WG Grand Finals “Q&A” May 27th

Good day everyone,

While not the usual format for a Q&A, here are a few bits on info that have been dropped by some of the WG staff attending (Murazor, etc.):

  • Tank Trade-Ins for the RU region at least are well underway.
  • Development of a anti-cheat system is looking to be tested in the fall. The opening of the official mod portal is also part of this, so hopefully only “approved” mods will now be accepted into the game files.
  • The Chinese server will be receiving a few more exclusive items in the future, including a Beijing Opera crew. (No idea how on Earth that will work or look)
  • Wheeled vehicles may very well make an appearance in the game. There’s is quite a bit of work needed digging around in the archives needed though.
  • There might be plans to expand on a Foch line for the French tech tree. However the devs have problems with some of the higher tiers.
  • Malinovka will not be removed.
  • There are further plans to let active players use the nicknames of long inactive players.
  • There are no plans on performance changes for the T-22 Soviet medium.
  • Devs aren’t quite satisfied with the performance of the Maus and Type 5 Heavy. Expect some adjustments in the next few patches.
  • The average number of SPGs per battle has dropped.
  • There is a new camouflage system well underway. WG is about halfway done with interface fixes.
  • Further adjustments to Personal Missions will come based on the new MM system.
  • There will be a showcase of the new HD maps tomorrow before the final round.
  • The main reason work on new maps has slowed down is because WG has the whole team working on converting current maps to HD.
  • Expect all of the HD maps to appear in-game at around the same time.
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WG Grand Finals “Q&A” May 27th

28 thoughts on “WG Grand Finals “Q&A” May 27th

  1. Matthew Shine says:

    “The average number of SPGs per battle has dropped”

    However, the average number of battles with no arty at all has also dropped, as expected.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      no not really. in ASIA server, preety much same old same old, just with less sudden death, and more slow-and-painful-stunlocks when you realize all 3 arty are shooting at your O-Ni

      same old same old

    2. ROMBAT says:

      A lot of no arty matches than before. I expect a lot moore of those in future…no fun to play with arty anymoore.

  2. “- Devs aren’t quite satisfied with the performance of the Maus and Type 5 Heavy. Expect some adjustments in the next few patches.”

    We’re talking nerfs right? Because there’s no way in hell they can be planning a buff to them

    “-The average number of SPGs per battle has dropped.”

    No shit, with how they fucked them over as well as not allowing them in platoons what did they think would happen? Don’t know how many times I had said they should have still been on the sandbox for testing but apparently the WG balance team thought they were good and look at the shit storm they have gotten themselves into… serves them right

    “- There is a new camouflage system well underway. WG is about halfway done with interface fixes.”

    Is this even important? I’m sorry but reworking guns and ammo stats seems far more important then how sneaky a tank can be

    1. Blankman says:

      Maybe people are crying salts because they got ninja-sniped by the latest Swedish TDs in the RU server? Hence WG felt the necessity to “fix” it..?

      Also, i can’t help but ponder if they will announce a full tech tree for Swedish MT soon, with Strv 81 being tested and all..

    2. Ulysses says:

      SPGs weren’t fucked over. The changes were beneficial for both sides, scumbag SPG players and non SPG players. The only way it can get better if arty is outright removed.

      1. no, arty got fucked over. The way WG handled the rework is very bad to the point I actually think they should give each arty 200 more damage and completely remove the stun effect.

        And I had been in support of the stun idea since I tested it on the sandbox

    3. Vidar Hook says:

      Called it. After the Maus and Type 5 Heavy have been nerfed they will probably overbuff the IS-7 or the FV215b.

    4. ROMBAT says:

      They will nerf them of course…nofun anymoore for us…type 5 heavy derp gun is broken…a lot moore accurate is kv2 and t49 derp guns.
      To deliver 12 to 400 dmg on a mouse on 16 sec with normal ammo is not productiv, better use normal gun…but hey good luck pen the mouse with 288 mm pen of premium ammo.
      So if you want to be competitiv use only premium ammo on derp gun.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      Chi-To has a decent gun, so it’s just you that sucks. penetration-wise it has more pen than the T-34-85 and T-43 (for less dmg), so if support barrage isn’t your thing, pick another med. JPN tanks are for flankers who can NOT get shot

      although i have to admit Chi-Ri’s big head turret is quite detrimental, the autoloader burst is still worth it since it spits at least 300 dmg with almost the same reload as the T-34-1 (which does lower dmg with the 100mm but more pen and the gun handling of a True Communist Shotgun)

  3. VladCelTroll says:

    Wait, so they’re gonna show us some of the HD maps tomorrow (technically ‘today’ in here)? That could be interesting. Does this also mean they will show us the new graphics too?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Devs aren’t quite satisfied with the performance of the Maus and Type 5 Heavy. Expect some adjustments in the next few patches.”

    So they didn’t realize this during testing? I feel like Wargaming need to skip test servers and go live with a patch out of supertest; seems like it doesn’t serve it’s purpose.

    And I believe Malinovka doesn’t need to be removed, but, rather tier limited. It reminds me of the old map Komarin, where it was reworked, then tier limited, then ultimately removed. I dread playing on Malinovka in almost any tank regardless of tier (although I would imagine arty players wouldn’t complain). If wargaming could make this a tier 1-6 map or something so that the suffering of barely being able to climb the hill with 3 SPGs focusing you down for ‘camping’. I hope Wargaming acknowledges that there is at least an issue with this map and several others.

  5. MrDobalina says:

    you are apparently a whiny little bitch that complains about every f**ing thing that changes ingame… i think u need a dose of man the fuck up dude. im honestly sick of your god damn negative depiction of things and the current state of the game!
    There are many things to get right, yeah agreed, but there are also a large number of people who are enjoying the game as it is now… just get over the fact.
    concerning your statements about arty and camo:

    1) arty is now more bearable than it has been ever before. no more oneshots with 2k HP + and a more careful gameplay imho because of stun etc (as a tank shooter should be, no one in RealLife(tm) would ever rush an enemy position tbh….)
    2) camo is one of the most important feature of this game dude. but you dont seem to acknowledge that with your intellectually challenged mind…with the understanding of camouflage and how to use it, i can kill you within 100m and you wont see me. thats just how it is. good players know how to play the game and use the meta to their advantage, bad and average player complain about us and call us cheaters etc…

    thats my opinion on this topic. im glad they did something about old problems that should be addressed. and i am sorry for my wording but i have to express some feelings here, furthermore sorry for terrible english – im a german native

  6. JaqTaar says:

    “Devs aren’t quite satisfied with the performance of the Maus and Type 5 Heavy. Expect some adjustments in the next few patches.”

    Maybe it’s not meant be to taken that literal, but … patches? As in several, not one?

    Guess they’re just making extra sure there’s something they perhaps maybe might want to change?

  7. Afrika says:

    “Devs aren’t satisfied with perfirmance of Type 5 and Maus”
    What a mild way of putting it…

    And what do the devs care whether a tank gets overbuffed/nerfed. Its only when the players get vocal do those baboons pay any attention to the issue.

    And then they are locked up in a room with the apes in the ‘new-balance team’ to fuck things up further.

  8. ikke123123 says:

    “The average number of SPGs per battle has dropped”

    It seems that people really hated “missing all the time.”
    Because now it doesn’t and less artillery is being played so GG.

  9. Wahnfried.III says:

    If they nerf the Maus chances are 99 % that they will nerf it right back into useless POS as it was before for all those years.

    People bitch arround Maus but stuff like the czechs are of course completly fine. A tank in which every idiot in the game can do way more than his skill level would allow in a balanced tank.

    But I guess the difference is that Maus is not – yet – driven by enough goldspammers that fill WGs wallet.

    WOT could be such a nice game, if it was nt so blatantly pay to win.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Mouse is fine, but the Jap heavies are pretty much all OP now… Remove the stoopid derp gun and shave 15mm off the 45° cheeks and it will be fine.

    Removing malinovka is of no surprise. Anyone who is paying even a little attention to the game knows that WG are implementing corridor maps one after another to favor their precious USSR tonks, sine rasha has the biggest player base. What a surprise.

    I don’t miss artillery at all, but they really have to do something about the missions. Spot and kill 3 enemy SPG-s is straight impossible now. Just like the stoopid incenerater mission was….

  11. Seth says:

    “There might be plans to expand on a Foch line for the French tech tree. However the devs have problems with some of the higher tiers.”

    Because they are being too salty?

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