about the recent incident over the EU forum, Ph3lan has given the following statements:

“Hey guys!

In the past we were somewhat lenient with the rules in the clan section. We relied on the clan leaders to keep people in line and ensure that the discussion remained civil. All the racial slurs, bigotry, naming and shaming etc. that could be witnessed in this section – and the front line thread was a good example of this – clearly shows that this tactic was not working. We don’t condone this type of behavior in any other section and we won’t condone it in the Clan section either! As always, you guys are free to discuss clan matters in a civil manner and you are of course free to start a new, clean thread to discuss inter-clan topics. However I’ve instructed the moderators to pay special attention to this section for now to ensure that the forum rules are observed. Please be aware that the mods will be extra vigilant in handing out severe sanctions. I know that you guys are used to this section being more loosely moderated than the rest of the forums, but ultimately this approach will ensure that everybody will get the chance to have a safe place to partake in the clan discussions.”

“Update: We understand that you guys are very passionate about the original “front line news” thread. As I mentioned before the thread has been the perfect example of why we should pay more attention to the moderation of the clan section, however we understand that you guys don’t want to lose the actual worthwhile discussion that happened in there.

The moderators are currently working on cleaning the thread so we can restore it without all the posts that violated some of the forum rules. Since this will be quite a challenge, it will take some time.

As soon as the thread is clean we will reopen it and you will be able to use it to discuss clan related matters again. Until then, hang tight, follow the rules, and don’t forget that we will pay way more attention to what’s going on in this section. “


I’m pleased to read that the WG EU has decided to pull back on the decision to permanently close a WoT history enriched thread, the toughing up of the moderation as for now its to be expected and I only hope that this time they don’t delete people unfairly like it was witnessed nights ago.

I assume that can speak for and say thank you from the EU community and mostly forum users to WG EU for showing, at least some, cooperation.


Still, no word, investigation or sanction has been yet performed on the illegal mod users, including the TR CC involved.


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  1. Jan says:

    Lesson to be learned: Once the thread is restored, copy it to a non-wg forum and continue the chat outside wg control. The sooner the better.

  2. Nya-chan Production says:

    “Still, no word, investigation or sanction has been yet performed on the illegal mod users, including the TR CC involved.”

    Nobody. Will. Ever. Get. Banned. For. Posted. Video. On. Forums.

    What is that tough about understanding that? It’s not in their job description and it’s not in their competence and it’s not within their manpower if they actually did it.

  3. Nick Eyre says:

    its still bullshit, with the “Crackdown” on cheaters and those videos were the proof, name shaming or whatever whats more important here? cleaning the game of cheaters and illegal mods or the cleanliness of the forums highlighting the problem?

  4. SMGJohn says:

    Rita why do you not make a post about how World of Tanks is dying on all servers?
    Its losing players like mad now, all my friends stopped playing I have not touched the game in a long time.

    There massive issues with the game itself, a massive number of design decisions that one might wonder if WG has hired people with serious lack of a brain to design this new game.

    They target the wrong audience, keeps forgetting the playerbase that made them successful to begin with.
    Issues that are 4 or more years older that STILL has not been fixed to-date and keeps getting ignored, humongous game balance issues including an influx of glass cannons and now we see even more glass cannons with the Swedish tanks instead of fixing armour they give more pen to every tank.
    Completely dismissing historical accuracy completely, tanks are now fiction, not asking for a simulator here but remember, remember back when we started playing WoT! It was TANKS, and not just any tanks but inter-war and WW2 tanks! They were big, had armour and big guns and were slow.
    Its like mario kart now.

    I mean, damn, I really liked this game but these days its like CS GO but with tanks they are going to continue rising that camera height until its on the moon just so everything can happen a little faster.
    Kids are not interested in tanks, but they keep pushing the game on them and by that they loose their playerbase they first targeted, older people like hardworking men and women and older teens.
    These kind of people have an interest in tanks and machines, kids just wants to shoot something but not in tanks this is why Counter Strike GO is so successful.

    Please make a post on this, needs to be said and it needs to be shown, WG needs to bring back the old team, remove everything that should never been added in the first place, go back to their roots! And make World of Tanks what it used to be, a tank game and not a Mario Kart with guns.

    1. Joe G says:

      I’ve almost completely stopped playing ever since the accuracy nerf a couple years ago. I don’t think it’s been fixed as many of my shots still go straight into the dirt when I’m fully aimed, especially on non 100% crews. I’ve spent a lot of money on WoT before that, 11k battles, and now it just isn’t fun. Hell, I prefer blitz to normal WoT now.

      1. whitesample says:

        Was it a nerf or a buff?
        I think that it was inconsistent.
        Full aimed shots went lulz
        Not aiming full speed whilt turning the turret shots always hit.

        And thats… bad.

    2. Anon says:

      Not true since they keep british tank armor as accurate as possible, what’s that? You think we are being anglophobic? THREAD DELETED! 🙂

    3. King_Viper says:

      I mean I think the game could be better but I get catered to if I do good, like the cw tanks, t-22 other clan shit, gold and some free stuff. And the reason cs:go is popular is it’s like cod it’s more common than wot and easier to play all you need to do is shoot a guy and they take damage in wot you actually need to learn to do shit to do something, blame society for not wanting to learn shit, so intelligence is also a thing. So the game is dying cause the questionable pay to win doctorine like the skorp, Patton kr with the buff, t26e5 and amx m4 49 is a thing.

      1. Tjtod says:

        I think this is the first time I heard CS:GO being described as easy. Ease of play doesn’t equal popularity, just look at DOTA style game, the learning curve is huge and its one of the most popular genres today.

  5. WOZ says:

    People are the worst. They make it so hard to police. People will report people for not playing how they want, or being arty…or I don’t know. .anything.
    So many racial slurs, so many hate and rant posts. Surely if you take a pic of the message and email the message that should be enough.

  6. wolvenworks says:

    good thing we don’t have that many cheaters in SEA. just the usual horde of VPA and a vast amount of noob scum using gold shells. though i DO feel the need to vent out after WG cut out allchat (so i can’t taunt my enemies anymore over how much they suck)

    1. wolvenworks says:

      at least you can still trust the indonesian clans. they’re just here to have fun and lolz, because that’s how we roll; having fun while jeering our mates =D

  7. Sir_Lanzenschrott says:

    “I only hope that this time they don’t delete people”…


    Did i miss something here?
    Because they only can delete an account in this virtual world of the “www”.

  8. OopSAA says:

    We discuss the moderation of a forum trheat, but we lose track of the real problems. It starts with the lame passive attitude from WG towards the illigal mods (and other issues). Now that there is so much public attention by streamers like the QuickyBaby’s and the Rita’s and…. WG certenly feels the urge to do some thing, but the problem is known for years! It look like they will only do some thing when the public pressure is very high.

    Further more WG had a serious problem with self reflection. The frist thing in mind is to shut-up criticasters and put a lid on the subject. Must be old school Russian behaviour or some thing. Transparency is some thing they need to Learn I guess.

    It’s time to het rid of this reactive behaviour and show some pro-active behaviour.

  9. Jimbo says:

    Forum moderators have always been a joke and a disgrace. They selectively moderate and ban and let the rest of the forum become a cesspool that befits and compliments WarGaming’s mentality.

  10. Bob says:

    A think the sooner this game ceases to exist. The better for all parties. WG could not give actoss about this game now. They have robbed you off your money and continue to do do.

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