WG Fest Q&A

Good day everyone,

Brief Q&A here (though minus the Qs) from WG Fest in Moscow, this time with Murazor (M), Slava Makarov (S) and Anton Pankov (A).

Thanks to Ctacello for assisting.

Anton Pankov/Slava Makarov: We try to set MM to try to give players maps they have not played before, and to cut down on a series of one kind of map. We know this is still a problem.

S: Now with the reboot of the interface department and with number of other things we prepared another “Sandbox”. Rolling out a “sandbox” for the new year is hell and madness. Wait after the new year. I’m not sure about whether we will “sandbox” Tier 8, because it is an absurd hypothesis testing mechanism. “Sandbox” has to answer certain questions.

A.Pankov / Murazor: Tier 10 light tank nations are: the USSR, the US, German, French and Chinese. We’re looking around for others. In fact, the new machines will be only at Tier 10. Release dates – the first six months of next year.

S: The previous idea of Historical Battles has been buried completely. As for something new? Wait.

A / M: Account Protection (like Steam, Blizzard) will be improved, we are working on it. We think that there is more that can be done to keep your account safe. We also want to put a lot on the Assistant app.

S / M: Soviet customized tank is something I think we’d like. (i.e. something like the Type 59 Goldon the Chinese server). Type 59 in the unique Russian camouflage will not happen, keep it away, please!


M / S: We will probably not reintroduce Waffentrager auf E-100. I don’t see much point in it.

M: Type 59 is a legend, but maybe he’s not a comfortable car, but he is not a bad tank. He is the best of its MT level.

S: We will not touch the +/- 25 damage mechanic. Same with the pen mechanics.

M: There are still ongoing discussions about adjusting the mechanics for Tier 10 Lights, like whether “sixth sense” is be instantaneous, or 1 second delay. This is unlikely, because the “sixth sense” is a single mechanic for all the machines in the game at the moment. Of course this doesn’t mean there won’t be unique mechanics. LT-10 will be steep.

A: A number of bad maps in the last year will be removed, which we’ll discuss. But if your “favorite map” there will not get it does not mean that: a) it is bad b) does not like everything.

S: Balance changes come to tthematchmaker, though it will not be separately +/- 1 level fights, it will be part of it.

A: We now have a new customizable launcher for WGC, which will be the same for all projects, there will be a number of new features: background downloading,  suspend/start-up, settings at night, timer and so on.

M: There are some plans for Swedish arty with 14 rounds. Not necessarily meaning they’ll go in 🙂

S: The revisions to the penetration mechanics were one step we are taking to balancing. Though at the moment I can’t say how it will be implemented in game.

S: KV-5 was overbuffed in some areas, and it’s still not very comfortable to play, but it’s a problem that can’t be solved easily or quickly.

M: We’re processing Grille 15 and have plans for nerfs. It is very popular, it’s toxic and we know what to do.
S: Although its funny, the issues we were told at the previous session were that Grill 15 was very weak and needs to be buffed.

A: We believe that this form of Personal Missions is more or less balanced, but there are a couple of problems that need to be repaired. The first campaign will not be changed in any fundamental way, except for the interface. We have no problem distributing the 260 and T-55A. Current conditions specifically for the LT will be preserved.

M / S: So far, whether the two Swede branches will be enough is difficult to predict.

S: Modern tanks will not appear in this game as long as I sit in the chair of creative director.

A: The black tanks were an experiment, because we do not currently have a customization system that is workable, but we decided to try something. There were more successful in some areas than they were in others.

S: I want to implement some out-of-vehicle things in WoT, I will not say what it is now, but the announcement will come.
A: Even in the projects of our colleagues there are things that we would be good to adopt them and implement.
S: “Quickly stealing and considered invented.”

A: We are working on the anti-cheat system. We have already started to ban these assholes/cheaters. There will be new wave of bans. We will continue to work on it.

S: The multi turret test was conducted. Mark was the object of the game he was not a tank that could be player controlled.

S: I don’t like marathons as a mechanism. Aweful.

A: We have a duty to put in support for sound mods .

S: In the coming year the development plan is bursting with features.

A/S: With regard to harder mechanics of Strongholds, there may be some adjustments coming.

A: Balance technology, team balance, maps, artillery, tank performance – 5 main areas in which we need to work on.

A: There is no progress on any bonuses for tanking.

A: If there is direct evidence for me, send what you have, and if they are confirmed, we’ll fire him the next day. But it must be reinforced with concrete facts. (Probably referring to WG Staff using cheats/illegal mods)

A / S: 3-5-7 balance (3 top tier, 5 mid-tier, and 7 bottom tier tanks per team) may come, but it won’t be easy.

A: We’re not planning on selling female tank crews, we are relying only on the personal missions. The only exception is the Berlin tanks with the zero perk Brothers in Arms.

A / S: And yes, we still need to do the female voiceovers, ashamed to say.

S: We’re constantly think about paying players, but not in a way to encourage pay-to-win.

M: This patch does not touch Scorpion.

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WG Fest Q&A

45 thoughts on “WG Fest Q&A

    1. Tommy_Gun says:

      But why ? Why not decrease it to something like +10/-10 or +5/-5. It simply makes no seance…
      Imagine a situation that you are firing a gun at a tiger I that is 1 meter away. Sometimes you will pen (+25) and sometimes you will not (-25). So the armor is getting thinker / thinner randomly ? ? ?

      The could at least keep RNG for aiming, but for penetration & dmg values ?.. Well I guess they still want to keep every players win ratio under mm control … 😛

      1. It is random but not as random as you believe it to be. Say you are shooting at the front of a tiger 1 with an E8 at 1 meter away. 128mm of penetration is good enough to go through the front of a tiger but if that tiger wiggles, the distance goes to 50 or 100 meters. You should not really expect to go through a heavy tank realiably with a pop gun. Simply put, if your penetrating shot is relying on this +-25% you’re not playing smart and thus you should be punished for it.

        Also, this is a similar problem to having equal WN8 players fight one another. Games have less variation in the short term with +-10% but the same variation long term if it were +-25% for example. You accomplish removing RNG but also make games less exciting. Consider you are playing your death star FV215B 183 or KV-2 and you suddenly know you are always guarenteed to do 1000 dmg and 350 dmg respectively. There is no joy at getting that high roll you need to get the kill or not tears when you get that low role that you choose to gamble on. It’s simple casino economics here.

        Once again, you are not changing players win ratio by changing variation. It’s like flipping a coin or rolling a dice for evens and odds. The average will always be in the middle, 50% heads and tails and 50% evens and odds. If you believe your luck is crippling and the universe is out to get you, that’s not wargaming’s problem. Unless you think they’re god or something.

      2. Rombat says:

        To thouse who dislike rng stuff please go to armoured warfare…in that game you don’t have +-25% dmg and pen…but wait…you can’t do that because is no player left in that game…maybe they all got bored by 100% grant pen and dmg.
        On a long run WG won with their game with a more unpredictible content…JPZ E100 bouncing on amx 1390…as an example.

      1. @Rombat The lack of RNG isn’t why AW has few players, a lot of us are waiting for 2.0, look at the difference in marketing spending (I wouldn’t be surprised if WG spends over a 1000 times more) and the lack of content due to 2.0. You cant declare AW dead yet, give them a year if it still has a very small playerbase you might start considering them dead. (also there hasn’t been a long run yet, AW has only been in open beta for about a year I think, so…..)

      1. Modern is an ever changing definition and down to perspective, what is modern today will not be modern tomorrow or for the same people for example. I respect the eye for questioning the use of the word modern but we can all understand that wargaming was refering to tanks with composite armor, reactive armor, and other tank modifications/designs that made the current vehicles in world of tanks obsolete against these newer counterparts by incomparable lengths. So long as there is a fair and somewhat historical way of balancing a vehicle to compete against similar tanks of the era, it can enter the game. Otherwise you end up with an impenetrable WTF E100 that has a DPM of 10000 :3

        TL;DR Wargaming refered to modern tanks as tanks that would break the balance of the game due to their technologies of composite armor and etc.

  1. “50’s-60’s are modern? Man, in which time do you live?”
    They are fighting tanks made in WW2. Yes they are modern by WW2 standards. T10 light tanks will make every T8 tank into a friggen joke. What is wrong with you people. The game is supposed to be based on WW2 and post war tanks. Not Cold War vehicles like Sheridan and Auto loaders that can clip you.

  2. M: We’re processing Grille 15 and have plans for nerfs. It is very popular, it’s toxic and we know what to do.
    S: Although its funny, the issues we were told at the previous session were that Grill 15 was very weak and needs to be buffed.

    For once a German tank that is even slightly close to being ‘good’ and a few latches later they talking about nerf. If you do want to change it then reduce accuracy and increase gun handling. Then it’s not completely reliant on camping and might make players play a bit more aggressively.

    However that said there areally way way way more broken and op tanks in the game that have been in for years and still haven’t been touched. Surprise surprise most of them are Russian…..

    1. E100, E75, Rhmba, Tiger I, Tiger P, Tiger II (in pubs not half bad), VK 45.02B, Skorpion G, E50, etc. German tanks aren’t bad so long as you don’t think they’re all the Maus and even that’s pretty beast of a tank if not driven by a complete troglodite.

      You’re right that the Grille does cause a lot of camping problems. I think that’s what they mean by a nerf by making the game more mobile. Been plenty of times that I’ve been a light tank trying to scout out TD’s and suddenly I’m on less than 100 hitpoints because one of the best shell speeds nailed me like a laser from across the map and I’m forced to play passive for the rest of the game. It’s tough to keep the game flowing at tier X without both sides turning to a camp off 😛

      1. Rombat says:

        yeah…a moore mobile game…play all light and medium tanks and wg should remove arty, td and heavies from the game…and done you have the desired mobile game…who will need then classes of tanks with precise role’s?
        Dude if you are yolo-ing in the front of a td with a light is not td’s player fault for killing you.
        And by the way, if you are washed by a td shoot in a light tank maybe is not the td being op but maybe is driven by a good player who knows how to preaim and how to shoot.
        And who needs a moore mobile game?….and why?…do we have larger maps?…or is moore fun to drive with 75km/h in a 800/800 map?…is a race game or a moore profound game where some tactic are involve and not yolo/call of duty/overwatch skill stuff?

      2. Hi Rombat, you are 100% right that I shouldn’t be upset about getting wrecked when I try and spot a camping TD, that is my own challenge and there is still a lot that I have to learn 🙂 it’s just that there isn’t much of a better way to kill a tank destroyer but by spotting them for your allies.

        What I said about the Grille 15’s shell speed is not a lie, it really is difficult to dodge a Grille 15’s shot. I fully recommend you try it out in an open field and you will find hitting a moving light tank is infinitely harder in tank destroyers like an Obj 268. That said, a good player will make the best use of pre aiming for a scouting light tank and the question is, is this how the ecosystem of the game should work? If a light tank struggles to fight against a tank destroyer, how do you counter it? That is just my opinion, if you believe I am an awful player and any player that struggles in spotting a Grille 15 is a terrible player, that is perfectly fine ^^

        As for why we need more mobile maps, I would happily like to point out Prokhorovka or Erlenberg where there is still a high rate of draws and an abnormally long play time per map on average. This is because either side takes a strong position and leaving it to attack the enemy means self destruction. You were probably not around before wargaming removed a lot of folliage on maps and before a lot of maps were removed but stale mate games was very common and although sitting at either side of a map, waiting for your oponents to move is part of the game play. It is important that the game does not rely on that sole tactic of camping since it really isn’t the metal grinder most players go to world of tanks for. Just another opinion of mine.

        That said, I said nothing about removing tank classes or a need for changing map sizes (although entirely an option) and that was your poor reading of my comment. More mobile game play implies that a vehicle with sufficient mobility should feel free to move around a battle field and not be reserved in a single corner of a map. This could mean a T32 eventually finding its way to the enemy’s cap or a tank destroyer flexing from east to west to support his allies. It really does not mean at all that everyone should only play lights and mediums because not all of those tanks to begin with are all mobile vehicles.

        Perhaps this was your creative sarcasm? if so, you did a poor task of doing such. I do appreciate reading your comment but i would very much appreciate a solution rather than just blabbering about how I am the problem 🙂

    2. Bricktop says:

      As guy above me stated, alotta germam tanks are great. Also, Russia bias is such a stupid, outdated sentence. Also, Grille is broken, and if you state otherwise it means
      a) You don’t play much tier X
      b) You’re stupid
      c) You’re padding hard in it
      Pretty much same deal with e5. How can you possibly have any braincells and think tier X td with super accurate gun, laser like shell velocity, wide gun arc and 8 degress of gun depression going 60 and being such a small target Leopards 1 struggle to hit?

      1. Rombat says:

        You smart ass if you are so good with grille 15 and know it so well why you don’t play only with it?…do you have a 15 kills game in it?…do you have match by match 5000 dmg?…or you suck hard on it and when you get out of your miserabile bush with your medium tank and got pen by a grille 15 you start crying on forums about grille being op?….if you can’t pen and kill a grille 15 with a medium tank you are a lousy player and you can play any tank in the game and you won’t be happy because there will be always someone to kill you in a “op” tank bullshit…gon in randoms and learn some play don’t share your frustration here

      2. I play my grille plenty and have played against them plenty. Easy to kill and useless except for one use and one use only. Camping hard.

        The only actual good thing about it that isn’t causing camping is the mobility which means late game you can run around and farm some extra damage that other td’s can’t. However since other td’s are way more flexible and useable especially in the current map meta they usually get more than the grille anyway.

        Average stats on the server also show the same. Good players do well in the grille because of the ability to relocate. However most players completely suck in it.

        And yes, Russian bias is as valid now as it has ever been. It’s less obvious but still there. Clanwars and ESL are proof of this. The most used tanks and the most effective tanks.
        Sure there are other good tanks in the game that are non Russian that are also used because of a specific role nevertheless it is clearly still biased if not as much as the ‘old days’.

      1. And how is the grille broken? And when you say broken I really hope you mean broken and not OP. Because the grille isn’t even close to OP.
        There are and have been way more OP td’s in the game for years. The grille is only good at 2 things :
        Camping hard and using mobility late game to farm some extra damage. If it doesn’t camp through the large part of the game it dies and dies quickly. It’s big, hard to turn, 0 armour, no camo, gun handling is utter garbage so the aimtime is a lie.
        Sure on some maps it causes excessive camping if both teams have a lot of them but on every single map with every single position there is a way to break it.
        I know because I have broken them. 2 line camping on prok both north and south. Railway crossing on prok both north and south. Hill camping on prok. Base camping on Malinovka. Church or eastern rock camping on Malinovka. Td spot camping either side of the water on Malinovka.
        These are some of the ‘worst’ and most common camping in the game. Yet all are easily broken if you know how to play.

    1. You could end up reloading for 5 min at the start of the game and fire shells out with a 10-15 sec interval. It could work to suppress a half of a map if the accuracy is on par with a drunk russian so as to give tracked vehicles a chance to repair and move. takes roughly 6-8 sec for your average tank to repair its tracks with full repairs trained. Mind you the damage will probably be on par with the French 150mm artillery so expect 400 average-ish damage per shot.

      1. Rombat says:

        yah…fix arty so that we could laugh of the other players who can’t flush us out from our camping positions with t95, hulldown is7 etc…who needs arty?…who will play light tanks?…who will need them?…us for dudes who are everygame pen by arty pls play another game.

      2. To be fair, you don’t need to do 1800 or 2100 dmg per shot to flush an IS-7 or T-95 out, I am sure you are sometimes annoyed when you loose 1000 health due to splash in your best armored vehicles. Light tanks also don’t only spot for artillery but all of the other classes and having artillery do less damage per shot with the same dpm is not going to remove the need for light tanks.

  3. Fab says:

    I don’t feel safe on asking in the WG forum so i’ll ask here, i’ve connected my wot account on my phone number but, unfortunately the phone number got deleted due to the fact that wasn’t in use for a very long time (something like 4 years ago) and now i can’t change the password of my account. Any suggestions? (sorry for the bad english btw)

  4. DoctorBest says:

    “Current conditions specifically for the LT will be preserved”
    Great fun, I’ve been trying to get two arty kills in my lights for ages, but it’s based on pure luck to even get 2 or more arties in one game, then your team needs to win but your other lights and mediums have to be idiots.

    1. tango35 says:

      If WG implements their plan to limit artillery to a maximum of 3 per side per game, good luck finding and killing 2 of them.

  5. Rocketeer Rockstar says:

    S: KV-5 was overbuffed in some areas, and it’s still not very comfortable to play, but it’s a problem that can’t be solved easily or quickly.
    This showed me they are Trolling hard, i bought KV5 and its pure shit. If you angle, everyone pen Turret or side, shots go anywhere and every Pleb in SukaPershing/IS6/WZ111 hit+pen me while driving angled.

  6. Keller says:

    Artillery still in the game ruining the fun. I mean seriously, how can they still be so fing stupid as to think that this adds anything to the game. Then if you do survive the little cockroaches drown themselves. T10E5 still op as shit, shoot the lfp and bounce, shoot the commanders hatch and bounce. And the KV5 still has crap for view range and so many easy to hit weakspots. This guy proves that they have no clue what is going on in there own game.

  7. wolvenworks says:

    “We believe that this form of Personal Missions is more or less balanced”

    I call BS. mostly because i’m a terrible arty/LT player (i main the other 3), which means even now i’m still stuck on the Stug4 mission (and 2 fem crews short for my Chi-Nu)

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