WG Grand Finals “Q&A” May 27th

Good day everyone,

While not the usual format for a Q&A, here are a few bits on info that have been dropped by some of the WG staff attending (Murazor, etc.):

  • Tank Trade-Ins for the RU region at least are well underway.
  • Development of a anti-cheat system is looking to be tested in the fall. The opening of the official mod portal is also part of this, so hopefully only “approved” mods will now be accepted into the game files.
  • The Chinese server will be receiving a few more exclusive items in the future, including a Beijing Opera crew. (No idea how on Earth that will work or look)
  • Wheeled vehicles may very well make an appearance in the game. There’s is quite a bit of work needed digging around in the archives needed though.
  • There might be plans to expand on a Foch line for the French tech tree. However the devs have problems with some of the higher tiers.
  • Malinovka will not be removed.
  • There are further plans to let active players use the nicknames of long inactive players.
  • There are no plans on performance changes for the T-22 Soviet medium.
  • Devs aren’t quite satisfied with the performance of the Maus and Type 5 Heavy. Expect some adjustments in the next few patches.
  • The average number of SPGs per battle has dropped.
  • There is a new camouflage system well underway. WG is about halfway done with interface fixes.
  • Further adjustments to Personal Missions will come based on the new MM system.
  • There will be a showcase of the new HD maps tomorrow before the final round.
  • The main reason work on new maps has slowed down is because WG has the whole team working on converting current maps to HD.
  • Expect all of the HD maps to appear in-game at around the same time.
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