WG fighting Illegal Mods?


many of you emailed and PMed me the following today asking if its true:

Yes, Yes it is true. Multiple of my insiders confirmed and even Victor K. himself told one of my sources that the company is seeking to fight illegal mods, funny enough, they are aiming to even control XVM.

Now, this is a dangerous decision of them, WoT has a heavily modding type of community but if this is the only way for them to take control of their own game and make the illegal mods actually illegal then I support it, specially because they have been and will keep on incorporating the most useful mods into the game.

I would like to read your opinions on this.

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WG fighting Illegal Mods?

162 thoughts on “WG fighting Illegal Mods?

  1. Anonymous says:

    XVM needs to be put on that banned list! Too many on the NA servers think that bullcrap mod is never wrong and won’t try if it say their team will lose or play recklessly if it says they will win incurring a guranted lost! I don’t care about win8 or win7 rates. If they were so important to the game then they would be part of your service record!

    1. Anonymous says:

      “If they were so important to the game then they would be part of your service record!”

      Instead, we get WG’s shitty rating system.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I once had a game where there was a platoon of 2 unicums and 1 super unicum on the enemy team…we lost it 3-15 with that platoon getting 10 kills between them…

      I wonder why…it’s so mysterious

  2. Carl says:

    My big concern here is to echo a few others and say that this is likely to just devastate legal mod development because getting a key will be so damned hard. If it isn’t hard the illegals will be able to get it easily too. They need to fight illegal mods by actually doing what WoWS did with it’s beta aim mod. Lock out the functionality that makes them work.

  3. Correalian says:

    Would they at least maybe take some ideas from mods to implement them into world of tanks as options. I really like having multiple rows of tanks in the hangar. And the standing circle on the minimap of your detection range. It’s pretty much what I use XVM only for.

  4. I think first…WG best decide what is..and is not illegal and have that clear across severs.

    That being said, they’d best spruce up the game a bit, many/most of my mods are “eyecandy” anyways and without them…think the game is a bit drab without them.

  5. Der_Typ says:

    I believe it when i see it…
    But in Theorie a good step however i fear it will be poorly executed and destroying the mods for some time. For me there are only 2 good mods atm. The first is a better garage filter but that should be fixed in the next patch so the only real thing i need is a Server cross overlay for my normal crosshair. There comes my fear bcs if they make something like server cross impossible or banned then it’s getting rly hard for me to play bcs i got bad ping…
    I fear and don’t believe.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Overlay, not replacement. Server reticle on its own is garbage and WG for some reason doesn’t give players the option to have both server and client side reticle enabled at the same time.

  6. RedFalcon_325 says:

    Nice window dressing, but too much has been wrong with the game and left unfixed for me to believe WG will do away with illegal mods.

  7. I sincerely hope that, in their move to do this, WG does push forward on more inclusion of good, legal mods into the main game, especially things like damage trackers, hit logs, and battle assistant. These are helpful tools that could be good additions to the core game.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well the issue with this is that it’ll get stolen or hacked really fast almost for sure and then it’ll be useless or at worst the mods will just use screen capture and work anyway so not really a fix at all.

  9. Finally…took 5 years for WG to realize that mods break WoT, specially because new players do not have a clue about them and get smashed for the first 100 or so games and quit to never come back.

    1. pixywing says:

      It wasn’t mods it was players with 5k games in a tier 1 with equipment and 4 skill crews using view range to destroy them and their 50% no equipment tanks.

      I couldn’t get a single one of my friends into this game as they all quit by tier 3-4 as they got to fight tier 5-6s which has equipment and good crews against their tanks which are stock, no equipment as equipment as you could buy 2 tanks for that price, and low skill crew.

      It sure is hard to tell them you have to put up with this as you get destroyed by tds camping with binoculars that can 1 shot you well you can do little about it.

      +2 MM has done wonders at destroying the NA server population as tier 3s are forced to play up at a far to rampant rate, sure if fun being bottom tier 5 games in a row.

      1. Mysteoa says:

        So you want the old +3 MM to return. I have played it, it’s not fun. I don’t have much of a problems playing stock tanks at T5.

      2. Sixense says:

        I’ve got no idea how long you’ve been playing WoT, but a few years ago there were no Tier8 light tanks, the highest were Tier5. Tier3s could meet up wiith Tier6-7, Tier4 saw Tier9s and Tier5s were in battles with Tier10. That’s scouts of course. Rest of tanks had +/-3 MM, your everyday IS-3 could stomp over KV1 and StuG. Just a short time before I started playing, there was a +/-4, how would you like THAT now? If anything, +/-2 MM made gameplay better, they should however, introduce +/-1 MM for nonscout up to Tier 3, so no D2 vs KV-1.

      3. Hammerhead08 says:

        What y’all do not notice is that, while you can pen some tier 6s with a tier 4 and 7s with a 5 and so on. I do not believe there is a tier 3 that could pen a KV-1, which is what he is saying. Maybe they could just do +/-1 for tier 1-3.

  10. pixywing says:

    Coming Soon TM

    If I see this by 2022 I will be surprised as the Waffle is still in the game, we have no multi-core support, troll platoons are still allowed, and T-22 rigging is even more rampant than before.

    Considering how easy of a fix nerfing the KV-1S and yet how long it took to do so really has me questioning their competency and if they can even pull this off at all.

  11. Maelstrom says:

    I like the idea, but hope it does not curtail the mods that are not illegal and improve game play. One I can think of immediately is the alternate arty view when aiming with arty. The over the top view is not nearly as nice as the front facing view that you get with the one mod.

  12. wfschepel says:

    So, how would that work, exactly? Wouldn’t less than desirable mod makers not simply make mods that would work with keys handed out for proper mods? Does every update for a mod require a new key? If not, what would modders stop from sending in a version A that is perfectly fine, only to update it to version B which would definitely not be fine?

    My concern here is that mods are in fact a huge part in the longevity of games. Even though some of them are bad, disabling mods completely would be a cure worse than the actual malady. I really do hope they think this through properly.

  13. It’s just a slowdown of the illegal mods (and the complains)
    The illegal mods are just gonna become hacks as in any other game right now
    Cheaters go to great lengths to cheat
    Sometime after this the “ban illegal mods” posts are gonna become “implement an anticheat system” and WG’ll be back to square one
    And then they will implement it, but it won’t do shit so it’s gonna become “implement a better anticheat system” and then it’ll never stop
    Welp, at least they’re doing something

  14. Glenn A says:

    Simple way to stop mods just take mods and patch them as official content crediting the mod creator.

    Literally if they had a small team go around working with creators of mods like mainly UI mods and graphics tweaking mods they would have enough content for 2 small patches to tie them over til official content is ready for release.

    1. As a Software Engineer no way would they be taking my Copyright / I.P. without my permission. If I put the effort in to write something then, unless somebody paid me to write it, I say what happens to it.

      If WG want to implement features then they should pay for them, not do the shitty thing that to many organisations do to the little guy and say ‘the exposure of having your name on it is sufficient reward’ as an excuse for stealing from one (or more – see below) of their customers.

      Note that I’m a great fan of Open Source and will at some point in the near future be releasing my own project under an OS Licence. But thats MY decision to make about MY code, not WGs or some commentator on a forum.

      And on the FOSS point, XVM and some other Mods are OS and have many more than one person involved – how many names are you going to add to some small credit box that nobody looks at to reward them for having their work stolen?

      In fact WG would never seriously contemplate this idea – the legal (and moral) issues are just to great. But please don’t suggest that the theft of peoples hard work would be OK ever again.

  15. wolvenworks says:

    my concerns:
    -how does a “legal” modder get the Legal Key?
    -how will an “illegal” modder take advantage of the loopholes to get a Key?
    -how long till hackers crack the Key?

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      No it isn’t. XVM is just a bunch of code, not an evil AI. XVM does not automatically generate insults based very bad or very good statistics. XVM does not focus players with good statistics. Brainless turds do.

  16. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Rita, correct me if i’m wrong but in one of the Q&A articles that you posted quite recently it is mentioned that WG is not going to issue certificates for modes “because such certificates would be easy to hack”. Is this just another example of miscommunication inside WG? If so which of your sources are trustworthy and which aren’t?

  17. The point is, well not only legal and illegal stuffs but,screening process. it is obvious this means there will be some sort of examination until WG give mode maker seal of approval.
    So, here is what I’m thinking.
    1. Is examination will take a lot of time?
    2. is there a specific guide line of this examination?
    3. About installing mode process, will it be more harder? or WG will provide installer like Aslain?
    4. This will also require a man power, who will be taking charge of this examination? devs? or else?

  18. SMGJohn says:

    I love it! Multiplayer games like these needs tight control of their modding community, it would have worked out better if WG actually had a Mod Centre like Steam Workshop but with ACTUAL usable interface and better sorting management (You hear that VALVE?)
    If WG implemented a Mod Centre they could have moderators checking the mods beforehand this would also allow players to easily uncheck and check what mods they want in the game to be enabled, all mods would be easier to find as they are centralised in one place.

    I really do hope WG does something like THIS instead of just letting them freeflow on the forum, I hate mods on forums they are so stupidly scattered around its a bloody mess. I miss filefront

  19. 1. modding made this game what it is today and is on of the attractive and individual points of WOT
    2. the availability of all mods to all players prevents that the few that will use them anyways, legal or not, have an unfair advantage.(it’s like with handguns or drugs 😉 )
    3. mods =/= skill. even if all mods are banned, the red, orange and yellow dirt that complains about it at the moment, will still get owned. hard! they will still cry. then what?
    4. most good players i know don’t use mods anyways, because of the ESL, so meh, see point 3

  20. motorist100 says:

    It is all about the money and time goes by. WG and cheaters want’s more. WG more players, cheaters purple WN8. And cheating is one way to increase player’s base. More players means more money for WG. And WG doesn’t spend a cent for that. Why ban them, they have kind of symbiotic life. In twisted mind’s it is all ok.

  21. The thing about keys is that approved moders have their own key and if it gets into illegal mods WG just pull the key which incentivises moders to keep their key secure. A central place for approved mods might be convenient but it would mean that moders would loose the benefit of their own individuality and traffic from their sites.

  22. LeMeme says:

    This will just not work at all.
    One main thing to consider:
    If the key has to be distributed for each source of the mod (hundreds of people each with their own set of the mod), what is stopping the key from being assigned to an illegal mod? If there are thousands of a single reproduced mod with each individual versions, it’s not possible to keep the keys where they should be unless each version of the said mod is verified along with it’s, also along with any iterations or improvements to the mods, each new iteration will need an entirely new key. It’s just not feasible.

    Wargaming would have to check every single mod, even if I just threw a bunch of files together and called it a mudpack.

    Bottom line. This is not going to work.

  23. hditerrorizei says:

    This will just not work at all.
    One main thing to consider:
    If the key has to be distributed for each source of the mod (hundreds of people each with their own set of the mod), what is stopping the key from being assigned to an illegal mod? If there are thousands of a single reproduced mod with each individual versions, it’s not possible to keep the keys where they should be unless each version of the said mod is verified along with it’s, also along with any iterations or improvements to the mods, each new iteration will need an entirely new key. It’s just not feasible.

    Wargaming would have to check every single mod, even if I just threw a bunch of files together and called it a mudpack.

    Bottom line. This is not going to work.

  24. BDNeon says:

    So what, you’re saying there’ll just be a whitelist of approved mods? I suppose I’d be ok with that. I only use basic XVM and Battle Assistant these days since Gnomefathers bit the dust.

  25. Alex says:

    Properly so Wargaming, the best Illegal Mod’s used should be equal nor Banned for half a year or more so that they know it full

  26. USuser says:

    For me this sound like this: remove illegal mods that are free because warpack hacks are now available for free, and they cannot make to much money now. There will be hacks but you may pay for it. That’s all.

  27. Thomas says:

    If implemented in a way that doesn’t stop people assembling modpacks and/or getting normal mods approved in a decent timely fashion I think it is great WG at least trying to take control… Shows commitment to their own game

  28. Bob says:

    You just posted, that keys would get hacked easy…. Which they will.

    No way. To static approach.
    Just get rid of any mods. Rather none than that.

    WG can add the most requested stuff… Just like the map circles…- next is hit log.

  29. Phentarus says:

    Hmh, i think it should be done slightly different. Central mod repository maintained by wg and accessible through game settings. Players would select mods that they need from the list, client would download them automatically. WG would review and decide which mods are added to the repo (though they would have to assign someone competent for that task…). Any other mods trying to inject themselves into the client should result in connection with servers being blocked.

  30. The Scrublord says:

    As long as my favorite mods are included in the basic game in the same way they are done in the mods, that will be fine. While many of the mods I use are cosmetic — more informative tank icons, OTMs, the GuP crew voices — there are a couple I will definitely need.

    While I appreciate that the basic client incorporates some of the minimap features from XVM, XVM does it better and has more options.

    I much prefer Jimbo’s reticle to the basic reticle. The reload and HP scales are easier for me to see than the WoT version.

    Definitely will need the Battle Assistant mod to make SPG aiming better. Being able to see why the shell path is blocked makes supporting the team easier.

    I definitely will need the Autoaim+ mod. Don’t worry, friends, despite its name, it really should be called the Autolock mod. It replicates a feature on the console version where pressing RB locks the gun to the center mass of the target nearest the center of the reticle. I think the current version of the (poorly named) Autoaim+ mod also prevents accidental shooting of teammates, which is always a good thing.

    Better designed reticles and incorporate a standard feature on the console version is what WoT PC needs.

  31. Nice to see them finally do something about it, but I have some concerns considering this is WG and it will likely be implemented terribly, at least at first.

    First and foremost it’ll likely take a while for smaller mods to get these legitimacy keys, if they ever get them, which will cause an inconvenience.

    Secondly I’m concerned as to what they will do with XVM. Currently arty clicking on me just because I have blue stats really, really sucks. There shouldn’t be a game mechanic that allows enemy players, especially arty as it’s a skill-less point and click game, to focus on players just because of their pretty colours, it’s ridiculous. I do, however, believe XVM has a place in the game. Using it to determine your chance to win by looking at how many tomatoes you or the enemy have is actually very useful. You can use it to adapt your game play as to whether you expect support so you can be more aggressive or expect literally nothing but window licking from your team. Many players believe XVM means nothing, these players are also tomatoes who like to pretend they’re not awful at the game.

    Lastly, illegal mods aren’t even that big a deal. If you genuinely think every time you’re fucked over it’s by a cheat then you’re a typical tomato pubbie. You got fucked because your positioning was bad, you did something else wrong, or by bullshit in this game like arty. I would be surprised if once in all my 17k games a player I was facing had an illegal mod like aim assist (or an aim bot) on. Even if they did, there is not a single noteworthy time that was actually a problem because aim bots in WoT only help to the extent of being able to lead shots for yourself. A competent player can lead shots anyway, so these illegal mods won’t help then. What these mods won’t help with are positioning on the map, map awareness, target priority, techniques like side scraping, side hugging, using camo mechanics to your advantage, overmatch mechanics, knowledge about normalisation, tank weakspots, etc. There’s so much to this game that installing even 1000 ‘illegal’ mods won’t but you anywhere near a good player. Letting bots play the game for you will leave you at exactly that — a bot. Bots don’t have the skillset necessary to compete with a competent player because you need a human brain.

    I would much rather WG prioritise genuine problems with their game, *like ARTY*, because they’re actually legal. Arty literally ruin almost every single game of WoT for most players, and it’s perfectly legal and in the core game. Literal cheats don’t come anywhere close to the levels of bullshit arty is. Fuck arty. Also sort out +/-2 mm, make it +/-1 for EU and RU servers, and NA if their player base can handle it. It will make the game so much better regardless of what WG think. If they don’t believe it, test it. Create a test server but don’t give players excessive amounts of gold and credits to get skip to tier 10 because they just use it to test new tanks before buying them on the live server. Allow players to actually test +/-1 mm at all tiers, guaranteed it will get great feedback by the majority of the player base. Do the same with arty. WG know it will be loved by most of the player base, why they don’t do it is beyond me.

    1. The key problem with Bots is not if you are the one facing them – its when they are on your team. Even the worst player has a hard time being as bad as a bot and once you are past the first few Tiers a Bot is as bad as (and sometimes worse than) an AFK (which may also have been projected into the game by a Bot).

      This got really bad with late night games at one time. I was in games with 4 Bots on my team, and series of games with 3. When you are down that many effective players you tend to lose, not matter what you do – and it certainly sucks the enjoyment out of the game.

  32. ljpunksdad says:

    Vepsilon, seems like you like XVM when it benefits you but dislike it when it benefits someone else, I can be the same way. I don’t think a mod exists that make a bad player better than a great player, some might help that bad player and make them a bit better. Motivation to be better, dedication to making themselves better and the wisdom of experience is what makes a bad player into a great player. Mods and XVM are not the issues that people make them out to be, they are the scapegoat. My opinion, Opinions are a like butts we all have them and they all stink, is that it is far easier for a fair chunk of the playerbase, me included sometimes, to blame the scapegoat than to look inwards and realize that the problems are from what we are doing.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Can’t be true – I use a custom avatarinputhandler.xml I modified myself to adjust field-of-view for my 3 monitor setup – are they going to give me a “key2 just for my 1 user bespoke mod?

  34. Wyattearp says:

    Rather than approve good mods better to check resmods folder for BAD mods during start up. If present, can’t log into server. Message pops up identifying offending file. Other games already do this, not rocket science.

    XVM doesn’t bother me but I can see where those with great WN8 and WR% will benefit from not being ID’d, LOL.

    1. ljpunksdad says:

      They will be ID’d by their clan then. The only way for someone with a great WN8 to never be targeted is to play solo.

    2. They will also lose, to some extent, by not being ID’d. Depending on the team, map etc I regularly chose to spend the game backing up better players – at times to the extent of sacrificing my tank to keep them in the game. If, like me, you are focused on winning the game, it is to the whole teams benefit to keep the better players in the game as long as possible.

      I am also much more likely to act on a suggestion or request for help from a good player than from a bad one.

      PS. Top rated players who use their ratings to excuse behaving like arseholes don’t get my support. Ever.

  35. If they turn off the API that is exposed for ALL mods, and only then the game going to improve.
    Because that will mean no cheats, no aimbots, no mods, absolutely NOTHING that is not inside the code. Full stop. The rest are PR crap, because they can turn off the API tomorrow morning with a mini patch.

    1. You don’t need an API for Mods, there are mods out there that don’t use any part of the facilities WoT provides for Mods. Removing the API and approved location for Mods would just make things more chaotic and the chances of MoD negatively affecting the stability of the game much higher. It would also remove the ability to have, as we do at the moment, a simple switch to disable Mods (at least those that use the API) to help WG in tracking down issues with players clients. With files from Mods scattered around the WoT installation it would be effectively impossible for a player (and MoD makers) to ensure that they had removed every last trace of all Mods without doing a fresh, clean, install.

      In fact I suspect the one of the first ‘new era’ Mod to come out would be one that provided other Mod developers with a replacement for the old functionality of the old API.

  36. With regard to the use of keys to identify Mods and those who say that it can’t be made to work…

    This is a ‘solved’ problem. Asymmetric Keys are used – a ‘Secret’ key known to the person releasing the code and a ‘Public’ key used by, in this case, WoT to verify that the code was ‘signed’ using the Secret Key. If a decent system is used and implemented properly then, whilst any system can theoretically be broken by exhaustive search, the resources require to determine the Secret Key from the Public Key are in the rage or, or beyond, the scale that only Nation Sates and deploy. This wort of system is used to ensure that code comes from where you think it came from, as part of software distribution, millions of times every single day. In fact I would be surprised if WoT didn’t use it already, outside the users gaze, as part of its deployment and update system.

  37. Rupert Burns says:

    Any mod that gives a player an advantage over another is a cheat. Period. XVM color rating is just as bad as an aimbot… (To the ones that cry and complain at this statement, you are the ones cheating, weather you want to admit it or not.)
    This is a very simple fix WarGaming. Remove the res mod folder. Problem solved. Vanilla is literally the only way that you will be able to stop all cheating. Downfall… you will piss off cheaters. Upside… you will be able to accurately and honestly say that there is no cheating in WoT.
    My advise… Grow a pair and remove the folder.

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