about the recent incident over the EU forum, Ph3lan has given the following statements:

“Hey guys!

In the past we were somewhat lenient with the rules in the clan section. We relied on the clan leaders to keep people in line and ensure that the discussion remained civil. All the racial slurs, bigotry, naming and shaming etc. that could be witnessed in this section – and the front line thread was a good example of this – clearly shows that this tactic was not working. We don’t condone this type of behavior in any other section and we won’t condone it in the Clan section either! As always, you guys are free to discuss clan matters in a civil manner and you are of course free to start a new, clean thread to discuss inter-clan topics. However I’ve instructed the moderators to pay special attention to this section for now to ensure that the forum rules are observed. Please be aware that the mods will be extra vigilant in handing out severe sanctions. I know that you guys are used to this section being more loosely moderated than the rest of the forums, but ultimately this approach will ensure that everybody will get the chance to have a safe place to partake in the clan discussions.”

“Update: We understand that you guys are very passionate about the original “front line news” thread. As I mentioned before the thread has been the perfect example of why we should pay more attention to the moderation of the clan section, however we understand that you guys don’t want to lose the actual worthwhile discussion that happened in there.

The moderators are currently working on cleaning the thread so we can restore it without all the posts that violated some of the forum rules. Since this will be quite a challenge, it will take some time.

As soon as the thread is clean we will reopen it and you will be able to use it to discuss clan related matters again. Until then, hang tight, follow the rules, and don’t forget that we will pay way more attention to what’s going on in this section. “


I’m pleased to read that the WG EU has decided to pull back on the decision to permanently close a WoT history enriched thread, the toughing up of the moderation as for now its to be expected and I only hope that this time they don’t delete people unfairly like it was witnessed nights ago.

I assume that can speak for and say thank you from the EU community and mostly forum users to WG EU for showing, at least some, cooperation.


Still, no word, investigation or sanction has been yet performed on the illegal mod users, including the TR CC involved.


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