WG Fest Q&A

Good day everyone,

Brief Q&A here (though minus the Qs) from WG Fest in Moscow, this time with Murazor (M), Slava Makarov (S) and Anton Pankov (A).

Thanks to Ctacello for assisting.

Anton Pankov/Slava Makarov: We try to set MM to try to give players maps they have not played before, and to cut down on a series of one kind of map. We know this is still a problem.

S: Now with the reboot of the interface department and with number of other things we prepared another “Sandbox”. Rolling out a “sandbox” for the new year is hell and madness. Wait after the new year. I’m not sure about whether we will “sandbox” Tier 8, because it is an absurd hypothesis testing mechanism. “Sandbox” has to answer certain questions.

A.Pankov / Murazor: Tier 10 light tank nations are: the USSR, the US, German, French and Chinese. We’re looking around for others. In fact, the new machines will be only at Tier 10. Release dates – the first six months of next year.

S: The previous idea of Historical Battles has been buried completely. As for something new? Wait.

A / M: Account Protection (like Steam, Blizzard) will be improved, we are working on it. We think that there is more that can be done to keep your account safe. We also want to put a lot on the Assistant app.

S / M: Soviet customized tank is something I think we’d like. (i.e. something like the Type 59 Goldon the Chinese server). Type 59 in the unique Russian camouflage will not happen, keep it away, please!


M / S: We will probably not reintroduce Waffentrager auf E-100. I don’t see much point in it.

M: Type 59 is a legend, but maybe he’s not a comfortable car, but he is not a bad tank. He is the best of its MT level.

S: We will not touch the +/- 25 damage mechanic. Same with the pen mechanics.

M: There are still ongoing discussions about adjusting the mechanics for Tier 10 Lights, like whether “sixth sense” is be instantaneous, or 1 second delay. This is unlikely, because the “sixth sense” is a single mechanic for all the machines in the game at the moment. Of course this doesn’t mean there won’t be unique mechanics. LT-10 will be steep.

A: A number of bad maps in the last year will be removed, which we’ll discuss. But if your “favorite map” there will not get it does not mean that: a) it is bad b) does not like everything.

S: Balance changes come to tthematchmaker, though it will not be separately +/- 1 level fights, it will be part of it.

A: We now have a new customizable launcher for WGC, which will be the same for all projects, there will be a number of new features: background downloading,  suspend/start-up, settings at night, timer and so on.

M: There are some plans for Swedish arty with 14 rounds. Not necessarily meaning they’ll go in 🙂

S: The revisions to the penetration mechanics were one step we are taking to balancing. Though at the moment I can’t say how it will be implemented in game.

S: KV-5 was overbuffed in some areas, and it’s still not very comfortable to play, but it’s a problem that can’t be solved easily or quickly.

M: We’re processing Grille 15 and have plans for nerfs. It is very popular, it’s toxic and we know what to do.
S: Although its funny, the issues we were told at the previous session were that Grill 15 was very weak and needs to be buffed.

A: We believe that this form of Personal Missions is more or less balanced, but there are a couple of problems that need to be repaired. The first campaign will not be changed in any fundamental way, except for the interface. We have no problem distributing the 260 and T-55A. Current conditions specifically for the LT will be preserved.

M / S: So far, whether the two Swede branches will be enough is difficult to predict.

S: Modern tanks will not appear in this game as long as I sit in the chair of creative director.

A: The black tanks were an experiment, because we do not currently have a customization system that is workable, but we decided to try something. There were more successful in some areas than they were in others.

S: I want to implement some out-of-vehicle things in WoT, I will not say what it is now, but the announcement will come.
A: Even in the projects of our colleagues there are things that we would be good to adopt them and implement.
S: “Quickly stealing and considered invented.”

A: We are working on the anti-cheat system. We have already started to ban these assholes/cheaters. There will be new wave of bans. We will continue to work on it.

S: The multi turret test was conducted. Mark was the object of the game he was not a tank that could be player controlled.

S: I don’t like marathons as a mechanism. Aweful.

A: We have a duty to put in support for sound mods .

S: In the coming year the development plan is bursting with features.

A/S: With regard to harder mechanics of Strongholds, there may be some adjustments coming.

A: Balance technology, team balance, maps, artillery, tank performance – 5 main areas in which we need to work on.

A: There is no progress on any bonuses for tanking.

A: If there is direct evidence for me, send what you have, and if they are confirmed, we’ll fire him the next day. But it must be reinforced with concrete facts. (Probably referring to WG Staff using cheats/illegal mods)

A / S: 3-5-7 balance (3 top tier, 5 mid-tier, and 7 bottom tier tanks per team) may come, but it won’t be easy.

A: We’re not planning on selling female tank crews, we are relying only on the personal missions. The only exception is the Berlin tanks with the zero perk Brothers in Arms.

A / S: And yes, we still need to do the female voiceovers, ashamed to say.

S: We’re constantly think about paying players, but not in a way to encourage pay-to-win.

M: This patch does not touch Scorpion.

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