WG Partnerships (Splash Damage)

Good day everyone,

Another slow day of relatively low-priority news, but to hell with it, at least something is going on. WarGaming has officially announced a partnership with the British based studio, Splash Damage.


“We are known for creating a deep relationship between the two most important platforms, games and players,” said Paul Wedgwood, Splash Damage CEO . ” As players, Viktor and I share the same passion about community – listen to them and their needs are our top priority when creating games. Wargamingu gaming universe gives us the opportunity to be creative in creating the vast and loyal community. “

” What I like most about Splash Damage is their passion for each project,” says Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming. “We are working extremely hard to create a memorable game, do not stop until everything runs like clockwork, we share the same values of putting players in the first place. Splash Damage is the right partner for Wargaming. “

Nothing is known at the moment as to just what they’ll  be working on, though Splash damage has experience primarily in shooters, with one of their more well known releases being Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and some of the multiplayer aspects for Doom 3, along with various other projects in the first-person shooter genre. Should be interesting to see.

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