WG Explores: War Memorial of Korea

Hello everyone, World of Tanks Asia has released a new video.

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WG Explores: War Memorial of Korea

3 thoughts on “WG Explores: War Memorial of Korea

  1. CrochetyOldGit says:

    Thanks for this. My Dad was a British soldier fighting there ( Royal Fusiliers). He hasn’t spoken much about his experiences during this conflict to us ‘kids’ , except for a huge respect of the US M.A.S.H units which treated him after a grenade exploded nearby.

  2. marlekin says:

    Not a bad vid but…. to my understanding the Churchill’s and Centurions showed off some pretty nifty hillclimbing during this war, pulling of some unique operational moves nobody else could with their armor. The Centurions in particulair being bad ass, as the 8th Hussar’s Centurions even “ran red with the blood of dead Chinese” at one point.

    So I was sure the video would start about British armor after the T-34-85, American and Chinese armor, but the vid showcases some planes and a boat instead. I get that the Korean War Museum doesnt have a Centurion or Churchill on display, but not even a mention at all? Come on.

    1. I did find that a bit curious. The Centurion was a pretty important tank in this war, especially against the Chinese. Maybe they arbitrarily decided to talk about the 2 or 3 of the most numerous tanks on each side? No idea.

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