WG Fair Play Ban Breakdown

Good day everyone,

A short time ago we posted about a wave of bans across WGs WoT servers as part of their new ‘Fair Play’ policy. While a few numbers for bans were put up, a few asked for a bit more info. Well, we got some new info here (mostly EU focused):

Total Bans by Server:
• RU: 15937
• EU: 2869
• NA: 252
• SEA: 115

EU Specific Info:
• Total number of bans: 2.869
• 0.06% of the players for the server
• 0.23% of active players
• Average W / R banned players: 48.52%
• Average W / R players across server: 48.65%

TOP 10 clans bans
• ZEYS-: 11
• Croat: 9
• NBFR: 8
• SM4RT: 7
• OMYOI: 7
• GVA: 7
• _ELF_: 7
• FENYX: 7
• T-DB: 6
• BGZMP: 6

Of course, what does it say when the average win rate for cheaters is below that of the general server population? Perhaps there was a reason these guys/gals felt compelled to cheat.

Good luck out there, and watch what you download.

Source (and source for the source)

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WG Fair Play Ban Breakdown

86 thoughts on “WG Fair Play Ban Breakdown

  1. gskgrek says:

    Every single portal points out W/R difference but it’s only 0,13%. It means nohing. Avarage W/R of cheaters and normal players is just the same.

      1. “The point is that if you have higher win rate sooner or later it will become smaller and closer to 49 – 50 % values.”
        Do yourself a favor and keep your imaginary pseudo science to yourself.

    1. Rapicas says:

      The important thing in this statistics is that it isn’t higher. Because some people (especially bad players) think that unicum players are all cheating. This proves them wrong. (Even if this kind of person will just find another excuse for being bad like, Wargaming would be targetting bad players only for some reason).

      1. GrimmReaperBG says:

        It doesn’t proves them wrong, it proves them being utter idiots. The average Joe, who is tomato warrior by all means (sry guys, but achieving lesser than 50% WR in a game, where bots that are just starting the battle and being afk in it manage to do these 50% wr is pure idiocity) uses cheats in order to obtain missing skills in players, who are accused in cheating from that same average Joe. If it wasn’t that sad it would be funny…

      2. Tommy_Gun says:

        Well… If somebody has win-rate higher than let’s say 50% and has like 20K + battles can simply mean one thing – he/she is playing some other game modes (not only randoms).

        MM and RNG are constructed in a certain way, so it is extreemly dificult to achive win ratio lower than 45 % and higer than 50 %. Avareg win rate on EU is 49.14 %

        The only thing that this list prooves is this: 95% of players in this list are in a clan (any clan).
        btw. This list is like 0.06 % of all players and 0.23 % off active players. It is too little for any statistical measurement to be accurate.

      3. SerB's Rasp of Nerf says:

        @Tommygun: I have a 52.5% winrate and have played 24,440 battles. One of them was a team battle when it came out. I’m far from a unicum, light green on XVM so that is simply false.

      4. Tommy_Gun says:

        Solo or in platoon of 3 premiums with unique mm with gold ? 😀 xD

        Anyway you are in a small group of better players (btw. congratulations ). The point is that if you have higher win rate sooner or later it will become smaller and closer to 49 – 50 % values.

        There will be always players to stand out (above average). But that is only a small % of all players. What I simply mean is that vast majority of players in wot has win rate between 45 – 50 %.

        btw. have you tried to drive only one tank in a row for like 30 – 40 battles ? No matter how good you are you wont have above 50% win ratio out of that.

      5. Tommy_Gun says:

        @KINCH07 @EU
        Exactly. 15K battles. Read my previous post. Around 20K battles (assuming you will only play randoms for next 5K battles) you will have lower win ratio than you have now.

      6. Homer_J says:

        TOMMY_GUN you are an eejit. I have over 20k, nearly 54% win rate, almost all solo pub, and I’m not even very good.

      7. Tommy_Gun says:

        eejit = idiot ? rly ? Now We are offending each other ?! Ok… maybe you don’t get it…
        My point is:
        That average win ratio (on EU) is 49.14% Assuming this is correctly calculated (using Weighted arithmetic mean) This mean that vast majority of players is around that value (49.14%) 45 – 53 %. This also means that there are extreme values (players either awfully low WR or awfully good WR). Still those players (bad and good) are an extreme minority of all players.

      8. Fraggy says:

        Assuming the total population of WoT behaves like the total population of virtually everything else, the skill level and win rate per player will be able to be plotted on a graph. That graph would likely look like a Bell Curve in some form ( wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bell_Curve ). That graph generally describes that 50% of the population will fall in the middle (average player), 20% will be good and 20% will be bad, 5% will be really good (good to unicum) and 5% will be really bad (t0mat0 and grey).

        The blanket statement that everything tends towards 50% for a good player or a population of all players over time, is a little too generalized, most people would therefore not accept it as a true statement as generalizations miss describing the interesting bits (unicum & t0mat0)..

  2. Anonymous says:

    And all players of big clans like KAZNA, FAME, NOXUS, WHYOU, G2G, 5TAR5, ANV, G__G, S4, SANTI who are all using aimbots and others totally illegal mods are not bann, WG know pertinently that those players use illegal mods. Game would be better if they banned the right players….

    1. Matei33 says:

      I play with play at clan wars with FAME.WHYOU.G__G.S4. all cheeters,every game they now where we are ,where we gone come, just feels like you dont have a chance but against the ods we had some good tactic and still win a few games(all wins on defense mod:)but a win is a win)i hope they wil trim top clans for cheeters.

    2. Matei33 says:

      I play with at clan wars with FAME.WHYOU.G__G.S4. all cheeters,every game they now where we are ,where we gone come, just feels like you dont have a chance but against the ods we had some good tactic and still win a few games(all wins on defense mod:)but a win is a win)i hope they wil trim top clans for cheeters.

    3. Ency says:

      Wg is not banning them as they are not using cheats. Install all cheat mods on your Pc for wot in world and you will stil not reach unicum level.Without skill and knowing of game play its not possible

  3. party1c says:

    0,23% of active players? come back with 15% and i might start to belive that you actually try to do something about it, wg.

    i have roughly played 50k battles, half of them in top100 clans/eu. the higher you go the more players use cheats, especially the “breakables”-mod is widely spreaded among warleads, because thats a garanteed win without beeing to obvious.

    start to take sirious actions, we all know its possible.

    1. Could you imagine more than 1 of every 10 of your clan mates being banned as a cheater? Because that’s what 15% looks like. The canadians for example suffered 10% losses in WW II and those were some atrocious losses. Don’t even get me started on the loses of the main players of WW II.

      Also, a lot of those are just “you cheat because you have good stats” innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around Stalin.

      1. I believe I said MORE than 1 out of 10, because 15 out of 100 or 3 out of 20 wasn’t that catchy and relevant to canadian casualties in WW I. But thank you, you reminded most people don’t know how to read so next time I’ll do some better research to find a nation that did suffer 15% casualties in a war.

      2. Party1c I do not believe you should create a death squad, SS, or KGB moderator group and purge players for a made up quota you set for yourself like Stalin or Hitler did. Did you know Russian KGB would convict some innocent civilians because that’s what their superiors expected to consider them as active officers? All I am saying is that to ban a player you need to trial players as innocent first and work with existing evidence instead of planting incriminating mods for some crazy 15% ban quota. Even the police in america aren’t that crazy with only .91% of the adult population in jail over 3 years.

      3. Feel free to try and at least quote something that I said that even hints toward the suggestion that I did not want cheaters to be banned, I would love to clear up any confusion that you might have found with reading my comment.

    2. GrimmReaperBG says:

      And I think that you know a shit about this game. I have for real almost 50k battles, I was each and every big campaign in top 30 clans, I have played ( and streamed) with some of the best players in the server and never saw one of them using mods, they do play vanilla (as I do which u can see on my stream). I bet you are some ~2000wn8 bob, who believes that he should be atleast 4000 wn8, but RNG, bad MM and secret mechanics made especially for him to not brake the 2400 wn8 barriere are all together emerged to prevent him from achieving unicum status.

      1. party1c says:

        ye ye sure… everyone who adresses some real problems with cheating is just a tomato who thinks he should be better… 😂😂😂 i know a lot of unicums myself who play vanilla. but i also seen a lot of strange things happening in cw and fortification, like “my team unspotted, wall breaks, all turrets of enemy team turn in that direction imediatly”-kind of bullshit. thats what is happening out there.

      2. Arkham’s razor, Party1c, sometimes the problem is that you’re point of view is too shallow to figure out that your actions are obvious. Plenty of times when I platoon or play some kind of team match an enemy team’s line up or actions in battle will speak light years of what they are trying to do. A good caller will generally have a strong plan of getting as many of his guns in play with as few of the enemy’s guns in return. It’s not cheating when your opponent is as dumb as a sack of rocks and there isn’t any kind of magical spotting, just better crew skills, not exposing spotting points, and using bushes to get the upper hand.

  4. Siders says:

    WG should ban the right players who use cheats like all big clans like KAZNA, SANTI, ANV, G2G, G__G, 5TAR5, FAME, WHYOU, NOXUS, S4, BABA who those players are most of them using totally illegal mods and WG knows it but don’t ban them. The game would be better if the real cheaters were banned

      1. party1c says:

        wtf… calm your tits kid. asking for cheaters to be banned and telling our very own expirience and knowledge about how many players use forbidden mods has nothing to do with hitler or stalin. and im not even talking about mods that are forbidden now, but have been in every major modpack a month ago. stop posting, you just make yourself look more stupid and confused with every word…

      2. Well, Hitler and Stalin told their very own experience and knowledge of how many impure Germans and hostile insurrectionists lived in their respective countries. Nothing wrong with that. Look where that got them. They’re remembered in history as the greatest men alive, especially by Neo Nazis. Okay haha, I guess I am throwing some low blows here to get people like you in the gut.

        This comment here is perfectly fine, freedom of speech, wonderful, no banning quota’s to meet, and no “let’s purge ‘so and so clan’ because we know there are cheaters in their midst because we say so.” Just working to remind you that word of mouth is good for getting a moderator to look into a suspected cheater but certainly not enough on its own to get someone banned.

        Can’t make too much of a comment on how to find a mod pack for cheating, no experience of such, sorry man. But calling me a kid, stupid, or confused is really hurtful 🙁

    1. pixywing says:

      It’s not that they can’t afford to ban from the NA server its that they don’t have any players to ban. The server got 55k easy back when the game was in its prime in 2013 and now struggles to get 20k during a x5.

      1. legit statistics from a cheating mod site, trust much. But honestly, you don’t have to ban 150k players even if they were cheating. Just sending a message by banning the population of a small town will discourage cheaters and you have no idea what warnings any cheaters have already recieved to get them to play honestly. If you ran a game, or anything really, would you kick out a large portion of your population or find a way for the most efficient of bans for the biggest results?

  5. Gunner says:

    tip of the iceberg that, wargaming are letting a lot of top clan players to still cheat as the money they get from them clans is too much to turn down.

    1. TankYouVeryMuch says:

      Except top clans do not pay WG any money because they get all the gold they possibly need from CW’s or tournaments.
      You can clearly see that the WR of players using cheats is similar to avg server winrate. I’m not saying that there are no players in let’s say top 50 clans using cheats, I’m sure there are but the very top clans look down on cheating.

  6. The monkey says:

    I have downloaded all overall and 30 day stats for the players from a giant web query and will do the same in 30 days time. That will show exactly what impact cheats have on performance (assuming they play and assuming they don’t carry on cheating). Watch the forum on 7th January for the answer. BTW they’re 30 day average wn8 is 1155, they play tier 7 and score 939 dmg per game.

  7. perji says:

    You do realize this was a move like the T-22 bans, they banned a few unlucky people to make everyone shut the fuck up while in the background nothing really changed.
    If you really think there were only 3k cheating players out of 20 million accounts, with ~ 200k -300k players on every evening, you have no idea what world you live in.
    And maybe that’s better for you.

  8. botmang says:

    Omg, the ignorance of some of the people is amazing.
    If you guys think that really 15k bans from a userbase with 3mil concurrent players daily on Ru server is adequate… Well it’s not.
    I’m one of the field commanders in top clan in my region, currently placed in top 130 in clanwars event on ru server eastern front. And let me assure you – almost everyone cheats. Most of the people from my clan have deleted all or most of illegal mods since the announcment of incoming bans, but a hefty few still uses them. And guess what? Nobody got banned. I still use tundra (removal of bushes), but have deleted reload timers above tanks and destructions on minimap. Oh and I have botted for years with both tankleader and wotbot – nobody cares, except for my ruined stats now.
    And I know for a fact that 90% of clans use at least minimap destruction mods for sure. It is expected from any team to have at least one or two players with that mod, or you will be playing with severe disadvantage.
    Trust me. My clan took prizes from last three events (current one, birth of titans and asian typhoon), all while cheating and every other clan cheating, and no one is doing anything about it.

    1. No need to ban everyone, just enough to show the bans are real so people uninstall illegal mods. Otherwise, attacking too many mods would cause the rapid development of harder to track illegal mods and you’re back at square 1. Gotta admit, the good it has done is a lot better than a Stalin sized purge or maybe you’re one of those people that would cut off their own arm at the notice of an infection instead of proper medical care. It also does not say how many players have recieved warnings. Otherwise, the mod for tracking destructable objects is illegal and you are assisting with cheating if you do not report players that are using the mod. More often than not, it is just paranoia that makes people believe they are using an illegal mod. It really isn’t hard to look at an enemy team lineup and figure out what they’re doing or see a tree fall in the distance.

    2. If there is a will, there is a way. It doesn’t take long to get around that by just going into your game and creating another folder and linking it to the UI in game, certainly will take effort but eventually you can make an easy to download modpack for creating a res mod folder. Plus you condemn all the helpful mods out there like those that help you sort things in your garage.

  9. morganakis_gr says:

    i know few players from first clan. yes they probably use cheats. but it’s strange that only average players banned.probably wg don’t want to ban top clan player because then the event will be a bad joke . and all top clans use cheats or they have psychics or they can travel in time to see the course of the battle and always know where the enemy tanks go in every map and from what side they can win the battle. ban some random players is only sand in our eyes.

  10. tyrranus says:

    small difference of WR between banned and server average means that cheats may make the game more comfortable but are not a “I win” button.
    Or that almost everyone uses “cheats”

    tbh I think almost all of the cheats would make the game better if implemented as an option and I would prefer to everyone have them than not to have them at all. And histery among “virgin” players means just that they overestimate the importance of them.

    And with top clans – if everyone uses destructables, than you have to or you are out of the game. Simple as that.

  11. OopsAA says:

    Those numbers are after the announcments. I bet it’s Just a small fraction of the numerous players who used before the ‘Fair Play’ policy. In my opinion it was also cheating back then and they knew it.

  12. DZ says:

    I am convinced that the only people who post on here, are sub 500 WN8 players with nothing better in life to do other then blame everybody else for you being bad at what you do. you people are pathetic nerds

    1. Got your SUB right here says:

      Relax Frances, We are all convinced you are a brand loyalist with nothing better in life to do other th”a”n judging people by Virtual stats from a Video Game. Go outside and interact with people.

  13. pixywing says:

    Who cares about stats for a casual game mode. This is like caring about someone’s win rate in Causal for Hearthstone, unranked win rate in League of Legends, DotA, Cs:Go, WC3, the list goes on. No one cares about your 95% win rate in team builder with zed when you still can’t pull yourself out of Bronze 2 in ranked. The fastest way to get credits and exp is to run a tank down the middle get 1-2 shots off and grab a new tank. I would far rather play for 2 hours and get more exp/credits in that time than playing my heart out for 3.

    World of Tanks is one of the grindest online games out there and I sure don’t blame people for trying to reduce the ridiculous grind especially when tier 10s hemorrhage credits. The worst part of WoT stats is it still cares about how you played the game 5 years ago which NO COMPETITIVE game does. Sure there is seasons, but every year it is reset as well if you are improving you climb and if you don’t you drop thus giving a far better indication of your skill.

  14. zeroyuki92 says:

    I will just laugh as I outplay these baddies and people who could only blame those “cheaters” for their bad performance with my vanila client.

  15. togo says:

    How can any Mod be trusted now? There maybe hidden features and/or code that could get you banned. If WG ins’t going to police mods then they should just remove the mod_res folder and be done with it!!

  16. Muzalli says:

    I disagree saying that the win rate cheaters and normal players are the same.cheaters need the cheats to get a normal win rate.with out cheating their win rate is imho is way lower thus making cheating a no brainer.even with cheating their win rate got up to the normal player stats.

    Another thing wargaming needs to address are the players who harassed other players in a battle until the other player cannot play.such as as the infamous steve the stay pedder.

  17. i spent this whole month using illegal mods in my alter account in training rooms at least 30 min a day almost every single one added to make it easier to track , i really want to see how this is working because my alter acc has not been banned yet and i still have friends who dont give a fuck and use those mods in cw since wg do shit about it.

  18. Tommy_Gun says:

    Remember this: players on this list are like 0.06 % of all players and 0.23 % off active players. It does not represent all players and It is too little for any statistical measurement to be accurate (average statistical measurement error is like 1%).

    So yes.. unfortunately this means nothing. A perfect showcase of this:

    You have a small lie, a lie, a big lie and you have statistics.

    1. Anon again says:

      Sorry Tommy_Gun but your explanation of stats is just not right. There is no statistical error in the number of people banned or even the number of people who are active on a server (more than 100 games in 30 days). If you are trying to infer that there are more people who cheat, then yes this is obvious as all parties agree and harsher rules to come, but has nothing to do with the numbers.

      BTW it is perfectly ok to have a reasonable win rate say >55% for a large number or games. If I chose the right tank (e.g. KV1 – I have > 55% on over 1k games, so am sure could scale), but my overall is ~50% on 26k. So if I just played tier 5/6 heavies my win rate would go up considerably. So even average players if they wish could pad the stats.

      My take is that I dont really care about the players who have been banned so far. Difference between them and average joe or some of the bots isnt much. If there are significant players who can pad stats to >65+ win rate, then they are the ones to go for, rather than the noise so far which is just to test the ban process.

      1. Tommy_Gun says:

        Well I only meant that it is less than 1% of EU players. Hell, it is less than 0.25 % EU players.
        I don’t know even if this information is trustworthy (as it is not official). It is a data that somebody gathered. So I think for now at least it is irrelevant…

        I just think that (basing on this information) we can not estimate how many % of EU players actually use cheats. We can only speculate.

  19. Alex says:

    The truth is that only a small part of the cheaters were caught. I know 3 players, one has 2.9k wn8 and all use destruction mod, tundra and reload timers. I will believe that WG’s system is working when I see these guys warned or banned for 7 days. I don’t want to report them, just because I want to see an automated system which doesn’t rely on reports which can detect cheaters and these guys are pretty much the guinea pigs of my experiment. But until then, I will continue to think that whatever WG has in place, doesn’t efficiently work.

  20. Taze says:

    It’s interesting that at least two accounts (only checked top WR players) haven’t been played for over two months according to wotlabs. Yet, those were banned. How did they find out?

  21. WG Fair Play is Capital Punishment for Speeding Violation says:

    WG witch hunt and draconian punishment for alleged cheaters proved to be overblown.

    If you can’t even increase your WR by cheating, then it can’t be THAT big of a problem. If cheaters had a WR >5% of the general population (assuming most people don’t cheat), then WG’s pogrom would be justified. But since alleged cheaters are no better than average, it can’t be that bad.

    Maybe, at best, cheating makes a “tomato” (red) player into a “mustard” (yellow) or “orange” (orange) player, but it won’t make them “unicum” (violet) as so many people allege.

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