WG, is there something you need to tell us?


I won’t add any commentary here, just pay close attention to Skill4ltu‘s video:

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WG, is there something you need to tell us?

57 thoughts on “WG, is there something you need to tell us?

  1. Michael K Young says:

    If I shoot at a unicum, I lag like hell. Every time. Any other time, no lag whatsoever. And that’s me playing on HD max settings getting a normal 80-90 fps.

  2. No_Quarter says:

    Well….am I surprised? Nah.

    Back when I played WoT a lot I used to watch a lot of streams, especially back in the day when XVM was something everyone used.

    Thing that stood out to me is that QB was rarely getting matched with or against very good players. I used XVM, I know how rare and dreadful all red teams were but it was rare.
    For him, every match is all red, orange, maybe a yellow and one or two greens.
    It is once in a blue mood he gets paired with or against unicums.

    This way I am not accusing QB of doing anything or making a deal, it is just a subjective observation from hours of watching streams from him, Foch and Circon.

    Reason why am I bringing it up is that QB’s decision making does not fit a caliber of his stats, I know players who are way better than him, way more decisive, have better aim, better timings, better awareness and better knowledge of every single weakspot and they have lower stats. I have 40k-ish battles and I just smelled something fishy but I went on and attributed that to holy RNG-esus.
    He is far from a bad player, but he is as far from being 60%-er, his decisions are just slow and he is missing a lot of opportunities, his timings are not as precise as Foch or Circon’s for example and I really cannot see a decisive 60%-er when I watch him, more like 55-ish % player.
    Maybe he is better when not streaming tho, there is that.

    Because MM is random, right? Not like WG reworked matchmaker a bit AFTER Activision developed the “microtransaction encouraging matchmaker”… But in all fairness I watched QB before that rework so but point stands that WG setting things up is not a rare accusation.

    Last shot on 1hp Russian tank always bounces? And if lowest roll will not kill it then it will roll under. Just go play T-44-100 – everything you shoot at is an orange pen marker, pens 90% of the shots. Meanwhile my Lorraine 40T struggles with 230pen…. Russian magnets also….

    I would not be surprised WG did this to make game look better, they would not be a first company who did that, and they are certainly a viable candidate considering how fishy and down right illegal are their practices with tax evasion, hidden vehicle stats and even some false marketing around some premium vehicles.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Have been thinking the same. Sure, QB is a good player but seeing his videos, how he plays and then comparing to his stats? Something is fishy.

      1. NeM says:

        I’m no QB fan but I reckon it’s more difficult to play your best when streaming and having to respond to chat, commentate etc. etc.
        The streamers I’ve watched usually say that they play when when not streaming.

      2. White Runner says:

        Thing is, QB probably is not aware of this… lmao
        QB: I wasnt an unicum, i have been living a lie
        lolololololol watching that would be glorious imho

    2. Zonda says:

      actually i played against Foch several times, in each time my team and his are full of reds and he is the only good player in the entire team while my team gets a green player and my self i’m green and few reds and when ever i play against him my team wins. What saddens me is he alway do like 5k dmg and still loses, nowonders why he is so salty.

  3. Maddogatc says:

    I always suspected that high profile WOT streamers had some sort of “preferential account” to allow them to do very well compared to the average player.

  4. Anonymous says:

    that’s why you need +/- 25% rng
    so streamers can get good rolls and have good battles to show.
    average players do no pen or low roll of tomatoes.

    my wn8 ~2k.
    But I swear god. When I play IS3….
    I even wrote stats for some time.
    and like 7-8 from 10 hits are below average

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Community Contributors”
    for Wargame is huge free advertising to a audience they can only dream of

    here you have Unicums making WOT look easy or somewhat easy too a bit difficult ~ when it really is not

    QB (maybe one of most popular WOT community contributor?
    yes agreed he is now a ‘Unicum Showman’ generating massive audience selling the game WOT for WG benefit
    Not QB’s fault far from it ~ he is just playing WOT mostly for fun and loll’s and a lot of chit chat

    cannot ever blame anything WG does on QB or many other its Twitch streamers

    Wargame are a bunch of lying manipulative shits, its good business (in there eyes) that means €€€ and more €€€ (in there offshore Cyprus Nicosia bank

    Wargame would not trust them at all for anything ~ this after the last 6 years of listing to there ‘propaganda lies & bullshit) there very good at it and could care less

  6. Todeskult says:

    Agreed. Recently I got back to my US account to obtain that DD-day TD for free and did noticed that in every single game I was matched up against unicums in 80% of games (I did enabled XVM on this account for the lolz, I’m slightly above average (approx. 1600 WN8-rating) in approx. 1k games so far and I was against 30k or 40k gamers with WN @ 2500 or above. Yes, they were sealclubbing at tier V with full gold (in 80% of cases), but all were in enemy teams only. I know the stats sample may be not representative (mid-tiers, 10 days of playing), but hey… Coincidence?

  7. While I respect skill4ltu a lot and like that he is bringing this to attention, this testing is entirely unscientific and proves nothing at all. So I will withhold any judgment for now.

    1. Ian P says:

      I agree. It needs to be a more scientific accurate approach. People possibly in different countries with different ms ping are not representative. It needs a different approach. But still, thanks to skill4ltu for bringing this to our attention.

      1. Eelco van den Berg says:

        I’m running >20ms ping
        But I have weird shots on wheeled vehicles
        Hitting when they already passed , and pointblank misses

  8. Todeskult says:

    Oh, and forgot to mention about lag spikes (I got ping connection @ approx 60 ms, it peaks up to 180-220 ms) when aiming at certain tanks. Noticed (I didn’t took 100% attention in all cases) that they were long-playing gamers (like 20k or above games in total), not particularly with good stats, but not the bad ones either. So something stinks here Wargayming…

  9. Personally, I believe there are many factors that may cause this but I do not believe it is something WG is doing intentionally.

    If anything, it could be WG’s netcode. I know they improved it for detection when a tank drives out on a street corner, it gets detected sooner. But I do not know if they have improved shot calculation since Closed Beta.

    I think WG could do well to further optimise their netcode and even implement a Host State Rewind mechanic for their servers so that ping is not such a big influencer on the game.

  10. No_Quarter says:

    Here is an idea how to (maybe) find out.

    If anyone is good with Skill4ltu or has a contact with him, tell him to ask from WG for all the data they have on him (the EU law thingy, WG has to do it in less than 30 days or they will face fines that are like 30 millions or so).

    There he may find if he is marked in any particular way if WG does not delete any data.

    It could be useful.

    If any other community contributors, even ex ones. Could have a nice potential.

    1. Yeah, except there is no way for you or Skill4ltu to check if said data is complete. They could give you anything they want and you have no way of checking.

  11. Atila Atila says:

    Too bad 99% of comments are from people who were dropped from the head. Keep the tinfoil hat on boiz. Dont blame bad aim. Blame unicums.

    1. Goondam says:

      I am a above average player, but now days I have unicum stats even though I didn’t get better at the game. I did however spend money on the game in the past year and now days barely get bad games. Something is fishy

      My poorly aimed shots land perfectly and so on

    2. Anonymous says:

      well it is hard not to call the tinfoil hat on your too as game companies did this one way or another a lot of times, if you ever take down your hat make sure you google how easy it is to fix mm and make someone or something look better than it is.

      after all, it is what Activision licenced under “microtransaction encouraging matchmaker”, or at least one form of it, go read it, amazing how it works and how many parameters are taken into account to sell something.

      No one “blamed” anything on unicums, WG has shady practices, WG after all licenced MM where they can pick if you gonna win or not, just under licence it says Ai places you to win a match if you lost X in a row. I shit you not, a legit licence.

      So why does this sound so far fetched if it was done in the past and WG was always deep in gray area.

      Good player here, 20+ years of dedicated gaming with most of it PvP.
      I do not care for unicums, but I know few of them like Skill4ltu care for equal opportunities for which WG is not really known to provide, either by selling T9 tanks as T8 premiums, or by setting up a matchmaker for you to lose because you’ve won too many games in a row.
      It is in a licence, and since then we got increased number of 15-0’s.

      I no longer play this game, but I’d love to see it wake up, it is a great idea but wrong people are steering that for a long long time, those are not just my claims, those are facts provided by Ectar on his stream.

      I am not giving this a clear pass, it may be a coincidence as test is not perfect but it looks sufficient enough to raise an eyebrow… something we do quite a lot when reading what WG does….

      1. Personally, I don’t care either way since the game has only become a minor passtime at this point. I’ve mostly moved on to better games.

        But I agree with Atila Atila. Without more sequential data and far better testing, this means close to nothing. People are comparing apples and oranges, based on rumors and hearsay. Even Ectar’s ‘proven facts’ wouldn’t stand up in a real scientific environment.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Now where did I leave my tinfoil hat….. – does this guy get to the point I am at 3 minutes and totally uninterested after the click bait title – I do have issues with ghost shells, being snap shot while I am still sat waiting for my aim to come in, weird treacle moments with the ground when fighting close to other vehicles, shots to tracks over and over, grain of sand affecting auto-aim, many many ricos and bounces. But I put this down to poor networking rather than any specific “Cheat” that is switched on to certain accounts. Guys we should be laughing at how silly WG are with their plans and actions. Lets not have them laughing back at us over an unlikely conspiracy theory.

  13. Atila Atila says:

    Too bad 99% of comments are from people that were dropped. Keep the tinfoil hats on. Dont blame your bad aim. Blame unicums. Oh how sad this community has become.

  14. Big Swede says:

    Ohhh wow, finaly i got some wind in my conspiracy sails….i said it loong time before,
    WGs is ruin this game by give
    + RNG to Russian tanks, and Special Players. and
    – RNG to the Rest. It will not take a team of space engineers to conclude this, its a fact.
    Still WG will serve us players with BS and polite ask us to keep spending epic dollars for shit. And majority keeps doing that with not hesitation.

    My conspiracy started with the stealth-nerfing of the hidden stats on STRV S1.
    No offical nerfs on that one after QBs review but it was getting worse and worse by the time.

    same with Russian +RNG tanks by default, keeps getting more and more over the top with no offical buffs.

    Its a EPIC Russian scam, truth or not. Who cares any more.

  15. Sturmi0545 says:

    WG is basically the video game company in Police Academy 5.
    Go to your local Blockbuster or other VHS rental store to find out.

  16. StG44_itisover says:

    I think it’s simple…put the unicums one on one and see how good they are. Notice that they get hit more often, their armor fails more often, more module damages.

    I think the RNG is biased by your WG rating.

    Again, NOT EVERY TIME..but just like Vegas, just enough to nudge results. It seems WG puts you in a bucket and keeps you there. That’s the system as it seems the last two years.

  17. sefhyro says:

    well looks like wg europe responded… “World of Tanks Europe
    Há 5 horas
    Hey skill, Hey everyone,
    this is definitely not intended behavior, or purposely created from our side. We will investigate this and it’s reproducibility with our CS guys and update you asap! -thePhilX”

    now i wonder how long if they ever knew this or what will they try to rub of has a new excuse

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’m not really seeing any lag, but I have yet to see my tanks to be as accurate as the ones I see on streams. Sometimes it happens to SirFoch in some garbage tank, but on a way less regular basis.
    Rarely do I see battles with 20 shots fired, 5 hits and 3 pens elsewhere than my own battle result screens. No matter what crew I use or how p2w I go with the setup. The more infamous the tank is for its shit accuracy, the more obvious it is. My STB-1 for example is completely unplayable due to missing every second shot within 100 meter range. I can win a battle, do shit ton of damage and still pay insane cost for shells wasted. The amount of times I see a fully aimed shot hitting the dirt right in front of me is infuriating. And I’m running additional server crosshair to make sure that it’s not WG’s dumb client-side reticle fucking me over. I’m not even talking about pinpointing weakspots. I’m happy when I hit the goddamn tank at all. No lag as I play with average 50 ms delay, 50+ FPS.
    Sure, I occasionally connect bullshit shots due to RNG as well. But my overall accuracy in the last 3k battles dropped by 8% (some of it definitely due to the global accuracy nerf, after which I played way less, go figure). As someone who very rarely pays WG, and especially not for premium account, I hit the ceiling of 2.2k WN8 as a “f2p” player without abusing premium ammo or broken tanks. Hard to get better if the game refuses to let you do anything. By the way, don’t get me started on the constant losing teams streaks.

    Do I have any proof for my words? Not really. Am I going to bother? No, I have better things to do. Is it a streamer/premium account player/gold flinger bias? Fuck knows. We don’t know what kind of calculations happen at WG. All I’m saying is that I don’t trust people making big bucks and neither should you.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Not disagreeing with you, but I would assume streamers who post youtube replays/commentary only post their very best. It makes them look great, so it’s hard to know how many games they play with missed shots that don’t make it to the tube. If they play only 4 hours/day and get a couple good games an hour, that’s 8 games/day to pick from to commentate/post.

      Again, agree RNG can be ridiculous with shots going outside the circle sometimes, but streamers also cherry pick their videos to commentate.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I’m specifically talking about livestreams, not youtube. It’s obvious they are not going to showcase shit replays.

  19. Anonymous says:

    First, let me state I love the game World of Tanks, and hope to see it continue for years to come.

    I do provide constructive criticism, sometime frustrations, but all to hopefully help Wargaming devs improve the game.

    I have had a much higher number of ghost shells, my recital not wanting to completely aim in at times, and also not shooting when hitting the mouse button since the last update. This happens on new (RED) players, and Unicums (Blue/Purple)… esp when Unicums are from a top 10 clan.

    All of this may be bugs in the game, and/or an increase in RNG, which would be a further manipulation of the of the game.

    I have no problem increasing the RNG for new players from time to time, to help keep them from quitting the game, but I am not okay with negative RNG on me, especially when facing Unicums.

    I am a decent player with 37k battles and a 58% win average, ~7500 player rating, and not someone complaining because I dont know how to play the game.

    I hope Wargaming will straighten this issue out for the overall benefit of the game.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Love all the tomatoes coming out of the woodwork to put the blame on good players getting special treatment instead of actively working to improve their own play.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Read my post above you.

      Apparently you are one of those Unicums that belongs to a top clan, because they are the only outright deniers.

      1. Anonymous says:

        You can quite literally say anything hiding behind anonymity like that. And for the record, I am not a unicum player, I just understand my limits

    2. Goondam says:

      then explain why my games are 1000 times better now days, when i myself barely improved as a player in this game in the past 4 yrs.

      explain how i no longer get fked when i fight blue/unicum players anymore. i guess special rng has been unlocked for my account now 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        It means that the overall quality of the playerbase has gone down ever since WG made questionable balance decisions. I’m literally saying that there’s no WG-tampering with the lag/RNG, and it’s just WG having shitty netcode.

  21. Mano369 says:

    been having this same issue, lagged out shots, press the fire button wait almost a 2 count for it to fire, its ridiculous, and its not just a streamer thing, its a top 50 clan unicum thing too. wargaming thinks making it easier for unicums to maintain their stats they will save the game. but hey most of the playerbase are NOT unicums and are getting farmed due to wargaming doing whatever they programmed into the game. seeing matchmaker put all the unicums on one team and tomatoes on the other team, its all too obvious. Wargaming, guess what, the playerbase that are not unicums are the ones that actually support you, pay cash for tanks and all the other things you sell on the premium shop, unicums in unicum clans get all the free gold in the world and don’t spend much on the game but your screwin the guys that actually support the game financially, and you wonder why your player base is dying. give your heads a shake

  22. Anonymous says:

    Realistically I think it’s just WG using Telia tier servers as usual.
    Though considering all the shady shit that’s going on with other companies it wouldn’t shock me in the slightest if they did since you can hardly find out shit about this game’s backend.

    Wish I could get some of the “unicum lag switch” love for a change rather than being repeatedly fucked by the game if it does exist.

  23. Robopon says:

    Seems like commentators here are the the same type of people who play fighting games and blame the opponent for having “lag cheats” and for messing with their controls. Laughable. And Skill4ltu needs to do a better research and actually contact WG about this issue. Thankfully that’s exactly what he’s doing becaus he’s not an imbecile.

  24. ChrisTheViking says:

    If this proves to be true it’s pretty bad. It’s issues regarding a game and not that important all things considered, but it makes you wonder what else they may have done with the game…
    Anyway, in the end the truth always comes out so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  25. Big Swede says:

    Isn´t obvius. I mean, to promote further dollar rain on WG they have to take chances to promote their game. And by lifting up the CC´s, special unicums and other special players to reach bigger public apearence by boost or give better RNG or whatever they call its performance advantage, they get more dollar by the day. Its total clear, I mean, who wouldn´t to get more money, taking all the chances to get more by fix free advertising as it is now. All denial from WG for having this feature for these gamers is just stupid. But we have a Eastern company and by default the moral is lower in East, its proven multiple times. So dont shoot the messenger for just state fact. So my question is this, WHY EVEN BOTHER, accept or get lost, its simple as that.

  26. Steven Woolham says:

    You get one good game in 10, the RNG is so wieghted its not true aimed shot plummeting into the ground or going completely wild, no pens and ricochets the game is turning into a joke. I generally know when the RNG is bad when my first three shots do nothing so I hit escape and leave the game. If a whole team does that the server crashes. Also the game is biased towards Unicums better hit rate so that they stay that way. no chance for the little man to better himself the good old Communist system.

  27. WANKATANKA says:

    its not only the “lag” aiming at walletwarriors, ups sorry u call em unikums. they use much more means to creaste their high-paying-unikums. they use the MM to create a winner- and a looserside and its the task of the RNG to gain the “right” result … and if this all is not enough for the walletwarriors to become unikums, they still get the possibilty to buy a big cheating-pack, named “warpack”

    1. ChrisTheViking says:

      Seriously, what’s the meaning of this? Are you aware of the fact that there’s usually no such thing as a free lunch? I buy the occasional prem tank plus premium account because I enjoy this game, and I’m no unicum. So, you better enjoy your lunch because I’m actually buying yours, Mr. Free to play but don’t understand the facts of the world.

  28. Anonymous says:

    In that test they should’ve compared the pings, how much they vary when you shoot/move, and so on. Another thing they should’ve done is related to the graphic settings, all should have the same level of detail, because I know some weird shit happens between the client and server when you play on low settings vs high/ultra.

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