WG EU Stance on “Improved Aim”


WG EU stance on illegal mods appears to have changed overnight, they read my “Aimbot Mods seen as “Improved aim” by EU Support” article and contacted me soon after I became online this morning, this is what has been happening so far:


In my conversation with WG EU:

Apparently the CS staff (which were 2) responses were incorrect on the support tickets I had shown you (to put it in simple words…they didn’t bother to actually pay attention to the ticket and gave an incorrect response).

WG EU staff has kindly asked me to edit the article but I refused to, for the sole reason that with mistakes done or not, of course there are exceptions but most of EU Customer Support have been doing nothing to ban players who use illegal mods, EU CS staff doesn’t even know the difference between a live recorded battle and a replay (I kid you not, this is actually from a past experience I had with them), the lack of care or/and game knowledge by these people is alarmingly bad.

I understand that their salary levels are as nearly as bad as a Macdonalds worker but still, if you being paid for a contract you signed for, do your F*ing job.


MrConway checked with CS Lead when an illegal mod list came to subject:

“First of all, an apology for the incorrect information given by the agents in question.
We do of course have an internal list for CS to consult which kind of mod is OK to use and which isn’t, if anyone has conclusive proof that someone is using mods they clearly consider as being cheating i.e. the auto aim, they should report them to CS with all the proof they have.
CS will investigate each case and issue sanctions that are quite severe and obviously increase if it reoccurs but unfortunately it is hard for us to verify whether a person is using a certain mod, since we do not have access to their client and PC. But if it can be proven, action will be taken “

I do believe his words, its known that the company doesn’t have 100% control on the mod usage in WoT, but I actually would feel more compassionate if there was some care from his staff.

I still gave this answer back:

Make a public list and let the community help you with the data gathering, players are eager to but just feel they are not being listened to.
This is better than nothing.


I kept on pressuring them to make a public list and extended my hand to WG EU, offering full support if they go forward with my request, because the community deserves better than what we currently have.

I need to point out one thing, there are people inside of the EU office who have been advocates to make a public list too, none of them told me, this is just a hunch but from all the conversations I had with them, not just from today, I feel like somewhere along the path there is a superior someone/thing blocking their circulation, so please don’t put fault where it doesn’t belong.


EU Forum Responses

They are Basically all saying the same so I’m going to show you by languages:


Previous Statement






Update: The reported player has been banned


Customer Support


Overall, it feels like I (with your help of course) disturbed a spider’s nest this morning in the EU office, this is good, we did something here. Please do keep on sending me stuff like this whenever you find it (bugs, tickets, cheats, anything), we can do this together and I promise to keep a look on things.

Contact: ritastatusreport@gmail.com

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WG EU Stance on “Improved Aim”

47 thoughts on “WG EU Stance on “Improved Aim”

  1. Lapac says:

    Nice, and as i saw, that guy got banned, and kicked out of his clan too.

    So far i think i had like 20 replays that i got from players that i was 100% sure they were using aimbots, but i never wanted to upload them, just told them not to send me that crap anymore, but this replay with amx 30 was last straw, from now on i will upload any replay where there is player using aimbot, just like this one, and i will not hide their names.

  2. Finally….pulled their fingers out of their arseholes…
    Took fkn long enough…

    Now let’s see how long it lasts before the next money grab / prem tank is out and they forget all about this…

  3. I get it right they say that the auto aim is a cheat. The auto aim, not aimbot. So using WoT feature is cheating, right? T57 and T57 Heavy are the same tank according to this.

    1. There are plenty of legitimate mods around; an easy example is minimap spot/draw distance indication.

      Removing modding completely because a few lazy twats can’t be bothered to lern2play is overkill. What they SHOULD be doing is only allowing certain game assets to be overwritten.

      But then, this is WG…

      1. There are plenty of moddable games out there who have very good anti-cheat systems. One way would be to only allow signed mods by WG, but since WG can’t be bothered to do any actual work, they refuse to do anything about it.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Minimap spot/draw distance is one of the most usefull mods that vanilla players do not have. So IMO this should either be IN the game or banned.

    2. Swatdennis says:

      No, then I can not use my GUP voice mod that WG Asia provided to us!

      XVM is getting redundent because of that WG is now using the things XVM made me use it for, so that is a thing well done!

    3. Anonymous says:

      +1 for completely remove mods from WoT.
      But they will not remove that folder, for reasons. What do you think, who and how created those pay to use hacks? Exactly! This also explains why WG doesn’t want to reveal any blacklist. It’s business.

  4. Good news, there is no need for cheating in a game which has a main purpose to be an enjoyment for people playing it. There is absolutely no pride in winning by cheating, in fact it’s just chilsdish and sad.

    As for the CS, yes they should be doing the thing for which they are being paid for even if it’s for a bag of peanuts. I do understand if you get 100 tickets a day about one thing or another you don’t bother too much into reading them all very closely, some are just plain irritating too read like “Ooh god stupid another ticket to which I have too respond”

    On another note, I don’t like calling everyone a cheat or illegal mod user when I get hit but yesterday in an E75 I got hit by a T30 shell straight into the commanders hatch when he was in full retreat. Maybe it was just a very, very lucky shot or he used a illegal mod. I don’t have the replay unfortunately but after reading the posts about these illegal mods it makes me think If I have been the victim of this form of cheating.

    Let’s see how WG EU respond further to this filthiness in the game.

    1. Brumbarr says:

      Remember what an aimbot actually does, it makes the reticle stick to the tank, lead the target and automaticly aims at weakpoints. However , what it does NOT do is make you hit more accuratly, it does not make the reticle smaller or rng better. So if that T30 aimed at your hatch while he was retreating( which is not that hard) with an aimbot or not, the result is the same, the circle is big so its up to RNG to hit your cupola. You have to be really carefull with this, people start seeign cheats everywhere when there is none because of these mods when its often rng or good aiming skills.

      1. I know what an aimbot is and I didn’t say the mod makes you more accurate and it does not make the recticle smaller. As I already said, it could have been a lucky shot which everyone gets once in while. It could have been a mod or maybe not, I am not too bothered about and it probably was nothing. If it was yeah, I was a victim but I won the game anyway so no complaints 😉

        You really had to be me in my position or see the replay (which I haven’t got btw) to judge for yourself. In the end it’s just another point of discussion and debate.

    1. I think it depends on the region. McD over here in the Netherlands actually pays quite nice, but some of my overseas friends from the US tell a completely different story…

  5. Tozé says:

    I never saw or heard anyone complain at being banned from the game even though there is one thing to “report”. This shows the total shame that this game is and the total disregard that the WG team has for their users. Disgusting.

  6. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    And when you try to report someone through support ticket, with replays and screenshots, they are really fucking sorry, but gtfo and use in-game report system.

  7. I say that the list of banned mods should be public. That way, if someone uses an illegal mod, they get one strike. This would result in a temporary ban and an email and/or in-game pop-up informing them of the illegal mod and a link to the list of banned mods. If they continue to use the illegal mod, then give them a long ban. Having a secret list only allows for the “I didn’t know because nobody knows what’s legal and what isn’t” argument.

    I do hope that the autoaim+ mod changes their name. I hate the name as it can be easily confused with an actual aimbot. It’s really more of an auto-lock-to-center-mass-of-visible-enemy-tank-closest-to-center-of-reticle mod, but that is a terribly awkward name. I agree with a previous commenter who said that the autoaim+ mod is the same as the aimbot mod seen in the video is like saying that the T57 and the T57 Heavy are the same tank. Or that the T1 [Cunningham] and the T1 [Heavy] are the same tank.

  8. GhostUnitVII says:

    The only thing that I am concerned about over this is that players will also be wrongfully accused of hacking when they haven’t touch said Mod, so this may receive a lot of flack later on. As for Mods being illegal and what not, I think this is a section that isn’t controllable, as there are many mods out there that wargaming cannot keep track of, or some that are Clan exclusives, that are kept hidden from public servers.

    Hopefully Wargaming will get this poor sportsmanship sorted out, before the game becomes one big giant crater of stupidity caused by both Wargaming, and the community… No offense but nobody is perfect, and there are people out there who want nothing more than to see your fellow players account being wrongfully banned.

  9. Don’t be surprised if the Mod registration feature will be implemented into World of Tanks, Wargaming is currently trialling a feature where mod makers must register their mods with Wargaming and even though its been passed off as safe the mod will still be tested before WG gives the all clear, players who want to use the mod must still register the mod but WG will issue a ‘unique code’ that will activate the mod the player wants to use it by pasting the ‘unique code’ in a XML file, i also believe it is to stop Warpack as the people who developed a Warpack for World of Tanks has a working Warpack for World of Warships the feature i am speaking is of is currently under trials and was introduced when patch 0.5.3 was implemented, literally all mods like aim assist was disabled

    WG has indicated that come patch 0.5.4 for World of Warships the mod registration feature will be strengthened, you players who play on the EU servers should make WGEU implement the Mod Registration Feature

  10. tulakCz says:

    Schody by si měly nejprve zamést SAMI WG , z jejíma neférovýma ,zmanipulovanýma hrama ,a pak můžete řešit hráče.Ten A.Bot co trefí kaž dej tank? Pro normální účet scifi , pro VIP účet běžná věc.

  11. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    tbh, although I don’t support aimbot usage, I am afraid of people reporting unicums for good play, I get more than my fair shar of 6k+ games and I don’t want to constantly have my account under surveillance and or banned just because I play well. I have friends with 5k+ Wn8 recents and they would be certainly banned by alot of pubbies for “aimbot” when they are just filthy good players.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “unfortunately it is hard for us to verify whether a person is using a certain mod” and whos fault is this again? they have created a situation when basically anyone can cheat – with one in a million chance to get banned .. for 24 h…. i mean the system for mods/cheats is out of controll – wg basically trust players to not cheat, there isnt ANYTHING that stop people from doing it. great system , i do wonder if this may be a problem hmmm.

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      That’s the problem, unless the client is programmed to detect what mods are installed in it and the punishment is more severe (account wipe for example) for using aimbots, destroyed features on minimap etc people will continue to do it – they know there isn’t much chance of detection and if they are caught it’s a slap on the wrist. I don’t use dodgy mods because I have some self respect left but other people clearly don’t.
      They need a system where either the client can report what mods you’re using and compare it to a list of cheats, or mod registration like C12 says is happening in WoWS.

  13. Rita.
    A list wont help.
    I can google and download 5 cheats, start to play. there is NO CHANCE, 0% ,that someone can prove for example a maphack. aslong as i dont upload my replay on youtube there is NOTHING that can get me banned, since they CANT know. THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN IN ITS CORE. there is NOTHING Wg can do since they cant control what cheats/mods i am using. this is not a problem of wg support incompetence, the SITUATION WITH MODS is out of control. this needs to change, not policy , not hiring , not attitude (tho this is also a problem but the core of the problem still remains).

  14. SEA_survivor says:

    Now, if only we could get WG SEA (Tanitha) to remove their head from their nether regions and crack down on this sort of thing, instead of trying to ignore it and hope people will just put up with it.

    They won’t of course…The server population is dependent on these sorts of “players” to remain “viable”, sadly.

    1. Migsaec says:

      Its not like them having aimbots improve their skill anyway, there are cases where the aimbot will not help at all. Like armor that they can never penetrate with their guns.

  15. Migsaec says:

    “they didn’t bother to actually pay attention to the ticket and gave an incorrect response”
    So, staff that doesn’t actually do their work properly. No wonder EU customer service has a terrible reputation.

    I personally don’t really care, using aimbots just makes their shooting competent. If they don’t use their armor or mobility well, aimbot or not, they are never going to do well. The tanks ain’t just about their guns.

  16. kilo_india_alpha says:

    Sorry Rita,

    but you do not believe that, do you? I mean the reactions of the CS have been consistent over the last few years and that indicates that there must have been an order to ignore the issue and not fight the aimbots/cheat mods.
    Stating something else and saying that the information from the CS was wrong is just a lie to calm you down. You should have asked which part of the answer had been wrong and how it is possible that wrong answers had been given for at least 12 month. The point of view of WG EU was that there are no cheats and everyone has to evaluate whether the mods they use are ok or not. And that is basically what the CS people were saying in the original ticket.
    And if you are interested in finding out whether something has changed or not there is a thing you can do. Wait till the dust has settled and send a ticket again and see how the CS reacts. I bet you will be back to where we have started then.

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      Yes, that’s the mod the EU CS staff thought was being reported because reasons.
      All that does is make it easier to lock on to enemy targets, it does not improve accuracy, lead targets or search modules/weakspots.

  17. My worst experience in WoT was to be banned accused of using ‘an illegal mod’. I just use the Aslain modpack. And I was for several weeks trying to get them to fix their some point mistake. Weeks later they realized their script (?) was wrong.
    Sincerely, that feeling of false accusation and the impossibility to talk (too many automatic responses) was very very disappointing, frustrating and gives you the sensation that you and your years account are totally indefense.

  18. Cyber says:

    Say someone had a compilation of solid evidence of specific people using “hack” mods, how should they go about contacting you, or wargaming?

  19. Hi, my name is Maggz and I am one of the biggest cheaters in the game. I also produce some of the best cheat mods in World of Tanks, like my ANVIL aimbot which you can buy for $10. I have been reported to Wargaming numerous times with proof of my cheat mod website, replays of me using cheat mods and even Teamspeak recordings where I talk about my mods and how much Wargaming doesn’t care, won’t do anything, etc. I also have a great radar mini map mod, but I won’t sell it to you because I’m better than you. Anyways, have a nice day and if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying! Hate mail is always appreciated: mpeck1975@gmail.com

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