WG Q&A: Fire your questions


Wargaming EU and I have agreed to make a Q&A together which will take place in 2 weeks and there will be a contest with prizes as well (will give more info when the time comes but I can tell you in advance to have Test Server downloaded if you want to participate).

I will be picking questions from this post comment section only so feel free to ask anything but have in mind:

  • This is 9.15 related.

Note: I would like to gather questions by tomorrow. The sooner you make a question the best chance it will get of being picked.


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WG Q&A: Fire your questions

342 thoughts on “WG Q&A: Fire your questions

  1. arildo81 says:

    Why not reducing view range of all tanks but lights? That would immediately make playing light tanks a viable option again. We all know that tier X -meds are doing light tanks job and making playing lights obsolete.

  2. Funny Farmer says:

    Will it be made less easy to flip over light tanks? If yes, what will be changed (e.g. higher gravity for lighter vehicles)?

  3. Just a Player says:

    Simple question : Would they ever come down from the height of ignorance and do something about MM? 3 Artys in game in each side, Bad distribution (fair) Tanks……
    And make better Maps?
    Honestly, I don’t think Q&A would help, what happened to all that promises in Cyprus meeting?

  4. Klimax says:

    Q1: Any changes to Pseudorandom number generator – like using different distribution? (instead of say linear distribution using modified Gaussian)
    Q2: Would it be possible to add option to report (suspected) cheaters in game using new option? (“Report for cheating”)

  5. psychopatton says:

    When will John Rambo be added to the game? No tank, no bullshit! Just playoff Rambo. Explosive arrows as premium ammo.

  6. bat_bash says:

    Will there be a skill reset for wt-e100 to Grille 15 transfer, since the tanks are much different?
    Would you consider the 9.15 physics close to final? Or will there be noticeable changes in futur patches?

  7. Klimax says:

    Another Q: When there will be increase to credit income from battle of tier IX and X? (Those tiers are losing propositions)

  8. Anonymous says:

    I too want to know what they are going to do about the Chieftain it was promised to us at the same time as the Centurion Action X and just weeks before it was to replace the FV 215b it was pulled. I and many others spent quite a lot of our time grinding that line while believing what WG had promised us. Personally I barely play the game anymore because of the lack of scruples that WG showed.

  9. Redman says:

    I too want to know what they are going to do about the Chieftain it was promised to us at the same time as the Centurion Action X and just weeks before it was to replace the FV 215b it was pulled. I and many others spent quite a lot of our time grinding that line while believing what WG had promised us. Personally I barely play the game anymore because of the lack of scruples and remorse that WG showed.

  10. CardinalMite says:

    Where vehicle characteristics have been changed in 9.15, is that being done to be consistent with the upcoming global rebalance or is will it be the case that the same vehicles will get changed again at that time?

  11. David Hendrickson says:

    When will the Sentinel AC1 actually live up to the 60KPH?
    With a tail wind of 100 MPH and downhill I can almost make that speed.
    On flat level ground with pavement I am lucky to break 40-41 kph.

    If you cant get me my 60 kph how about we let me return/exchange the tank?
    I am tired of buying a Prem and then it never lives up to its specs.

  12. Klarc says:

    I would really know why thé Foch is OK for wargaming as the tank is not that mobile and has literaly no armor and the HD model just made it weaker. The only proposition i can make is: give it a 2 shot mag and better mobility… It wouldn’t be hard on thethe test server or is it? And it’s worth a try to see if the tank become better.
    For me the only thing that maintain this tank in the stats is that i’m able to pull out one mag before dying.
    Please try to help me and all the others who have it and want to have something a bit better than arty meet…

  13. GraveKommander says:

    Some questions here 🙂
    1. When can we watch the CW-Camo? Now you have to paint it on the tank, but i would like watch how it looks before
    2. Some months ago it was said, that Arty-HD-models are most unimportant thing on the to-do list. Now we have a HD Loyd GC, but still no Obj 261 HD. Why is Loyd more important then one of the most played artys? Also it was said, the priority is from tier 10 highest to tier 1 lowest. What is the actual priority on the HD-to-do list?
    3. GW-E100 still on the get-out-of-the-game list?
    4. E100 Pen-Buff planned? It was told, that wg have to watch the type 5 heavy results to decid that. Still watching? 🙂
    5. What mods are planned in future to get in the vanilla-game, like minimap?
    6. Have t50-2 after the coming back on console a future on pc?

    Thx if u pick up some questions, and if not,… still thx, cause anyway thx 😀
    And sry for horrible english. If horrible, i don’t know ^^

    1. GameGlitch says:

      To answer your question about HD models, as far as I remember, WG is now contracting other companies to add in the HD models for all these tanks. They just want to get them all done as soon as possible, so they take what they can get, instead of focusing on the important ones.

  14. Mrigank Jha says:

    Is there a buff planned on the Leopard 1? It has not been re-visited for some time and its seriously needs soft stat gun buff or DPM buff to be competitive along with maybe camo and mobility. It has been completely dwarfed with the higher DPM, accuracy and soft gun stats of tier x Russian mediums.

  15. Mrigank Jha says:

    Will the Leopard 1 be updated? It has constantly been dwarfed by higher DPM (5.5 seconds on Obj 140 REALLY?), and soft guns stats specially , and not to mention the armor of tier X tanks like the obj, centurion and t62. It needs a soft gun stat buff and DPM buff to still be competitive and balanced.

  16. jim says:

    Why did WG.eu quietly move the end-date forward for the 5th anniversary from may 2nd to half way april?

    Why did the EU server not get an anniversary tank like the US and Asian servers?

    Why did WG.eu quietly move the end-date for the crew-xp conversion from end of the year to tomorrow?

    Why did WG.eu say the T95/Chieftain made extra credits like a premium while it is not the case.

    Why are fail platoons given -50% XP instead of just not allowing them to enter a battle to begin with? Their actions in regard to this change prove they condone fail-platoons and will not stop them.

    Why did WG.eu support say the damage to tanks due to the new physics was user-error, while the new patch highlights this as one of the key improvements?

    Why does WG.eu support send people to the forum to ask WG Devs about their issue, when clearly there is no WG employee there, let alone any Devs.

    Why does WG.eu not post any info on their site in a timely fashion for events, or even at all. Dito for their events calendar.

    Why do other servers get preferential treatment in terms of specials and missions?

  17. jeogiyo says:

    I agree with Jim, instead of implementing a -50% xp penalty on fail platoons, why not just disable the “battle” button if the selected tanks are incompatible with each other ?

  18. BobSapp says:

    Is there any plans for tier 10? Currently there’s no difference in gameplay for tier 10 tanks, other than clanwar which not everyone has time for.

  19. jonathanwood813766114 says:

    Why does the premium shop not have a BASKET? if you want to buy two or more items it is incredibly tedious.

  20. Usoppun says:

    1. Is there going to be a statistic that shows how steep of an angle each tank can climb? (since the new physics introduced, some tanks can climb better than others)
    2. Is the ‘auto crew retrain’ for WTE crews going to be implemented when 9.15 launches? (since you guys said the Grille 15’s playstyle is completely different from WTE)
    3. Regarding fail platoon -50% exp, does that apply to tier 8 LT platooning with tier 9 or 10 Tanks (other than LT)? From what I know, MM sees LT (scout tanks) as a tier higher (tier 5 ELC counted as tier 6 MT), so it should be okay to platoon an ELC with a T-34-85 say. Right?
    4. No 360 degree gun rotation for Grille 15? XP

    That’s it for now, cheers.

  21. Couldn’t the Historical battles be fixed if players had the possibility to respawn? This would of course depend on the vehicle, like the low and mid tiers could respawn several times, and the highest ones maybe not at all, solving the problem of everyone brining only the best tanks possible and ending up with SU-152/KV-1s or the hellcat teams of the Ardennes. Furthermore create double standards even for vehicles of the same tier, favoring for example T-34s and Shermans with more lives over the M10, SU-85 (“122”) and KV-1s vehicles.

    Another thing I once proposed in a forum, but likely to be unheard;
    What if some TDs when equipped with the certain gun would become hybrid TD/SPG vehicles which could use both the sniper and arty modes, for example the SU-76 (with the historical 76mm gun only => OP arty 😀 ) which is known for its SPG role as an SPG. Same for the “SU-122” (SU-85), and the SU/ISU-152 with the 152mm gun (but not the bl-10). With this idea the Soviets would be field SPGs for Historical battles too. But I mean this ability should be able to be used even in random battles too.

  22. Anonymous says:

    will they bring the WTE100 back?? I really like it better than the replacement pos.
    will they boost the dispersion of the new tier 10 pos? I was sniping on mines, and just moving the aim from one side to the other of the rock on the hill, i had to wait a lof for the aim circle to settle. I understand they want to make TDs ambush vehicles, so I guess the dispersion on the move would make sense to be big, but there is no sense in doing it on the turret rotation. It’s ridiculous and I hate it. Please bring me back the WTE100!

  23. Anonymous says:

    With the replacement of the WT auf E-100 I cannot help but think of other unhistorical/overpowered vehicles being replaced. Vehicles such as the VK 45.02 ausf. B and the T25/2 come to mind will we see Wargaming making a consolidated effort to remove these vehicles and replace them with more historical options. (Personally I say put a 90mm Hellcat at Tier VII and give it post nerf speed and maneuverability while leaving a historical 76mm Hellcat at Tier VI to clear up the T 25/2 issue.)

    1. General_Insults says:

      the VK4502 ausf B was a historical vehicle designed and built to the same level the maus was. it has more right being in the game than h, the Jagdpanther 2

  24. New Maps
    When will we see Large open Maps without Corridors (not City actual real Open Maps
    2 – with cover in the Middle of the Map so middle can be used – not a suicide open kill zone
    3 – With cover Trees small Forests or Dense Bush areas so Light Tanks can actually scout and Mediums can Flank without big suicide risks (as in real world type tank battles – not fake fiction
    4 – Less wasted space along sides (all sides) and without a large wasted un-usable space in Middle like a Mountain as Sacred Valley
    (this Map is actually only 50% of its 1km x 1km size rest is wasted space
    5 – Or, Bigger Maps for High tiers from Tier 8 onwards say 1200 x 1200
    (T8 – T10 look dumb and cartoon stupid in Small maps, View range so big every tank is spotted at start almost, pointless and worse for LT without armour or big alpha guns

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