WG Grand Finals & Answers on Pay-to-Win

Good day all,

No, that title is not the start of another opinion piece, but a notice from WG staff that during this years WGL Grand Finals there will be some answers regarding WarGaming and its recent trend to glaringly Pay-to-win tanks. For those unable to attend the Grand Finals there will also be an open Q&A.


Here is hoping this is the start of more open communication between WG and its community. We’ll obviously keep an ear out for any Q&A and post any details when the time comes.

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WG Grand Finals & Answers on Pay-to-Win

12 thoughts on “WG Grand Finals & Answers on Pay-to-Win

  1. VladCelTroll says:

    Just that? Really, just that? How about nerfing premiums? How about firing the current balancing department and bringing in some guys that actually know their shit really well? Huh?

    And yes, the answer to all the questions above is ‘yes’. They might try and stop this P2W trend for a while just to start it again. From a relatively successful company that was often praised for its new game concept, WG has reached a new low that not even Chinese developers have: moneygrabbing all day long. All this for what? As far as I know, their employees get some shit salaries. So, where does all that money that they collect from people who still pay them money for some OP pixel tanks go? Is it that space program that they were talking about a while ago? I bet not.
    I seriously hope their whole economy comes down crashing. I never thought I would ever wish such a thing to someone but guys like WG really do deserve it. Instead of improving, WG has become a second Gaijin. It’s just that few know about all the shit they did, so they often get forgotten about.
    At this point, it would take a billion miracles just to make WoT a semi-ok game. Right now, the game isn’t fun anymore. Instead of relaxing after a day of working, you only get to spit curses all over the place. Nor is it a competitive game, as anything that includes the word ‘competition’ means full 24/7 gold spam which requires zero skill.
    Just as someone said recently, the game itself was built from the beggining to be P2W.

    1. Afrika says:

      I actually quite like playing WarThunder GF sim battles (more than wot)

      Being on the money grabbing part, WT has far fewer credit sinks than WG put in WoT.

      In WT I am never short on credits (Have the KT 105 & Leopard). Here are just a few things I like about WT far far more than WoT:

      1. Crew in WT dont have to be retrained to play a previous tank (In WG crew ‘forget’ how to use a tank)
      2. The ‘spaced armour falling off” mechanism has been present in WT from the start; WG promised it back in 2013 but 4 years hence we kniw what we have.
      3. Even on a loss, a good gane give you great profit unlike WoT.
      4. Higher tier tanks dont cost 6,100,000 credits; they cost 990,000 credits and you can easily make 20k creds per game => no boring credit grinding.
      5. Even lower tier tanks are fun to play (Panzer 3, Pz 4, Panthers etc)
      6. Tanks behave like Tanks are supposed to, not like sports cars with guns.
      7. Tiger tank actually is a beast in that game, true to its self-unlike wot where fan boys defend it by stating ‘oh it was actually a sniper tank…”
      8. You can try out the premium tanks for free any time not like wot where you need to wait for the test-client to try one out (in case of money-only Prem tanks even that is not possible)
      9. You can try out the tank/plane you are grinding before buying.
      10. The presence of aircraft and AA guns actually present a new dimension in the game. Unlike arty in wot, in WT GF sim battles you have to commend the players who kill you coz that is actual skill.
      11. There are several tanks that can be researched from 1 tank; in wot, you play 1 tank, you can research only those tanks growig from it.

      The CONS:
      1. Spawn Camping, that Gaijin refuses to fix.
      2. Physics can always improve.
      3. Team communication pannel not as well designed as wot.

  2. 1. Gold ammo. One ammo type should not be flat out better. Give all the ammo different mechanics AND advantages. Players have to choose the best ammo type for the situation instead of ridiculous imbalanced gold ammo.
    AP as ‘standard’.
    APCR faster shell velocity, higher pen, less damage, less normalisation, more pen loss over distance.
    HEAT no normalisation or pen loss over distance. Same damage and slightly higher pen.
    HE / HESH lower shell speed, lower pen, high damage, no normalisation.
    All shells should cost approx the same.

    2. No pay to win prem tanks. Be as good as or slightly worse than in game tanks.

    3. Rebalance entire game. Tanks like the T32 are so completely outclassed by the patriot and Chrysler. There are so many tanks that are just no longer competitive with other tanks of the same tier. All tanks at a tier should be equally competitive although they might have different styles, strengths and weaknesses.
    French td line is a perfect example.

    4. Give all tanks conpetitive penetration for their tier so they can actually do something without spamming gold.

    5. No corridor maps that force players to engage frontally. More open and larger maps needed.

    6. Buffs to all non prem lights except t71, t54 lt, 13 90, t49.

    This is a short very simple list of fixes to the current state of the game.
    The list could be a lot longer if I could be bothered to go into details and mention all the other issues too. These I feel are the ones that need addressing NOW!

      1. If WG are left to do it then to cover all these points could take upwards of 3 years.

        However plenty of players have posted the solutions to these issues on the forums etc.

        It is literally a case of changing the statistics values. It could mostly be done in a single patch easily.

        Rebalancing the entire game again would take longer. If they have one team doing just that it would take approx a year but that doesn’t mean they can’t have other teams working on new content.

        WG is a multimillion multinational company and yet the amount they spend on the players and actual positive changes you would think they are going broke.

  3. Never mind says:

    There are so many issues WG needs to address… what about the “global rebalance” That WAS what the SandBox was for. not to cock up new bullshit game modes. Someone needs to adjust the ADHD meds for WG because they seem to be unable to focus on anything for long enough to fix it. As for gold ammo, just limit the load out to say no more than 10%. problem solved…

  4. Thaldor says:


    Ok… I was really hyped out when they posted that message on the forums that now we get some real answers and we have their ears. And now they published that video…

    Free and fastly summed. WG don’t want the WoT to be P2W game and don’t want any instant victory button and their balance team is now working on some very detailed balance strategy that they will publish in few weeks. But the game isn’t now P2W because normal people can get to the level of the paying people by using silver and Chrysler K or Defender aren’t that good if they aren’t in skilled hands and in right map.

    My reaction: http://i2.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/013/005/3mLydMU.png

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