of all The tier X tanks in the game, within each category, would be awesome. We could even design an entire tank, from scratch, containing the elements present in the game, forgive me for the imagination lol

    1. VladCelTroll says:

      That would be one of the coolest things. But balancing out horrendously OP tanks created by players will be a pain in the back.
      Plus, certain mounts (O-I turret on MT-25, for instance) are impossible.

      They could introduce it, but programming every bit of it will take ages.

      1. but seriously, I would rather them try to keep the game to historical tanks that existed on paper/napkin sketches at the least.

        They are going to add in fake tanks they should be at the least follow a set of design rules:
        – Based on real designs
        – Equipment should be historical to what was available during the time of the design it’s based off
        – Does not cause renaming of historical tanks (E.G. T110E4 = fake design using the real name of the T110E3)
        – Follows historical naming conventions and has believable stats (unlike the VK72.01K -> should be called the VK120.01K but even then there’s no way that with its armor it should weigh 120t)
        – No made up history (E.G. T28 and T28 Proto) / specifies that it’s an “artists impression”

      2. also;
        – limit to the number of fake designs per nation

        This let’s them flesh out tanks in a nation if they are missing a few to make a full line while not having too many fake tanks.

        For me personally what pisses me off about fake tanks is the fake history that WG writes for it as if they are god. That and using unhistorical values when the historical values would have more balanced *stares at Swedish HTs*

  12. Bricktop says:

    I’m kinda heartbroken that bulldog got its autoloader back and Spic didn’t. But hey, tier X lts may be worth losing my favourite tank

  13. yeah all this is fine and all promised since 2015 if you try to remember (and poorly translated

    just 2 new Maps in 3 years (both corridor & brawling – HT paradise only, sigh
    while remove/ delete 5 open Maps from game in same time period

    shame, shame WG
    you lazy self centered and uninterested ignore in your customers, cash obsessed Russian cocks

  14. yeah all this is fine and all promised since 2015 if you try to remember (and poorly translated

    just 2 new Maps in 3 years (both corridor & brawling – HT paradise only, sigh
    while remove/ delete 5 open Maps from game in same time period

    shame, shame WG!
    just go and put your Russian fat heads back in the sand (box

    1. To my knowledge we would see some new maps with the HD remake, i mean, there’s no point in releasing a new map now since all the other maps are in the process of being reworked to HD.
      It’s something i have picked up from somewhere so take it with a pinch of salt.

  15. Qwertz says:

    I just hope they change their mind about the exp accumulated on current tier 8 light tanks. It would be nice to keep the xp when they move a tier up, just to unlock the new tier 10…

  16. Saša says:

    “The only positive effect is that personal missions can only get easier with this bs, so chances are I’ll get the remaining 3 ones I need with no efforts. Because now that they dont do damages anymore the missions can only really ask for assists and tracks.”

    Trying SPG-10 for Obj 260 for the past 2400 battles …

  17. Liam says:

    Well wtf is the point of stun??

    “When talking about the stun everybody forgets about the new consumables with a cooldown, which instantly negate the effect of the stun and that they recharge.”

  18. Patata Caliente says:

    “We turned it into the so-called “area control unit”. Sounds like arties will be terribly boring to play in future.

  19. So, they think that 3-5-7 MM is going to balance game play? As long as one team ends up with more new and crappy players than the other team, there will be no change in the balance of the game. It’s as simple as that.

    As for the impact of possibly pulling arty from the match, TDs will take over for arty as the next one to be called “clickers”, OP, etc and demanded that they are removed. Then it will be mediums, then it will be either heavies or lights.

  20. Twinkinator says:

    I’m confused as to why they are moving the tier 9 light tank XP down to the tier 8. A lot of people probably have both of the tier 9 tanks that are researchable with the current 8s. I also distinctly remember the KV split when the KV-1 and KV-2 were introduced. Anyone that had the big turret on the KV got the KV-2 on the release of that patch. I think that if the tier 9 that the current tier 8 lights go on to isn’t researched, keep the XP at Tier 8, if the tank is researched, give the XP to the tier 9. No reason to give a tank XP if it can’t actually use it without converting it to free XP.

  21. ukmj says:

    – We don’t invent tanks and everyone knows it.

    Ya right!

    And I always thought they did, the only word that comes to mind is ‘Bollocks’.

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