WG fighting Illegal Mods?


many of you emailed and PMed me the following today asking if its true:

Yes, Yes it is true. Multiple of my insiders confirmed and even Victor K. himself told one of my sources that the company is seeking to fight illegal mods, funny enough, they are aiming to even control XVM.

Now, this is a dangerous decision of them, WoT has a heavily modding type of community but if this is the only way for them to take control of their own game and make the illegal mods actually illegal then I support it, specially because they have been and will keep on incorporating the most useful mods into the game.

I would like to read your opinions on this.

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WG fighting Illegal Mods?

162 thoughts on “WG fighting Illegal Mods?

  1. MADOFOCS says:

    If they introduce such a system today, it will be hacked yesterday or the extreme mods goes to .exe. They cant really stop the mods, without changing the game engine and/or a anti-cheat engine like warden, wire and so on. But when i see the quality of WoT after 5 years development and not reaching the final gold version v1, i think many false positive bans would be incoming.

    On the other hand if they ban the player, the dont get money, so you really think that they kill the goose that lay golden eggs????

      *Hack exe
      I think client will run only if hash-code of exe file will be equal to default hash code and it will be solution of this hack.

      *Only approved modes
      I wrote many times ago this idea on ru-forum. I talked them to use electronic signes on certificates for modification, which(signes) will be managed by wg personally. I Don`t play WoT since october`15 but I shake a hand of man, who approved this idea in wg.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “(…) specially because they have been and will keep on incorporating the most useful mods into the game.”

    u mad? its been 4,5 year to add view range to minimap, and 5 years to make aim circle solid…

  3. SlayerBR says:

    Well if this works, and they block all illegal mods like aim bots, laser sights showing shell fly paths, and etc, probally, 50% or more of the actual players base, will be worst than WoT blitz players, making they either quit the game, or learning to play like all the vanilla players, what would be pretty nice

  4. WhatDoYouSeee says:

    Intresting reaction from WG. i play for fun with no mods at all since first day. I don’t care realy if players with mods will be punished but i think it easy too see a good player with or wihout them. Anyway this game should be played as it is….

  5. Barry Danger says:

    First its was botting, next in game gold selling for real cash (Asia Server FTW), now illegal mods, seems WG are getting a bit serious with trying to police the game. However all a bit mute if the server GM’s don’t have the testicular fortitude to actually do something serious about the cheating/rigging etc.

    Personally I don’t care that you might hurt their feelings, or you might name and shame them, bugger it, do it. Make the case cut and dry (no false positives and give the player the right to challenge), and belt them with the ban hammer (reset the acct back to Premium tanks only for the first offense), do it a second time, take a permaban.

  6. Melvyn Clifford says:

    Well they could do this, and the way to do it would be to build a portal (along the lines of the itunes store) and allow only signed content to be added to the game files. If it was me I’d do it so the game client was used to download approved mods and mod packs, and then have the client integrity check its own files using hashing. This would give a safe environment for mod developers to deploy virus and hack free code from, and give assurance to players that the mods they use are safe and game-legal. Its a LOT of work to do this sort of thing properly!

  7. Window Licker says:

    If they disable cheats WoT will loose a huge chunk of its player base; a LOT of the tomatoes, and a surprisingly large number of fat cat money tossing purples who have been paying for WG’s sister product ‘Warpack’ or just using sites like BlackWot for a while now.

    I just started using the cheats myself, and some of them work OK. The rest are little or no better than using some other conventional mod.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You would lose hardly anyone if you banned mods! LOL! You would in fact gain far more players when they know that their hard work and honest play is protected by a level playing field. I have play PC games longer than you have been alive and have found this to be totally true for many games across the board. Games that could not or would not deal with balance destroying mods and cheats always died long before “clean” games.

  8. RAF_Recovery says:

    What is going to really blow your mind is that WG owns the mods these players pay for. It’s just another revenue stream for them. The only way to ban mods is to ban them all like in AW.

  9. Reking says:

    Fire the marketing department. These scum bags are doing for more to damage the game then hacks or mods.

    WG needs to stop reading the forum. Real players do not post, because we are playing……….

  10. Reking says:

    People who want to play the game and who spend money on it, do so. They DO NOT post in the forums. Only trolls and haters use the WG forums. Conundrum… Who should WG go to for guidance?

  11. Sooner the better. People who are paying money to play a game have a right to expect the game system will provide fair competition based on their own skill and what they have earned in game. Cheating mods are the same as performance enhancing drugs in sport – they provide unfair advantage to the cheater and tarnish the entire game. No one respects a cheat.
    Whilst some may believe the cash paying cheaters will leave and WG will earn less, it is far more likely a lot of clean players have already stopped and new ones deterred from taking it up.
    Further, continuing to allow players to use cheating mods and taking money to play the game from those who are not is an unethical business practice.

  12. Fred says:

    As WG says there is not cheating and your a self responsible i tried all the mods. Laser, XRay, Tundra… What i can say (as you can see the reaction of enemys) through obstacles and compare with Lasers, 90%+ are using this mods. Easy to get, easy to use. It is not that it makes you better but it equals your chances. Good thing that WG will ban this mods….

  13. Pattonne says:

    The game should give you everything you need to play. Allowing any mods is just a license for hackers to create work-around cheats. I am not against mods that are helpful and productive, but the mods should be already part of the game. If they are not part of the game, then they should not be part of the game at all. The existence of mods like Warpack are just clear examples of mods that should not be allowed. Mods like these allow players to play beyond their skill level, which is not productive at all. Do these players really feel better about themselves because a computer did the work for them? It seems so. This makes WOT more of a social status enhancer rather than a fair game for all to play. It might be prudent to ban all the mods and then incorporate suggested mods that players find helpful. I don’t know of any real game or sport that allows mods, hacking, cheating or enhancements to help players unfairly win. Try cheating in a Las Vegas casino and see where that gets you.

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