WG FAIR PLAY on RU Cluster

Wargming employee banned for Illegal Mods.

Found on RU blogs and Forums.The official WG answer RU Forum .translation bellow.

  • A separate application has been made recently of the Project Administration, concerning the use of prohibited modifications and measures restrictions on the players noticed that. It should be noted that in the fight against violators of administration does not make any exceptions, and all players using prohibited modifications will eventually be punished.

  • We express our gratitude to the players, who drew attention to a suspicious situation, which served as a basis for further verification. On action has been taken of the results of the investigation in respect of the following players:

    * Fadalmahr – temporary blocking of the game account for a period of 7 days.

  • This player uses the forbidden modification, change the transparency of objects on the map, which was the basis for issuance of the lock. Repeated violation will be blocked permanently.

    Project Administration reiterates that the use of prohibited modifications in the game is not allowed.

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