WG Minsk Tanker’s Day Q&A

Bit of a lengthy post, taken from a WG developer Q&A held at the Minsk Tanker’s Day event:

– At the moment our balance teaem is completely satisfied with the Object 705A tank. We have a planned revision of all upper-level tanks expected sometime in 6-8 months.
We have a certain cycle when it comes to the rebalance of tanks. It is connected with the fact that we are gaining the volume of data. And we try to exclude from this volume players who play very well or poorly, who distort their data with their skills. We usually get to a point where we can rebalance the high tiers in about 6-8 months. Approximately then, the IS-4 has a chance to be revised and upturned.
– When it comes to expanding the Japanese tree, most of the things we’ve found above Tier 6 are fantasies. There is some stuff for artillery, but we won’t go there.
– We have a large Asian audience. So we’ll undoubtedly bring the Asian themed maps back at some point.
– The community seems to have the opinion that we need to do more symmetrical maps. After the exit of the map “Lost City” we will check this theory, and see if this is true.
– I will not say specific dates for wheeled vehicles, because of the Havok syndrome. First of all, on the basis of the wheel, super testers and company employees will test them, just like any new vehicle. We’ll likely say more after January rather than before.
– We had some ways of making the game cheat proof, but certain technical aspects made it impossible to go forward. We prototyped such a system, which used the software of 3 persons, which at the same time monitored the computer’s memory, watched all the processors and so on. But here there are problems that it is not always possible to use such software legally and secondly, it turned out that it greatly affects the performance of the game itself and therefore some of our players would suffer by introducing such software. Third, it still would not give enough protection if someone seriously intends to attack an offline bot. Some number of deceivers will always be around, so we will catch them and punish them as we do now. Here is such a cycle of struggle.
– Crew perks against stunning: There are a few things being looked to in the crew skill rework along these lines.

– There will be some looking over and possible rework of the middle tiers (5-7).
– Battle Royale will not return very soon.
– Trade-in (RU) will undoubtedly be returning.
– Until the end of the year we plan 1 fan-mode.
– We will consider the “Pearl River” map as a returning one. “Komarin”, which is known as a nightmare, will probably not.
– KV-4 yes, it will be within the framework of the revision, but there’s a nuance. You have to buff and nerf it at the same time. He is good at tanking and very unpleasant for low-level opponents. The fix will be complex, but it begs.
– The last Halloween event itself was fun, and we checked how the multi-tower and multi-guns work. But the work itself seemed to us not very successful. It did give us some ideas that went into the Italian loading system.
But we are not ready to make multi-barreled devices.
And what I do not want to do is a unique mechanics for one tank. So now we asked our historical consultants to find at least a boost, and to try to avoid napkin drawing tanks.

– The Sand River in the storm mode was turned off, if I remember correctly, there was a strong bias in the probability of victory towards the defending spawn. At the same time something at the level of 30% the probability of victory for an attack.
– Yes, British LTs are very actively considered, we would like to introduce them into the game already on the trail. year.
– A lot of ads will be on WG Fest 2018. More details and details for many things will shown.
– When the tank turns over very little time is given and it’s true. We really think what to do about it. There are several versions. The first is to get the crutch back with an angle that does not allow you to roll over more than N degrees. The second is using a rope and the like. We’ll look further into things we can do

– HE shells do not need nerf, they need to be remade! But what exactly will we do until we say. But to clean up this gameplay itself is bad, because it brings in a lot of variety. The high-explosive tanks themselves will remain, our opinion that if we do something and roll it out, it will be a complete and complex change in the high-explosive shells.
– Having a sort of map of the day function is something we’re thinking of, where we can have a favorite pop up more and not-so-liked maps go by the wayside for a bit. You can also add a finger up / finger down (voting) for a map based on the result of the battle (where there is also a link to the results of the battle, the technique, etc.). If we did something like that, of course, you wouldn’t ever get the full map selection.
– We already have some new mechanics figured that could come after the wheeled vehicles. And we just had the Swedes and Italian loading. But no flamethrowers, or missile tanks!
– When there was serious discussion about one game with tanks, planes and ships together, the key message was that if I throw a bomb on a ship from an airplane, then I will cause huge and terrible damage, and if I’m on a ship I expect the plane just to mock me. Flood and damage one bomb I can’t to much about. Similarly with tanks, only with calibers. However, we still have some form of interaction between the combat arms in the Front Line mode.
– TOG II * a complex tank, it is more for the collection. With him it’s difficult to do anything at all.
– Bonds are a skill currency. By the way, we had such a scandal in Europe about them. European players, especially Western players said: we agree, but give it to buy, I can not fake it, I have to work 10 hours, so I’m ready to pay for it normally. It would seem, as a commercial company, it would be profitable for us to sell it, but we did not do this.
– Creating a single 3D customization style, this is almost the essence creating a newtank. There were experiments on KV-2 (P) Valhallan Ragnarok. In general, it’s all very expensive in production and support. While actively working on 2D customization
3D will be added gradually as soon as it is ready.
Already this year we will show the first results of work closer to the New Year and you will all be able to evaluate and express your opinion. It will come, and we will continue to work on this course.

– The crew skill rework is continuing to be worked on, though it isn’t an easy process. There are people who have a huge amount of time invested in perks. We’ll announce something in the near future.
– Urgent action on the arty is not expected. No real concrete plans in the future.
– T67. Soon we will have a rework for tiers 5-6-7, though we know as soon as we touch it we’ll be getting flak for nerfing somebody’s favorite tank.
– In the current game, probably, we will never see weather conditions and night battles. This is an important to note that this is about the “current game”. At the moment that sort of thing is difficult to calculate.
Experiments we are conducting experiments with destructible environments (the destruction of bridges, the call of avalanches, etc.), but it is unlikely that it will go beyond our experiments in the current era. (A.Pankov)
– At the moment we do not plan to return a general chat, although the conversations go onand I personally support the return of the general chat. Teams for communication between teams plan to add to the rose commands. (A.Pankov)
– Preferential prema: For those vehicles where we can’t make some sort of change to normalcy, consider compensation with gold. Of course, we would not like, but we assume that it will be the same as with the T26E4 Super Pershing for some benefits.
– Flamethrower tanks are not needed in the game!
– Czechoslovak Premiums – there is a request and there is a candidate. Nothing as far as expanding the tech tree though.
– There will be no lottery inside the client.

– T-103 should be released next. year. On it there is a super insidious plan.
– There will be tank replacements, which, for obvious reasons, we will not say.
– Grille 15 is not going to be touched at all. We’re satisfied with how it is now.
– The amount of gold in the ammunition for the General Test has long been needed to limit.
– On Japanese TT, they dug out everything they could, well, that’s real. In general, the Japanese archives burned heavily during the bombing of Tokyo. Correspondence with private archives is all that we have. We don’t want a bunch of O-ho clones.
– Artillery: We believe that the current mechanic is quite enough to satisfy all the fans of the SPGs. No plans for adding new branches, though there is plenty of material.
– Encouragement for old players – you just have to endure until December. (A. Pankov)
– There are a massive amounts of special tanks we wanted to introduce but didn’t. There were also absurd ones. My tender love is a T-39 Soviet tank, there are also a couple of such addictive works from Italians – says Slava Makarov. There is also Sturmtigr, Biletsky continues. Once a year we remember it and even begin to discuss that now, we will do it now. I want to, but no.
Some of these near fantasy tanks included the E-79 and E-100 Crocodile.
* When you are on the horizon, the sight sticks to the ground, are you planning to do anything about it?
– What for? The same will break the theory that we force individual tanks to shoot into the ground in order to balance them. Of course not.
* What will happen with low-level premium benefits. From Tier 7 and below?
– We will slowly go down the tiers, 8-7-6 and so on. Just like everyone else. The stuff we’re talking about regarding PMM tanks in general, not just 8.

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