WG EU Stance on “Improved Aim”


WG EU stance on illegal mods appears to have changed overnight, they read my “Aimbot Mods seen as “Improved aim” by EU Support” article and contacted me soon after I became online this morning, this is what has been happening so far:


In my conversation with WG EU:

Apparently the CS staff (which were 2) responses were incorrect on the support tickets I had shown you (to put it in simple words…they didn’t bother to actually pay attention to the ticket and gave an incorrect response).

WG EU staff has kindly asked me to edit the article but I refused to, for the sole reason that with mistakes done or not, of course there are exceptions but most of EU Customer Support have been doing nothing to ban players who use illegal mods, EU CS staff doesn’t even know the difference between a live recorded battle and a replay (I kid you not, this is actually from a past experience I had with them), the lack of care or/and game knowledge by these people is alarmingly bad.

I understand that their salary levels are as nearly as bad as a Macdonalds worker but still, if you being paid for a contract you signed for, do your F*ing job.


MrConway checked with CS Lead when an illegal mod list came to subject:

“First of all, an apology for the incorrect information given by the agents in question.
We do of course have an internal list for CS to consult which kind of mod is OK to use and which isn’t, if anyone has conclusive proof that someone is using mods they clearly consider as being cheating i.e. the auto aim, they should report them to CS with all the proof they have.
CS will investigate each case and issue sanctions that are quite severe and obviously increase if it reoccurs but unfortunately it is hard for us to verify whether a person is using a certain mod, since we do not have access to their client and PC. But if it can be proven, action will be taken “

I do believe his words, its known that the company doesn’t have 100% control on the mod usage in WoT, but I actually would feel more compassionate if there was some care from his staff.

I still gave this answer back:

Make a public list and let the community help you with the data gathering, players are eager to but just feel they are not being listened to.
This is better than nothing.


I kept on pressuring them to make a public list and extended my hand to WG EU, offering full support if they go forward with my request, because the community deserves better than what we currently have.

I need to point out one thing, there are people inside of the EU office who have been advocates to make a public list too, none of them told me, this is just a hunch but from all the conversations I had with them, not just from today, I feel like somewhere along the path there is a superior someone/thing blocking their circulation, so please don’t put fault where it doesn’t belong.


EU Forum Responses

They are Basically all saying the same so I’m going to show you by languages:


Previous Statement






Update: The reported player has been banned


Customer Support


Overall, it feels like I (with your help of course) disturbed a spider’s nest this morning in the EU office, this is good, we did something here. Please do keep on sending me stuff like this whenever you find it (bugs, tickets, cheats, anything), we can do this together and I promise to keep a look on things.

Contact: ritastatusreport@gmail.com

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