WG EU Moderation adding fuel to a bonfire


I’m cutting the chase straight ahead, a few hours ago, I received the following email of a major storm happening on the EU forum:

Dear Rita,

My nickname is shishx_the_animal and I’m one the executive officer in the currently best clan on the European server.

The 5th campaign is in full swing and the drama is at its highest. A member from the team currently ranked 2nd has confessed (in Turkish but we translated) that he used illegal mods which are bannable (it pings on the map all the broken down objects). Catching a cheater is nothing new but we (the top clans on EU) had a good thread called “Frontline News” and it’s 1.5 years old. Everything clan related was documented there including a lot of smack talk, memes and videos. Due to recent events a certain Turkish mod and Community Contributor (vuque and someone called Br-something) did not like that the Turkish clan NOX** was discovered cheating. They didn’t do anything against that player but simply demoted him from combat officer to a private (wow such harsh punishment).

Here comes the best part. Due to NOX** guys being butthurt they found power and managed to get our Frontline news thread DELETED! They simply deleted a topic of around 800 pages to sweep everything under the rug. We created new topics to revolt the moderation of the WG Staff and they locked, deleted and banned a lot of people.

Finally, after the iron fist that was WG clamped down and closed down frontline news (A 1.5 year old thread with around 800 pages), frontline news v2, frontline news resurrected and various other threads,  we received a statement/topic by the glorious Community Coordinator called Ph3lan.


As you can see, he stated the reasons for said closure of frontline news, and the 7 day bans handed out for various players heavily involved with the forums. He signed off with asking us to “remember the purpose […] is to discuss clan related matters….”, but otherwise did not react to initial player concerns, and did not sanction the cheating player/clan in question.

Feel free to take a look here:


Yours truly,


It did catch my attention so I dove in and dug the video proofs:

In video Description:

“In 17th – 18th seconds of the video, a Nox** player marks the K8 and say his field commander: -Something was crashed in there. I think they are coming back.
Field commander says  -ok.
ı dont know the cheater one.
If you look at the positions of the noxus players on the map, nobody can see K8 from 700 meters.”

In Video Description:

The translation of their conversation:
in the 10th second
MrUn*** : Burak, spot him man. Where are you going?
N00B_KE*** : Shut up Erdem.
MrUn*** : Man, You should go there(and he marks the map). not there.(he implies his position on hill.)
N00B_KE*** : Stupid, I see where he goes via mode.
The streamer has a cough and shocked.
MrUn*** : So, tell me where he goes then.”

Now, the statement that Ph3lan gave is very concise and correct. I hate to agree with it, the forum rule 2.1 Paragraph 8 clearly states that Naming and Shaming is not allowed so, unfortunately, those who named the perpetrators while giving light of the issue in the forum had to receive  punishment although I find their ban time to be ridiculously exaggerated not to speak of the decision to close an old forum thread which had so much WoT history in it.

The main issue here is that the perpetrators (one of them is even a Turkish Community Contributor) haven’t received any sanctions and as I’m writing this, forum users are being censored right and left even when they haven’t done anything wrong and were just stating opinions about the topic in a thread, created by a WG staff about same matter by a “trigger happy” moderator(ion) that wasn’t even sure of what the issue was all about.

I kid you not, as soon he realised what he had done wrong he shut down the thread temporarily to fix his mistake and further erase even more posts from the forum users:

To all respect, I think RodDodgeUK mistook “miscommunication” with “misreading” the topic at hand. That would require and involve Ph3lan who honestly just had the misfortune to pick the short stick and who’s been out of office/offline for a few hours.

This is really sad, even I have refrained from writing my opinion in the thread, and so did many others, posts are being erased just as fast as people are writing them (pages upon pages were deleted) and I really wish I even had time to take screenshots, but this comment that was removed, for example, is it that offensive?


Probably the most offensive thing about that comment is the T22 rigging but even then…

This is just one of the reasons why you never really see me posting on the EU forum and only really go there when I’m summoned for official matters, I find the EU forum extremely uninviting.

Just before publishing this article I did a last refresh and felt compelled to share Domstadtkerl word’s which I couldn’t agree more with:

“And now my forum-ban is finally ended and I can post on this topic.

Seriously WG-mods, please do reconsider your idea of deleting that topic. For players like myself (and other long-term competitive players) the forums were an important part of the whole CW-business. Clan interaction are like the only fun part of this game anymore anyways. The game is 5 years old, do you seriously think we will go into General Discussions and talk about spotting system or armour layout anymore? Hello, no! We wanna talk to each other about the only battles that really matter. CW, campaign, tournaments, ESL, all the good stuff. Im pretty sure you cant silence this part of the Forums anymore anyways. Also ridiculous statements like “We will ban all of you, that try to talk about the Issue with the player that got caught cheat are more harming you than doing any good.

This part of the forums is a very good reason for me and other players to keep on playing your game. We are influencing thousands of players, who also want to be as good as we are, with our thinking/playstyle and stuff. Think before you try to turn down the few of the competitive community that is left.

Just delete the whole “Someone-got-caught-cheating”-Issue from Frontline News and bring us back our beloved thread. In the past there wer other incident regarding national slurs and such, where there was simply a moderator reminding us, that there are rules on this fourm. Why handle the issue differently this time?

Please show some cooperation.”

At this point, I do believe that WG EU moderation does owe an apology over the type of treatment they conducted towards the community.

And let’s not forget, the illegal mod users and players/clans involved haven’t yet received punishment.

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WG EU Moderation adding fuel to a bonfire

94 thoughts on “WG EU Moderation adding fuel to a bonfire

  1. wfschepel says:

    As usual, the moderation team is covering for people rather than actually moderating. Disgusting, really. It is also beyond belief that the ones actually CHEATING are still not punished in any shape or form.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Am i surprised? Fuck no, WG-EU is probably the worst 🙂
    They treat scandals with bigger scandals and then cover it up…

  3. Jack'o Donnell says:

    That’s why I don’t played WoT anymore and neither my friends. We moved to more balanced games where they take into consideration the community’s voice too in some way or an other.

  4. WG’s moderation staff treat fourm users like children “Well person A is saying mean things about person B so we should ban person A”

    I know why the name and shame rule is there, to prevent witch hunts, but what kind of moderation staff ignore CLEAR evidence and even CONFESSIONS of using illegal mods or some other form of cheating? WarGaming’s entire moderation staff need to be re-evaluated for their jobs.

  5. Player1 says:

    It’s funny, but the big things just missed here.
    Everyone is about a forum BAN and delete, but the bigest thing is that, CLANS GET ON CHEATING!
    This is what happening in CW at the moment. The 90% of the top 50 clan (and bellow) are CHEATING and WG doesn’t give a flying finger about it.
    They cheating, they get caught on, and they won’t get any panisment, they will get the tanks as usually, because the EU WG stuff don’t do they work. Don’t tell that that is possible that all the clan players can aim perfectly from 400m range on the tank soft spot in the hull and hit 4 times in the row. Or any other places. They are cheatig, and they know it, they are clear with it and they won’t get punished for it.

    And this is the saddest thing about this.
    If you don’t believe it, check out how many “big” EU clans go to the WG league, or other ESL championship! Kazna but no more then. G_G (and subclans), FAME, NOX HEFFY and the other are not going there, because they are cheating and they know it, and they don’t want to play cleare and prove themself as a player without the cheats.
    No mather who much replays sent to WG to show that these clans are cheating (aimbot, distruction mod and others) they doesn’t care about it. They let them do. And this is what makes people angry and toxic on forums and ingame, because they allowing them to do cheating and harm the game.

    1. pls_drink_bleach says:

      AME, NOX HEFFY and the other are not going there, because they are cheating and they know it,

      I hope you’re just talking like that because of the bleach. Clans aren’t participating in ESL tournaments but teams that have players from Clans. You have FAME players in the KAZNA ESL team, DiNG, UTOPIA, OOPS and so on and so on. Almost all Major League Teams have FAME members so your comment is ignorant and extremely retarded.

  6. 427Arbok says:

    I’m just gonna say this right now, the “naming and shaming” clause is the biggest heap of garbage I’ve ever heard of. Sure, it’s fine if it’s a matter of, “hey, look at this retard, watch how stupid he is” or something of the sort, where it’s just some piss-ant trying to make a big show and compensate for their woefully inadequate genitals, since there’s no reason to permit that and it’s really just assholery. But, when it’s about a game rules violation, that’s a different matter entirely.

    Frankly, if someone is caught violating the rules, with solid evidence, then let them be witch hunted. They deserve it. Whether it’s deliberate team damage, Schrader-style antics, or blatant cheating, it doesn’t matter. Not only should they be punished, they should be ridiculed. There’s a fundamental agreement, a genuine trust that every player in this game has to agree to: that we will all participate and play fairly. Betraying that trust isn’t just an offense to the players impacted, it’s an offense to every WoT player in the world. And doing that in CW? Inexcusable.

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