WG Fest: “Tank Ace” Tanks Coming Soon

News from WG Fest is that “Tank Ace” vehicles will be coming soon, starting with Otto Carius’ Tiger I. Leaving aside Waffen-SS tank aces who could appear, as that’s unlikely given the legality of such in certain European countries, what famous tank aces and their tanks would you like to see appear?

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WG Fest: “Tank Ace” Tanks Coming Soon

67 thoughts on “WG Fest: “Tank Ace” Tanks Coming Soon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they will do Kurt Knispel and his Tiger I? As far as I know he was not a member of the SS and had an impressive amount of destroyed vehicles racked up.

    1. VanamonD says:

      You have right, i want him, because he was many times abased, because of he was sometime drunk, have long hairs, noncomplete uniform, and beaten in Wroclaw some SSmans because they torturing some Polack. Also before Munich conference, he was Czechoslovak citizen.

    2. Life_In_Black says:

      Well, Knispel also commanded a Tiger II (which could explain the recent Tiger II premium that appeared), so I doubt we’ll see multiple premium German Tiger Is, even if they would sell quite well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Otto Carius wasn’t part of the SS, he actually declined acceptance into the SS ranks. Michael Wittmann however, now he was a full on SS nazi

    1. I have Otto Carius book “Tigers in the mud”. While he was not a card carrying nazi, he does mention several times that he feels that the Waffen SS were maligned as criminals when they were heroes in the fight against Communism. In other words, he choose to turn a blind eye yo the SS nefarious activities because they were fighting against the red menace.

  3. Jesper Jensen says:

    Otto Carius was never part of the SS, you might be thinking of Michael Wittman who was indeed a full on SS member. After the war, Carius actually opened a small pharmacy called “Tiger Apotheke”

  4. arthur wellsley says:

    Harris, Dring and Kite (who got five tanks including a Tiger on one day in Aug at Grand Bonfait).
    Unlike the Germans the keeping of scores was thought un British and counterproductive to morale and unit cohesiveness. The British pushed the team aspect (with the possible exclusion of the RAF during the battle of Britian where it was good for the Civilian morale to keep tallies). Tanks don’t have an operational logbook like a Pilot does so there were little in the way of records to base it on other than War Diaries and Int Summaries.
    Joe Ekins – who of course is credited with the kill of Michael Whittman in Normandy June 1944.

  5. seb4771 says:

    Otto Carius, i want it, one of best tank killer of panzerwaffe.
    second : Heinz Kramer, best shooter of panzerwaffe (one plane killed with 88 !!!)

  6. Actually Waffen SS had highest promoted tank aces for the majority of the armored forces of the Third Reich,it was most common in the Waffen-SS to reward its successful personnel, as the SS organisation was far more attuned to the propaganda imperatives of Nazi Germany and their idolized patterns.These commanders were credited with the destruction of large numbers of tanks and other armoured vehicles.Not including these Tank Commanders would be distorting and denying history

    1. Xavier says:

      SS tank “aces” usually weren’t. Their “kill counts” were massively exaggerated for propaganda purposes. SS tank divisions had significantly higher losses (both material and men) than their Wehrmacht counterparts. German high command hated the SS panzer divisions. Wittman was especially bad. If it weren’t for his blatantly ignoring orders and launching an assault on Villers bocage, he wouldnt have died when he did.

      1. Wittman died a hero of the Third Reich, fighting against all odds,who the fuck are you to question or throwing your delusional lies,go and throw shit on american childkillers or communist rapists this is after all their game

      2. Afrika_Korps says:

        Just Wow.

        What do you smoke to get that retarded?

        SS held the lines to get out entire armies. Read about them in German books. Their losses were high because of the missions alloted to them by Hitler and the high command.

        The OKH initially DISTRUSTED them (not hated) but after seeing whant they could do, they began to rely on them.

        If they are being still respected even by the enemy (soviets as well as the allies) it means they were amazing.

        Get ur facts right kid before posting anything on the public forum.

      3. SiNiNeN says:

        What A bullshit..Ofc waffen-ss casualties was Bigger cause they attack more than defended..(at first stage at war..later when Germans retreated..They performed counter-attacks and Manage to hold Russian advance more times..And no propaganda was used to Create kill totals cause no need..Ss-panzer regiments (heavy tank regiments 501 502 where all the biggest battles that fought..Ofc they get more kills..) only compare Wermatch divisions where Grossdeutchland and Lehr..

      4. Alder says:

        Waffen-SS fanboys took that bait, as expected. To those fanboys: The Waffen-SS was judged a criminal organization in the Nürnberg trials. I don’t want to have members of a criminal organization that was responsible for countless atrocities in my game. Now go back decorating your christmas tree with little swastikas.

      5. secretsquirrel says:

        Alder if you don’t want criminal organizations in your game you should switch it off now. Every single side of the second world war has blood on their hands. To what extent? That is a different question that doesn’t belong to shitty internet forum imho.

      6. Alder says:

        Secretsquirrel: Indeed, it is a question that we should leave to courts. And a court has decided. And no, I am not happy about having other totalitarian propaganda (USSR) in that game. But just because one totalitarian dictatorship is represented positively does not mean that we have to add another one to the list. I do not want any tank aces from a criminal, genocical organization. I would rather have any positive references to Stalin and NKVD (are there actually any?) removed, than add Waffen-SS to make it “balanced”.

      7. Xavier says:

        Dear SS fanboys: Get information from multiple sources, not just German memoirs. SS had high losses because they were fanatics for Hitler and the Nazi party. It’s a pretty well established fact that Wittman was not the tactical god that he is popularly known as. The way he died was pathetic. He ignored orders and launched a fruitless assault on the advancing Allies.

        Also, if you cross-reference sources you find out that SS Panzer divisions didn’t have anywhere near the “kill” count that they were accredited. The way that Germans counted “kills” and how the Allies counted losses were much different, and lots of the numbers were exaggerated for propaganda reasons. Read real books.

        Your info is coming from Nazi Propaganda and the cult-worshiping of WW2 war criminals. Mine comes from the likes of Steven Zaloga, Wolfgang Schneider, etc. Real historians.

      8. Sir_Lanzenschrott says:

        to be historical correct ….

        there was more than 1 Waffen-SS-division.
        there were afaik at least 1 belgian, 1 swedish, 1 french and even some eastern european based divisions; meaning that most of their members were recruited in those countries to fight against commusnism.
        those divisions could be happy to get the weapons the Wehrmacht-divisions got.
        and those divisions had the bad scores.

        the “german” Waffen-SS-divisions on the other hand …. they got all the good stuff, Tigers etc.

    1. You really believe in that “Enemy at the Gates”-like duel scenario? Wittman was most likely killed by a Typhoon airstrike…

      You don’t know any Soviet tank commander? How about looking at some epic medals, e.g. the most epic one – Kolobanov? Duh…

      1. Yeah, the medals are a given, but so obvious I didn’t mention them. And yes, there’s evidence that Ekins fired the shot that took him out. It isn’t definite but war never is

      2. Anonymous says:

        you may want to check your facts….it was proven beyond any doubt that Wittman was killed by a Sherman firefly…hell they even found exact spot where his tank was destroyed and the spot where fireflys were laying in ambush

  7. fighting_falcon93 says:

    I’d have no problem if Waffen-SS tank aces made it into the game. Taking aside the “bad” stuff that they might have done, they were also extremely skilled and deserve to get highlighted for that effort just as any other ace.

  8. I don’t want to see any of these “Tank Ace” vehicles. It’s just another excuse to sell clones. Sure there’s historical value in them, but what else would differentiate them from their tech tree counterparts?

    Are they going to make the Ace’s machines historical? Probably not, as the top gun is normally never the historical gun, and WG have done away with limited MM. So we’re going to get tanks that claim to be the RL machine that the Ace served in, but its “modules” will be completely wrong thanks to WG trying to balance it within the tier.

    Are they going to sell unique crews with them? Are those crews going to have unique skills (similar to some of the tanks we’ve seen on console)?

    1. Carius’ Tiger could be made a Tier 6 in the historical configuration, very similar to the HT No. 6. The modules may be historical, but given non-historical or historically-scarce ammunition, as done with the Cromwell B.

  9. Also, I wonder if it’s gonna be anything like Console WoT where they get special commanders/crews with unique perks that you can’t get through normal crew grinding. Would make things interesting at least.

    1. Rombat says:

      Than people will cry for pay2win polices because a crew with special perks and skills that are available only on premium tanks means money for speciall skills that brings you an advantage in battle.

  10. The_Right_Arm says:

    I feel like they should put in the tanks of the aces that the in game medals are named after. So like, Radley-Walters’s firefly, Raseinai’s KV, etc.

  11. Afrika_Korps says:

    I’d rather prefer tank missions (like the ones we already have) for acquiring these tanks.

    But, this is gonna be another drive to get as much money as possible by putting in 1/10th the efforts needed in missions.

  12. SiNiNeN says:

    Finnish Stug III Ace Börje Brotell’s Stug should,but WG dont want member waffen-ss(served as infantryman) later come Back to Finland and destroyed 11 Soviet tanks summer 1944..So then they Must add his gunner Erkki Halonen tank 😛

  13. Honzimus says:

    Kurt Knispel, panzer ace born as Czechoslovakian citizen, in Salisdorf (Austrian Silesia, 100% german speaking Silezians), died in Vrbovec, Moravia (todays Czech republic), burried at Central Cemtery in Brno, capital of Moravia, today’s Czech republic.

  14. Swatdennis says:

    Another reason why I should not play this game anymore, that with the selling of the E25 and the Skopion G, I hope the pershing 5 and the AMX49 gets sold in the unknown slots and I am gone WOT, I AM GONE!

  15. Why? T26E5 and AMX49 are quite balanced for their tier.

    Also, releasing clone tanks is great. It doesn’t mess up balance in any way and it gives WG money to keep running the game.

    1. speeder666 says:

      It’s just like milking a cow, getting every last drop of milk out of it. Also what they are doing looks a lot like what AW does with a lot of the same premium tanks with just different camo’s on it. It doesn’t make the tanks unique anymore and is just a bad move. Just sell the type 59 and look how many people will buy because of the legendary status…. but they wont do that.

  16. Speeder says:

    It’s just like milking a cow, getting every last drop of milk out of it. Also what they are doing looks a lot like what AW does with a lot of the same premium tanks with just different camo’s on it. It doesn’t make the tanks unique anymore and is just a bad move. Just sell the type 59 and look how many people will buy because of the legendary status…. but they wont do that.

  17. Landser says:

    I wonder of these tanks will have special stats, in accordance with their medals. Like Kolobanov’s Kv1 should have better armor that the regular KV-1 with lower ammo count? Maybe we’ll get to see the first “romanian”tank, Dumitru’s Pz 4. Or maybe it’ll be a Pz III/4.

  18. Honcho says:

    If they really have to do it, they should do it right.

    1. Make 3 skins, 1 for each enviroment
    2. Give us the crew with original names and BIA “0” skill
    3. Use historically accurate modules (usually base configuration) and put it one tier lower (like the Japan Tiger)
    4. Sell them without bundled gold and 5x XP missions

  19. PeterSmith says:

    The nazis inflated the number of hits made by people, like Wittman, for propaganda reasons. It’s interesting to read about Normandy 60 years later. Although most people are aware how powerful the Tigers were it took real guts by the American and British guys to take them out, most using anti-tank guns not vehicles. Unfortunately for WG it’s not easy for them to find Allied tank ‘heroes’ and use them in game, apart from Russians of course!

  20. PzBarkhorn says:

    Why not look at the medals already in the game? They are already named for famous tank commanders (Radley-Walters, Tarczay, Kolobanov and others). Shy not put their tanks in the game already?

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