WG Developer Stream- Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of the transcription of WG’s last developer stream:

On Ranked Battles

– We’re focusing on a short game cycle, ie Ranked Battles will reset once a week or so. We’re now discussing more deadlines.

– A good game in the losing team will be well rewarded. Playing well, you’ll move forward, regardless of your team. We will take into account not only the achievements of a particular cycle of fighting, but even more so for the long term, we will see who shows consistent results, how fast and how often they achieve top rank and try to reward those players further.

– Awards, what will they be – that’s something we really don’t want to announce. We have an understand that the “carrot” should be something very good, and it will be. It won’t be something like a marathon, to get some kind of tank. Most likely, it will be something new, and that you can probably ring into Random Battles.

– Initially, all this is for 10v10, at least at the start. It will be possible to expand to the 15v15 format. The maps will be the same as Random Battles.

– There will be big differences from warship ranks. It will go a lot faster.

– Being at the bottom of the winning team will not translate well to your progress. Ranks are a reflection of your personal contribution, not your team’s victory. Especially when you can get on 5 winning teams by AFKing 5 matches.

– I always lose, but I am in the TOP, so there is a growth in rank.

– In Belarus, we are trying to assess the contribution and the real skill players.



– For AP buffs, it’s something we thought long about, and with the Germans it happened, because there were already machines and modules that were already lying in the trash – Maus etc. Some wanted to make a fast pass for the machines that might need it, a dare clearly lagging behind: IS-7, T-44 … Alas, but not in 9.18
Now we are working on other branches, but it is impossible to speak directly to specific tanks at the moment.

– ST-I, we initially wanted to make a new mechanic, like Slava already discussed. This may not be what everyone is thinking about and discussing on the Internet now … There are some very interesting mechanics, cool and classy. 2 barrels – no more comments.

– People who play on their current (older) machines will be able to continue to play, even when we bring the new graphics. Of course, they can not achieve what’s shown in the screen shots and yes, what was shown will be even better when it launches. As it was, things on those machines will remain at 30 FPS.

– Our goal has always been to keep things at higher, playable FPS for slower machines.

– We have very high hopes for the new renderer.

– After 9.0 large FPS drops have been pretty insignificant.

– No feature or interface goes further or gets added if it has a significant effect on framerates.

– We are bringing in additional hands for test external teams. The main thing is not have any framerate in the first place on weak machines with the new graphics.

– We still have problematic machines, some were easy to fix, but there remained those machines that can not be fixed with a simple adjustment of certain characteristics; They need to be recycled. KV-5 is a prime example.

– This also applies to the T-54 First Prototype and IS-6, but with it a separate history it benefits. I believe that the preferential matchmaking is already quite comfortable in itself and is a great buff. PMM is a big problem for working with balance though.

– Cross chat was toxic, it was used only for insulting rivals or advertising clans. There are no plans for returning it, not even in the form of a tick box option, as many suggested

– We are working on “praise”. This has nothing to do with chat. Good feature to avoid complaining, but it is not in a very high priority.

– One of the most popular resolutions we have in the game 1368×768’13

– In two years I want in-game service-store mods. This thing in the works, and is part of the work on banned mods.

– Revising crews, this is a big thing. Yes, I really want to review the current perks and the mechanics of the game in general, but this is a very expensive decision in terms of resources, especially the question of converting things over. We have a million ideas, including national perks / perks for specific tanks / etc.

-Session statistics with a win rate, etc. and an alert in chat about the “arty targeting me” good stuff, as soon as we get the tools to do it, we could begin working on it.

– There is an in-game training tool that needs to be discarded and be completely remade, and we are working on it, there are no problems. We are going to lead the player by the hand. Thats is the first thing, the second is training the players, and how to make teaching better. We’re think about accessing the videos directly from the client, or at the forums, other things like that.

– Experience for tanking – there’s a lot of potential there for exploiting, so we really do not want to do that.

– We have a few ideas on what to do with team killers, we’ll experiment with them in Sandbox.

– After entering balance/matchmaker, we’ll look at the lower tiers  and try to fix that situation there.

– In general, there is a plan for going through Tiers 1 through 7 in terms of the growth of characteristics.  

– Hiding statistics won’t be coming not in the near future, but it will be possible. We know the pain.

– There will be a second season of Personal Missions.

– A very important goal for us was to achieve these new and better quality graphics without significantly affecting the framerates.

– We tried to preserve the current geometry when transferring the maps to HD.


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