WG Fest Q&A Part 2

Good day all,

More from the WG Fest Q&A with Murazor (M),  Slava Makarov (S), and Anton Pankov (A)

Slava Makarov: We’re not announcing the new mechanics for the IS-4 branch just yet. Yes, we came up with some very cool things. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. It will be one of the “first victims” of the new mechanics for the Soviets.

S: There is a desire to get to the UK tech tree, and make it a bit more original.

S: It’s not that some machines are stronger or weaker than the tank, the problem was that the tank changed quite a bit, and predictably. Nearly swore to our designers, who believed that the changes would not be big; the machines just started to make their way to other places. Such things can’t be rolled out without telling the players, a very large number of tanks have changed.
The changes regarding the penetration and overmatch mechanics have been frozen for major internal testing.

S / Murazor / Anton Pankov: KV-5, what we’re going to do with this has moved from patch to the patch for 6 months, and we haven’t yet reached an acceptable solution. Gold round spam in this tank is the same as that of the rest of the 8s. There’s some high statistics in the KV-5. We looked through them 20 times for each level of the players.

M: Panther / M10, Japanese Tiger aren’t too far in the queue (most likely regarding the changes to premium tanks).

A: We have to develop a feature, separate from the current recovery feature. It won’t be free, of course, but not at full price of a tank. Maybe we can return prem tanks sold 3-4 years ago.

S: If we remove it, random play will be worse. (Referring to removing +/-25% RNG range)

M: The KV-85 at Tier 6. We may change the 122mm gun sooner or later. Make it so that it is more comfortable to play, as it’s simply impossible now.

In addition to the above, other goals discussed for the next year are things such as continuing their map remodeling and making the eSports elements of World of Tanks more accessable to the general playerbase. Such things as smaller scale local tournaments and formats more in-line with what players are familiar with from Random Battles.

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